Feildings Best Dancers

  • When: 5th Mar 2:00pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

The self-appointed Best Dancers of Feilding hail from the picturesque, sometimes grotesque, jewel of the Manawatu (nope, we aren’t talking about Bunnythorpe), Aorangi Feilding.

Feildings Best Dancers are two dero’s with nothing better to do than reap some unwanted emo laced noise pop upon the residents of Feilding, in-between playing mini golf and sitting in gutters contemplating life.

Old Man Dan on the bang bangs and the Bro. D on the strum strum, these two really prove that “a lack of effort, can produce favorable results” and a lack of talent can be hidden by a wall of feedback and jokes about Palmerston North.

If you wanna dance…don’t bother…these two will out dance you…if you wanna heckle…don’t bother…these two heckle each other for fun, and what can you say that’s any worse than being from Feilding…if you wanna have fun…there could be worse things to do than checking out Feildings Best Dancers…so don’t be a bad human.

"Sonic the Hedgehog’s ass, it sounds like it was recorded in a garage with just a guitar, an effects pedal, some drums, two bogans with ADHD, and the need. The need for speed."

Peter-James Dries, Music.net.nz