• When: 8th Mar 10:40am
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
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Adoneye was born out the loss of previous projects. Dean had been channelling the loss of previous bands into a new stylistic direction, one that celebrates creative thinking and birthed the most unique take on the rock aesthetic Wellington has seen in years. With a wide range of influences ranging from Nick Drake to Incubus, Dean, Jesse and Jignesh seek to challenge the audience to facing an emotional and introspective journey through love and loss with lyrics focusing on relatable emotional journeys while also delving into spirituality, occultism and alien life. Adoneye are set to begin work on their debut EP that manages to tow the line between fragile and brittle emotions while every riff and arrangement is overwhelming in its charm and charisma.

Photo credits: Neil Spencer Photography & RADAR Photography

Beautiful Aliens – Adoneye

Beautiful Aliens – From our show with OddJive saturday at CarolineIf you put together this video… And our first video, you get a whole song!

Posted by Adoneye on Sunday, September 9, 2018