Androgynous Lemon

  • When: 8th Mar 11:45am
  • Where: South Stage
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Equal parts male and female, Androgynous Lemon pluck from soul, funk, synth and pop. Keys dialled up to 11, and energy not far behind, the Wellington four piece forage whimsical hooks, screaming synths, growling low ends and slick, tasty grooves. A perfect brew for inter-galactic punch

Redbug Official Music Video

Ooo look what we've got here yeeeeow!!! 🐞Executive Producer: Nikita PiperCo-Producer: Taylor GoversDirector: Morgan VandergoesActress: Ellie RoseEditor/VFX: Matt Kelvin Barton / Mattyloaf VisualsAnimator: Caillan McCrostieAudio: Nikita PiperCamera Operator: Ashley LoveAssistant: Gabby D'Souza❤️Special thanks to Martin for helping out and Gunes Ozcan for the chameleon Gif ❤️

Posted by Androgynous Lemon on Saturday, November 30, 2019