• When: 8th Mar 5:15pm
  • Where: Newtown Ave Stage
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crone is the sci-fi goth duo of Emily Berryman and Lucy Reid. Birthed in the cold depths of Ōtepoti, they are now based in the capital city where they spent their first year concocting tracks from the spectral confines of an old fish chiller.

crone’s sound is underpinned by a sustained sense of drama, stirring effected live loops and samples into an intoxicating mix that evokes the space in between dance and drone, dark and melancholic.

crone released their self-titled debut EP in July this year and have recently played support for experimental sound artist and performer Betty Apple and post-punk duo OV PAIN. 

Emily and Lucy are also the co-founders of MESH, a music initiative which aims to build community and create open, accessible and immersive spaces for those often marginalised and under-represented. As well as hosting events, MESH facilitates a monthly mix series featuring a new guest-curated mix on the first day of every month. 

Don’t miss the chance to become entranced by one of their spellbinding performances. 

"The duo's self-titled debut EP envelops listeners in a darkly evocative sound-universe clocking in at over half an hour – deploying bone-rattling drones, half-formed sample snatches and doomy post-industrial textures to unnerving and intoxicating effect."


"On their first release crone expertly combine futuristic industrial sounds with heavy off-planet atmosphere and pulsing sub-bass to create a thrillingly dark collection of soundscapes. By turns eery, brutalist, tense, and mysterious, while also working effectively as hypnotic dance music capable of inducing a compulsive trance-sway in the listener."