• When: 8th Mar 1:20pm
  • Where: Girls Rock Stage
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B*tchmagic was born from the intense bond that forms after a Girls Rock camp. With members from Street Chant, Carb on Carb and Courtney Hate, their sound draws influence from punk, grunge, emo and shoegaze.

"With songs that base themselves in a stew of punk rock seasoned with shoegaze, alt-rock and just a hint of grunge, one of the most appealing aspects of BITCHMAGIC live was watching the three members move within their pyramid of bass, guitar and drums, exchanging instruments as they went; a cover of Cherry Glazerrs ‘White’s not My Colour this Evening’ rounding the set out nicely. A band certainly worthy of keeping an eye out for on upcoming bills."

SarahKidd, AmbientLightBlog