Danica Bryant

  • When: 5th Mar 11:50am
  • Where: To The Front Stage
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“Deliciously sweet yet shockingly bitter” (Under The Radar), Danica Bryant is no ordinary songwriter. A pop-folk musician with a gritty rock edge, her songs sink their teeth into intense topics from celebrity culture and mental health, to gender dynamics and body possession. “All hard guitar and pain-filled howl” (The Hook NZ), this woman bites back.

Bryant’s career boasts national accolades from Smokefree Rockquest and Play It Strange, mentorship with Kiwi legend Bic Runga, and a support slot for Elton John on his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour. Her 2020 debut EP ‘Cider’ landed her a placement in APRA’s prestigious Songhubs course, whilst her sophomore release ‘Ego Death’ led a wildly successful debut national tour.

Danica Bryant delivers bombastic pop production, with lyrical force and an attitude like no other. “Venomous” yet “passionate” (Ambient Light), “cynical but emotional” (NZ Musician), it is clear Danica Bryant’s inventive sound, personal lyrics, and rich vocals make her a treat for every season.

"Deliciously sweet yet shockingly bitter"

Hilaire Comody, Under the Radar