• When: 8th Mar 12:30pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

Ovus promise to deliver tight polyrhythmic riffs with bone chilling leads gracefully soaring over the top. Each member of Ovus has a history with the Wellington metal scene and this band is the untethered culmination of their talents at full display. Their songs have been described as “…melodies flow amidst a myriad of complex time-signature changes and unpredictable, yet well thought out song structures”. With a diverse set of influences, the band pulls upon their entire musical knowledge to deliver a powerful and mind bending experience.

What began as a college band has grown into a beast no one thought possible. Guitarists, Joe Murphy and Adam Sive have now been playing together for over 10 years continually developing and honing their skills. While Joe was busking what would become the song ‘Lucid Dreams’, drummer Ian Moir (Into Orbit, Dark Divinity) was intrigued and soon joined the band. Responding to a social media post, jokingly asking if there were any bassists with more than 5,000 practice hours under their belt, Joshua Murray joined. Ovus had a complete lineup and went onto impress audiences with their instrumental prowess.

After a lengthy hiatus, Ovus were faced with finding a drummer who wanted to play 7+ minute songs with 10+ time signature changes. Jignesh Jasmat was brave enough to take up the intimidating position of sitting behind the drumkit. The band quickly got to work getting Jignesh up to speed on all the unexpected and complicated twists and turns that has become synonymous with an Ovus performance.

Back in action with a new single, 2018 bought the largest show Ovus had played, an opening slot for Canadian instrumental prog masters, Intervals. Ovus have continued this momentum with more Wellington shows leading to their first headline show with friends, Sheeps and Cold Ceiling (formally Plaines). The show was a great success and has set the bar high as the band reach the end of 2019 with a debut EP being worked on in full swing and even bigger plans for 2020.

Photo credit: Garry Thomas Photography

"...it was clear from the outset that this purely instrumental quartet knew just what they were doing, soundscapes forming and swiftly drawing in the audience..."

Sarah Kidd, Ambient Light