Newtown Festival is now on Sunday 11th April 2021!

We’re so excited to announce that Newtown Festival 2021 will be back in April!

This is actually our 25th Newtown Festival in the street, and we’re grateful to get the chance to be able to celebrate this milestone!

Our many collaborators, stallholders and artists have been amazing in rallying behind this new date. We chose it because the Martinborough Fair that was going to be on March 6th has been postponed till April 10th, and as in other years we will be on the following day, so stallholders who travel from all over the country can come to both events.

Delaying by more than a month also gives Wellington City Council time to approve a new date for the all-important road closure. The WCC staff have been amazingly helpful in getting this underway, we owe them a huge vote of thanks!

Expect to see many of the performers and stallholders you were looking forward to on our new date. We’re so touched by the outpouring of aroha and support towards a postponement.

While we’ve been working through the logistics of this, there will be added costs. Keeping this a free event for the community at its heart is fundamental to the kaupapa of the Festival, and we’d so appreciate any support: can’t wait to throw open our suburb on 11th April so that the Newtown community, happy punters, creative stallholders and fabulous musicians can experience the joy that is Newtown Festival 2021. See you there!!