• When: 8th Mar 2:50pm
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
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Na Noise is Hariet Ellis and Yolanda Fagan. The long time collaborators (both having worked together on BOZO, Vincent H.L, Echo Ohs and Thee Crockettes) have a rascally take on traditional song – with their new-old songs, Ellis and Fagan introduce a new-old sound. This seed of their sound was initially planted by the work of Alan Vega (Suicide) and eventually lead to the union of volca beats, fuzzy doo-wop and spaghetti western — Ellis’s driving natural bass lines allowing Fagan’s guitar work to weave effortlessly over every note.

"This set felt like the dark love-child of The Doors, The Black Keys, The Velvet Underground and Sigur Ros."


"In a lineup of strong female-fronted acts, they ended up being the masters of in-the-pocket hypnotism, blending ‘60s percussion and drum patterns with a pastiche of ‘80s new wave’s love for the mechanical."