Announcing the Newtown Festival Performance Programme

Newtown Festival hits the streets yet again and we welcome one and all to join the party on Sunday 11 April 2021. Our last festival was just before the first nationwide lockdowns and we are fortunate to come back again to mark the end of summer. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate our programmers for always lovingly curating such a great lineup of locals as well as favourites coming from further afield. And, a huge welcome to the many many talented artists bringing the energy to Newtown. With over 150 performances across 15 stages, and taking up space along Riddiford and its side streets, we present our performance programme. Enjoy!

ABRZY, Alpaca Social Club, Alpha Beta Gamma, Amba Holly, Amy Jean, Annette Esquenet, Arjuna Oakes, Aw B, Babyteeth, Banana Mundo, Bella Cook, Ben Woods, Big Girls, Billy Lyrical, Birdfeeder, Booth the Clown, Bret McKenzie & Band, BTD B*tches, Cameron Morris, Capoeira Angola Street Roda, CARLÖ, Charlotte Kerrigan with Bluesette, Christopher Tubbs, Code Brown, COFFIN CLUB, Colette Rivers, Common Unity Koha Cart, Coolkidsplayhard, Corrosive Moses, Cosmonauts, Crash Bandihoot, Current Bias, Dance Ensemble Horo, DARTZ, Dateless, Dave Murphy and Janet Muggeridge, Deb5000, Diggy Dupe, Disconnect, DJ Ethixx, Dj Gooda, Dj Oboe, DJ Thanks, Earl Le Duke, Earth Tongue, Estère, FABU, Feng, Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen, First Move, Fool Steam Ahead, Footnote New Zealand Dance, Fun and Funner, Geena and Julia, Good China Broadcast Group, Guardian Singles, Hagseed, Hans Blix and the Inspectors, Hawaiian Dance Wellington, Housewitches, Hugo Grrrl, Huia, Hummucide, Idhayam, JDK Crew, Jedl, Jess Cornelius, Jesse Jahmal, Judy Virago, Kaneskies, KAZOO, KÉDU CARLÖ, Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers, Latinaotearoa, Laughton Kora, Lilith, LILSTIFFY, Marrowspawn, MC Phanny + The Phellas, Mi Casa Su Casa, Miosis, Mongo Skato, Move It Danceworks, Mr Fungus, Mr Wizowski, MulletMan & MiM, NahBo, Nam Chucks, Newtown Rocksteady, Newtown Tuesday, Night Lunch, OdESSA, Oriental Voice Choir, Orlęta, Orzeł, Polish Association Storytellers, Pork Crackle, Qualms, Queen’s Cup, RadioActive.FM DJs, Raucous Productions, Rei, Revulva, Riki Gooch and Al Fraser, Samara Alofa, Sam Manzanza & Afrobeat band, Scattered Wreckage, Seaside Sloths, shannengeorgiapetersen, Siblings, Ski Resort, Sky Canvas, Snowqueen, soda, SODA BOYZ, Soft Plastics, Solid Gold Dance Crew, Sounds Almighty Sound System, Ssendam Rawkustra, Stress Ghetto, Synthetic Children, Taikoza Wellington, Tangata Tūmatarau, Tarrant Dancers Traffic Angels, Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura o Ngā Puna Waiora – Newtown School, The Bandits, The Circus Hub, The Godwits, The Megalodons, The Phoenix Foundation, The She Jays, The Steampunk Minstrels, Tight Weave, Tū Crucial Sound System, TUi MAMAKi & The Bulgarian Roses, Under Construction, Valley Kids, Vanessa Worm, Vera Ellen, Vince Cabrera, Vox Ethno, VU/ZU FREE-SHOP-FOTO-SHOOT, WAI, Wellington Batucada, Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre Dragon, Lion & Dance Groups, Wellington Fire and Flow Club, Wellington Youth Circus, Will McLean + The Zooks, Wiri Donna, Zane & Degge, Zoe Moon