Paper Plates

  • When: 8th Mar 4:00pm
  • Where: Colombo St Stage
  • Show map

Paper Plates are an emerging alt-pop duo based in Wellington. Inspired by the ‘staring at the ceiling’ kind of days, the duo focuses their music on capturing emotions through explosive build ups and immersive soundscapes. 

The duo released their debut EP, “Playground Walls” in September 2019, which highlights the journey of embracing one’s identity and sense of self worth. The EP relates to mental well being, break downs, relationships and all that makes humans, human.

In October 2019, Paper Plates put on an immersive Studio Live Stream with full band, lighting, visuals and dancers to raise awareness and donations for The Mental Health Foudation NZ. The video has received positive remarks for it’s raw energy and professional outcome.

Check out the band’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more info!

"This is a great band who are supporting an important cause."


"Fantastic. We love the focus on identity and self-worth."


"All about ‘embracing one’s identity and sense of self-worth’, the EP is a beautiful and immersive experience into mental health and the battles it can bring. The duo is all about positivity and self love."

SamDunlay, SomethingSomething