Performer Time Where
MC Eddie D’amore Community Stage
MC Judy Virago Wilson St Stage
RadioActive.FM DJs South Stage
Riddim Cartel Tangata Whenua Stage
The She Jays Colombo St Stage
Koha Cart 9:30am Street Parade to 71 Daniell St
Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen 9:45am Donald McLean St
Billy Lyrical 10:00am Gordon Pl Stage
Heartbreak Club 10:00am Girls Rock Stage
Jason Brown 10:00am Buskers Pitch
Kali Ora (Κάλι ορα) 10:00am Songs From The Old Country Stage
Kiva and Riki 10:00am Living Wage Stage
Meat 10:00am Ferguson St Stage
Move It Danceworks 10:00am Community Stage
Sounds Almighty Sound System 10:00am Sounds Almighty Sound System Laneway
Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura o Ngā Puna Waiora - Newtown School 10:00am Tangata Whenua Stage
Terry Shore and the VolunTerry Band 10:00am Colombo St Stage
Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre 10:00am South Stage & Street Parade
ODA Dance Studio 10:15am Community Stage
New Zealand Beatbox 10:20am Living Wage Stage
Dr Brownlove 10:30am Newtown Social Club
Seanachaí (Irish Storytellers) 10:30am Arney St
Al Fraser 10:35am Tangata Whenua Stage
Sugarfoot Stomp 10:35am Community Stage
Adoneye 10:40am Ferguson St Stage
Louisa Nicklin 10:40am Girls Rock Stage
The Doubtful Sounds and Te Arokura 10:40am Living Wage Stage
Céilí Mór 10:45am South Stage
The Birdmann & Egg 10:45am Buskers Pitch
Kaniere 10:50am Wilson St Stage
Joanna by Day 10:55am Gordon Pl Stage
Oriental Voices 10:55am Community Stage
Big Girls (Giant Puppets) 11:00am Street Parade
Dub City Movement 11:00am Newtown Ave Stage
Fun and Funner 11:00am Colombo St Stage
JDK - Just Dance Krazy 11:00am Community Stage
Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers 11:00am Songs From The Old Country Stage
Mi Casa Su Casa 11:00am The Circus Hub Stage
VU/ZU 11:00am Street Parade
Inano Dance Group 11:05am Tangata Whenua Stage
Everybodys Choir 11:15am Community Stage
Eamonn Marra 11:20am Living Wage Stage
Gravel Pit 11:20am Ferguson St Stage
Museum Stork 11:20am Girls Rock Stage
Niko Ne Zna 11:30am Street Parade
Orlęta Polish Dance Ensemble 11:30am South Stage
Vinyl Burns 11:30am Buskers Pitch
shannengeorgiapetersen 11:30am Newtown Ave Stage
Tidal Rave 11:40am Living Wage Stage
Androgynous Lemon 11:45am South Stage
Maaka 11:45am Tangata Whenua Stage
Happy Valley 11:50am Ferguson St Stage
SOFIA 11:50am Gordon Pl Stage
Secret Knives 11:50am Wilson St Stage
Shut Up & Dance 11:50am Community Stage
Connor and Raph 12:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
FeÑa Latino 12:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
French For Rabbits 12:00pm Girls Rock Stage
Traditional Capoeira Angola Roda 12:00pm Donald McLean St
Wellington Fire and Flow Club 12:00pm Community Stage
Rangatahi o te Pene 12:10pm Living Wage Stage
InDuna 12:15pm Colombo St Stage
Malcolm S. 12:15pm Newtown Ave Stage
Zane & Degge 12:15pm Buskers Pitch
Sianne 12:25pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Bollywood Dance by SDANZ 12:30pm Community Stage
MC Phanny 12:30pm Newtown Social Club
Momentum 12:30pm Renegade Bass
Newtown Rocksteady with Israel Starr 12:30pm South Stage
Ovus 12:30pm Ferguson St Stage
Seanachaí (Irish Storytellers) 12:30pm Arney St
Warwick and the Wankers 12:30pm Living Wage Stage
KITA 12:40pm Girls Rock Stage
Tarns Hood 12:40pm Community Stage
BTD B*tches 12:45pm Community Stage
No mans heath 12:45pm Gordon Pl Stage
Macho Macho 12:50pm Wilson St Stage
L(())VE & HOPE 1:00pm Colombo St Stage
Mr Fungus 1:00pm Buskers Pitch
Rangatahi o te Pene 1:00pm Living Wage Stage
Sounds Like Us 1:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Tangata Circus Company 1:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
H4LF CĀST 1:05pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 1:05pm Community Stage
Pencarrow 1:10pm Ferguson St Stage
Arcology 1:15pm Newtown Ave Stage
Zac Crackalaka 1:15pm Newtown Social Club
Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs 1:20pm Living Wage Stage
b*tchmagic 1:20pm Girls Rock Stage
Solid Gold Dance Crew NZ 1:25pm Community Stage
Louis Baker 1:30pm South Stage
Sub:Bass 1:30pm Renegade Bass
Gale Force Gospel Choir 1:40pm Gordon Pl Stage
Jason Brown 1:45pm Buskers Pitch
ColdxWar 1:50pm Ferguson St Stage
Lola 1:50pm Wilson St Stage
Hybrid Rose 2:00pm Newtown Ave Stage
Last Exit 2:00pm Community Stage
Lilith 2:00pm Girls Rock Stage
Te Mana 2:00pm Tangata Whenua Stage
The Wellington Youth Circus 2:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
The Wooden Box Band 2:00pm Colombo St Stage
VU/ZU 2:00pm Street Parade
Vox Ethno 2:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Unsanitary Napkin 2:05pm Living Wage Stage
General Vibe 2:15pm Newtown Social Club
Severed Beliefs 2:25pm Ferguson St Stage
Momentum 2:30pm Renegade Bass
Seanachaí (Irish Storytellers) 2:30pm Arney St
The Birdmann & Egg 2:30pm Buskers Pitch
Upper Hutt Posse 2:30pm South Stage
Freya Daly Sadgrove 2:35pm Living Wage Stage
The Godwits 2:35pm Community Stage
Sports Dreams 2:40pm Girls Rock Stage
Ssendam Rawkustra 2:40pm Community Stage
Whaea & The Rumble 2:45pm Newtown Ave Stage
Na Noise 2:50pm Wilson St Stage
AJA 2:55pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Don McGlashan 2:55pm Living Wage Stage
Polaroids of Polarbears 2:55pm Ferguson St Stage
Albert River 3:00pm Colombo St Stage
Barry and the Crumpets 3:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
The Wellington Youth Circus 3:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Vu 3:00pm Bebemos
Brother Tem and Friends 3:15pm Newtown Social Club
Vinyl Burns 3:15pm Buskers Pitch
Strange Stains 3:20pm Girls Rock Stage
Amamelia 3:30pm Newtown Ave Stage
Bill Lake 3:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Bog-Wolf 3:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage
Sub:Bass 3:30pm Renegade Bass
Wellington Batucada 3:30pm Street Parade
New Zealand Beatbox 3:40pm Living Wage Stage
BRAZZA 3:45pm Community Stage
Dawn Diver 3:50pm Wilson St Stage
Mara TK 3:50pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Alexa Casino and PollyHill 4:00pm Girls Rock Stage
Oh La La 4:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Paper Plates 4:00pm Colombo St Stage
Tary Bary 4:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Tiny Ruins 4:00pm South Stage
Zane & Degge 4:00pm Buskers Pitch
Χάραμα 4:00pm Living Wage Stage
Gallery 4:15pm Newtown Social Club
Annette Esquenet 4:25pm Gordon Pl Stage
Israel Starr 4:30pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Power Nap 4:30pm Newtown Ave Stage
Requin 4:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage
Swallows Nest 4:30pm Ferguson St Stage
Koizilla 4:50pm Wilson St Stage
Bulgarian Ensemble Horo 5:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Reebox 5:00pm Bebemos
Roaming Hut 5:00pm Cararra Park
Hedge Fund Trader 5:05pm Ferguson St Stage
Tarrant Dancers Parking Angels 5:15pm Street Parade
crone 5:15pm Newtown Ave Stage
Scattered Wreckage 5:20pm Gordon Pl Stage
Transistor 5:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage
AyN RaNdY 5:45pm Ferguson St Stage
Bill Hickman 6:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
Ptwiggs 6:15pm Newtown Ave Stage
Jörmungandr 6:20pm Ferguson St Stage
Dad Jokes 6:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage
Ounce 6:50pm Wilson St Stage
Bontempo 7:00pm Bebemos
HUMMUCIDE 7:00pm Newtown Social Club
Rubita 7:10pm Gordon Pl Stage
Hans. 7:15pm Newtown Ave Stage
Contenders 7:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage
Hand Habits 8:00pm Wilson St Stage
Ras Judah and Culture Embassy 8:00pm Moon
DJ Magnette 8:45pm Newtown Social Club
Amy Jean 9:00pm Bebemos
Afro Delight 10:30pm Moon