Maps to help you find your way around the Newtown Festival

NOTE – Open in browser on smartphones.

Festival stages, venues & activities
Our interactive Google map with locations of stages, venues, activities, licensed areas, water refill stations, toilets, recycling & waste stations, and other important places.

See the stages, venues & activities map

Road closure map
On fair day, Newtown’s main streets and several side streets are closed, buses are diverted, and a one-way system operates.

See the Road closure map

Detailed Festival Layout Plan
Our site plan of all of the Festival, stall sites,  the stall block numbers, stages, games and rides, toilet trucks even recycling stations – everything drawn to scale to help you see our temporary Newtown Festival ‘city’ in plan. Gives a good view of the connected side streets for getting from one end to the other much faster, by going round the outside.

Download the 2021 Detailed Festival Layout map here