Greta O’Leary

  • When: 5th Mar 1:40pm
  • Where: Songwriters Stage
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Greta O’Leary is a Pōneke-based songwriter and musician whose spacious and pervasive sound is poignant, heartbreaking and laced with humour. Seizing us with her dynamic voice she bends the folk-genre to another plain, creating an unmistakably rare sound that is unique to her.

Coming of age during a few nomadic years hitching around the globe, her lifelong love of music was ignited through the folk scenes of Australia and beyond. With a true flair for exploring every corner of her genre, Greta O’Leary bursts through the seams of traditional songwriting. She takes us on a wry journey through the depths of self, bleak longing and an earnest celebration of life. Her debut EP ‘Treasure Horse’ is hypnotic, relentless, and poised in a world of her own.

Greta is embarking on a national tour this spring to celebrate the student radio charting release with her full band.

"Her voice is at the heart of everything, the dark light in the cave…a truly deep emotional and atmospheric performance."

Kev Rowland,

"Capturing extraordinary emotion in simplicity."