Earl Le Duke

  • When: 11th Apr 2:30pm
  • Where: Newtown Ave Stage
  • Show map

Newtown Ave Block Party Stage // 2:30 – 4:30pm

Born from the deep jungle and rolling with some monster bootleg swagger, a dollop of quirky horns and a dash of lurching swing, Earl Le Duke weaves together a drooling mixture of styles, genres and tempos, bringing you the bass from the Bayou…

Conjuring modern DJ voodoo with vintage midi trickery Earl broadcasts Bass-line, Swamp-bass ‘n’ Breaks with a tropical flavour, some Eastern charm and a sub bass rattle. Responsible for underground phenomenon The Swamp Shack Sound System and running all things musical in the now infamous Wellington Juke Joint known as Laundry, Earl Le Duke has one foot in the mangroves and the other in the dancehall…