• When: 8th Mar 1:05pm
  • Where: Tangata Whenua Stage
  • Show map

Tastefully mixing the new with the old, the H4LF CĀST crew create soulful Reggae/DUB grooves and dangerously bouncy Hip-Hop beats that will entrance the listener.

Entwining his ancestral wisdom, front man, Nikau Te Huki delivers powerfully conscious lyrics with a psychedelic, shamanistic twist – alongside Louisa Williamson, George Maclaurin, Keanu Te Kawa, Jason Rapana and Jo Jenkins, H4LF CĀST are here to create an interactive musical experience that the audience will NEVER forget.

H4LF CĀST have made a name for themselves in Wellington and are ready to bring their sound, soul and message to you to promote our shared Māori culture, to offer a refreshing point of view from the youth of today and to get the people GROOVING.