Mr Wizowski

  • When: 11th Apr 12:00pm
  • Where: The Circus Hub Stage
  • Show map

The Circus Hub Stage // 12:00 – 12:20pm

Mr Wizowski comes to Newtown, bringing with him a very special guest – a worldwide exclusive when it comes to daredevil vegetables – the world famous Craig The Stunt Carrot. Mr Wizowski has been lucky enough to accompany Craig around the world including performances at the Asia Fringe Festival , Edinburgh Fringe, and on cruise ships around the world.

Forever in the shadow of “Craig The Stunt Carrot” Mr Wizowski will pull out all the stops to try to avoid being upstaged by the risk-taking root vegetable including juggling, rola bola and the dizzying Cyr wheel. But deep down he knows that the dynamic stunt carrot will always be the real star of the show.