Niels Gedge

  • When: 3rd Mar 12:00pm
  • Where: (V2) Newtown Social Club
  • Show map

Niels Gedge performs throughout New Zealand in pubs, craft breweries, cafes, acoustic music and folk clubs, cultural centres, and at festivals.

His songs home in on life and love and the things that matter.  Many of Niels’ songs are located in our own Aotearoa/New Zealand.  You can see the mountain, hear the waterfall and watch the haymaking in the words he chooses.  Like Leonard Cohen or Paul Simon, he writes from the standpoint of a poet, making every word count.  He also covers great songs that everyone will recognise and enjoy.

Niels’ CD’s Maui’s Whale and Southern Land, will be available for sale at the Monterey Bar.

"(Niels’ second CD, Maui’s Whale is) a CD full of beautiful playing and personal yet universal songs that draw on timeless traditions of gospel, folk music and blues "

Nick Bollinger (Radio NZ)

"The folk and blues-tinged vocals of singer and guitarist, Niels Gedge, paints a beautiful picture of intelligent music from a seemingly-unlikely region of the world: New Zealand…the songs are led by Niels’ intense and honest lyrics that are wrapped around a heady mix of rhythms and melodies that never get old. The playful tunes bring in some blues and gospel overtones amid a folk background… "

Matthew Forss (Inside World Music)