• When: 11th Apr 12:40pm
  • Where: Girls Rock Stage
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Girls Rock Stage // 12:40 – 1:10pm

Huia is a Māori bilingual artist from Aotearoa, who merges te reo Māori lyrics with electro ambient sound. Sometimes it’s just her with her Maton guitar and other times, you’ll find her with a full band on a big stage arena, such as on the Living Lounge at Splore festival. Her music performance style is vibrant and flexible, but all melts together with her signature smooth vocals and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Lyrically she speaks of the more conscious side of life; that is, being aware of who you are, how you love, the impact we have on Papatūānuku and ways to navigate through this. Though her topics are deep, they resonate through all of humanity. Her bilingual music carries this ahua (feeling) and she always gets the crowd grooving with loads of smiles and laughs.

Marking 10 years since her first te reo Māori release, Huia has been writing constantly balancing life as a ʻmamaʻ and ʻartistʻ. In 2019 she released 2 new tunes ‘Kanikani’ and ‘Makereti’ and 2018 saw her release her E.P. Āio and feature on Baitercells ‘TOKA EP’, all lovingly recorded mixed and mastered at Aotearoa premium studio – Kog.

The lead single ‘Āio’ from the EP hit #16 on NZ Hot Singles Charts in the first week and was the only Te Reo Māori single in the top 20. ‘Āio EP’ has also been playlisted all round the world, from France, in the Highlands of Scotland, to Melbourne and closer to home on Waiheke Island. 

Huia has 2 singles on the ‘TOKA EP’ by Baitercell, which has been openly praised on Māori TV and the Bnets in Aotearoa (NZ) for being a DnB te reo Māori tune that has mass appeal. It even featured on George Fms website for Matariki and online on the Te Ao Official site (Māori TV show, 160,000+ reach).

She performs with Baitercell and Rei, and has been on stage with various artists at RnV, Parihaka, Sundaise, Earthbeat as well as intimate gigs and launches such as NUKU, Pink Ribbon Events, Auckland Regional Arts Trust and Kroad Matariki events. She also has been involved with artists such as Rei, Whāia Music, Pieter T, Kevin Mark Trail and Chong-Nee, featuring as a BV singer on various songs over the years.

Huia was awarded for her work in the music industry by Auckland Regional Arts Trust and was the only music recipient of the Arts Venture Programme Award in 2015.

"Āio itself is an absolute breath of fresh air in today's music scene - a scene that (although I love) is often inundated with songs about getting lit, and having your heart broken - instead Huia leans more towards a perfect little blend of taking care of your inner self, and also of the natural world that we are surrounded by."

Amanda Hailwood, Muzik.co.nz