• When: 8th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

Prime Cut Metal Since 2008.

BBQ’s and brews are quick to follow when Meat shows up for a show. These guys are characterised by their high energy performance and are sure to light up the crowd. Meat make for a skitz night and after 12 years together, you know they are well seasoned.

Starting in Wellington the band has played many shows, hitting the stages of the James Cabaret, Valhalla, Bodega, Fast Eddies, Moon Bar and the odd house party. Characterised by their groovy, thrashy, raw meat sound they have opened for many bands including internationals Stigmata and Anvil

If you’d like to contact us email us at [email protected]

Meat behind the stage. Thanks to Graham Binding!

Get excited, here is a behind the scenes interview with the front man himself. Edzio the Lego."They say his skills at getting alcohol during a gig are beyond compare." "They say he is cursed, he says he needs to stop drinking. Moments later theres another beer! He doesn't know what to do with the hand that doesn't hold the mic. So he just drinks."-Anonymous PunterMeat will be bringing you more Red Rock and Roll videos over the next week.Stay classyGET EXCITED AUGUST 19TH

Posted by Meat on Sunday, June 25, 2017