Annette Esquenet

  • When: 7th Mar 2:10pm
  • Where: Songwriters Stage
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Annette Esquenet is a Kāpiti based singer songwriter who has a style all of her own. Her songs cover a wide range of topics related to life on earth. She writes sensitive, heart- felt lyrics to interesting melodies with her own style of accompaniment on acoustic guitar, weissenborn and more recently piano.

 She is accompanied by talented multi-instrumentalist Scott Pilgrim who’s musicianship adds a subtle layer of warmth to the overall sound – together they deliver the kind of performance that stops conversations and makes you want to listen in.

"When Kapiti singer-songwriter Annette Esquenet sings, time seems to stand still. Her voice is clear, crystalline and like a soothing balm at the end of a weary day. Her songs are full of soft spoken wisdom and often about love, world peace and understanding, the types of things that we realise are missing in this world. A very talented multi instrumentalist, she accompanies herself at various times on guitar, Weissenborn lap steel and piano."

Vince Cabrera,