Mirrors 解离的真实

  • When: 8th Mar
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
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Since 2016 Mirrors 解离的真实 have been experimenting with psychedelic noise, opening a vortex inside Shanghai’s music scene. Aming (guitar) Dabai (bass) Daniel (drums) have quickly risen and established themselves as a force across China winning the imagination of a new generation. Mirrors have played China’s most successful music festivals (Chaoshan Music Festival and Concrete & Grass Festival) and are now planning the release of their debut album on Ruby Eyes Records. Now this triforce of minds unite in an exploration of dreams. Discover their source of energy and creation, refined style.


"Mirrors 解离的真实 is definitely the most active new band in Shanghai in the most recent year. A powerful burst of psychedelic rock, mixed with rich solid stoner basslines. Aming loves the loose freedom of improvisation only a live stage can give, the brainwashing guitar melodies hypnotize all in his path."


"The band has only published an EP and was named the 2017 Newcomer by Douban. A sense of ritual – “full of evil spirit” – has impressed everyone in the scene."

ViceChina, Wooozy