Oriental Voice Choir

  • When: 11th Apr 11:25am
  • Where: Community Stage
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Community St Stage // 11:25 – 11:35am

“Oriental Voice Choir” is an active non-profit singing group in the Wellington local community, an adult choir group from Oriental Cultural and Performance Art Group (OCA). The choir members are composed of local Chinese immigrants and international students, the main genres of music are Chinese minority folk songs, original pop songs and a part of foreign language songs. Their music by varieties and different vocal form: vocal solo by musical instruments accompanied, duet, quartette and a cappella. The aim of the group is to promote Chinese culture by organising and participating in community events, and teach vocal lover performing art singing.

Program 1: A quartet song by 16 people, called ‘Lifting your veil’ from Xinjiang ethnic minorities folk songs. It describes a boy who adores a beautiful Xinjiang girl with a veil, dance beats and lively rhythm.  

Program 2: Solo song with guitar accompaniment by 2 people, called ‘Colors of the Wind’ from Disney film Pocahontas. The audience will be familiar with the classical melody, and it’s soft and slow music. The singer and guitar player are both professional performers.