It Comes To Life! Death Ray turns 5

  • When: 25th Aug 3:30pm
  • Where: Death Ray Records, Wilson St, and streets of Newtown

Dead 5000 years, alive 5 years Death Ray records comes to life. Head honcho, falla Boss Dude and co have a rad as party for ya’ll. Yeah ya wanna know what’s up? We got the party day mostly sorted. Around 15 bands/acts, coupla DJs and a tee shirt design competition. Also thanks to ParrotDog we’ll have our own lager beer availble at Black Coffee and Moon during the party week.

Who playing?
Ounce (Auckland)
Drunk Mums (Melbourne)
Tigers of the Sea (last show ever)
Loud Hailer(Hamilton)
Hans Pucket
Ayn Randy
Warm Leather (Auckland)
Opawa 45s (Christchurch)
Bad Friend
Church of Goya
Death Petal
Nueveau Wave-O
Trash Queen Exotica
Deejay Matt-I

MC Mike Hills

Death Ray
Black Coffee
Duncan McLean
Opportunity for Animals

Tickets will be available at the start of August $25 each or 2 for $45
$15 door pass to Moon or Black Coffee
$10 to Duncan McLean
$5 each at Death Ray and Opportunity for Animals

More details to come. And extra nights added to the party. SeeĀ