• When: 8th Mar 1:50pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
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Hailing from Wellington, ColdxWar formed in 2018 over a mutual love of Hardcore and hummus.
ColdxWar is comprised of five friends who share a passion for the Aotearoa music scene, community, a DIY spirit and a commitment to Straight Edge.
The band is comprised of members of local favourites like Starving Millions and Nailgun, among others.

Originally following a path towards Beatdown with influences like Harms Way, their style has evolved, drawing on everything from 90s metalcore to bands like Incendiary and Code Orange.
This willingness to push the boundaries of what constitutes hardcore has proven popular, bringing a liveliness to their performances that shouldn’t be missed. 

The Kiwi DIY attitude is alive and well, as not only writing, but also recording, mixing and mastering have all been done internally.
After their first show in a living room in Hataitai in August of 2018 the band has played events such as Hometown Throwdown, the Big Korero and Hamtown Smakdown.

With more events lined up for the future, such as Elimination Fest in their own backyard of Wellington, ColdxWar will continue to bring passion and a brutal energy to the local scene for a long time to come.

"The new tunes demonstrated both some of their fastest and heaviest material to date, riffs for days and Bo’s always vitriolic vocal bark cementing ColdxWar as still one of the angriest and simultaneously most wholesome bands active in the country today."

Jai Aronsen, TheMousai