• When: 11th Apr 7:00pm
  • Where: Bebemos Bloco Party
  • Show map

Bebemos Bloco Party // 7:00 – 9:00pm

To the world KÉDU CARLÖ is a new project, Jess and Carly started making music nearly 5 years ago back in high school and then parted. Now years later, the two crossed paths again this time with slightly different interests.

Their name brings together their two backgrounds with KÉDU from Jess’ Nigerian side, translating to ‘welcome’ or ‘how are you’ which is commonly used as a greeting in Nigeria. CARLÖ is Carly’s DJ alias, choosing to go with a genderless name. Jess explores neo-soul and french house while Carly found her love for DJing as she dove into the world of house music, together they make and perform tribal house and melodic techno.

The duo now have a hat-trick of singles out (Ije Ije, Donald and 2005 GTO) which all show the direction they’re taking with a fresh experimental approach to acid, house and techno in Aotearoa.