• When: 8th Mar 1:15pm
  • Where: Newtown Ave Stage
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Arcology is the artist name of Sean Lister, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Having created electronic music since the 1980’s after being inspired, from a young age, by the sounds of synthesizers. Since then he has created various studio tracks ranging from techno, electro, EBM to ambient styles.

During 2018, he decided to finally create an album of studio based material. Centred on his hardware studio setup, the album was inspired by the Blade Runner films and the aim was to create a futuristic sci-fi influenced piece of work. Containing a mixture of ambient, acid, techno, and electro elements, it was created as a complete listening album. This was completed and available on Bandcamp in early 2019.

Arcology continues to work on new material covering both complex studio hardware arrangements and minimalist, live acid, performance based sets.