Fairday programme

Title Time Stage
Ainslie Allen Band 4:15pm Mainstreet
Altero 11:20am Wilson St
Aroha String Quartet 2:10pm Constable St
Aura 5:15pm Emmett St
Bunnies on Ponies 6:40pm Wilson St
Carcosa Saint Funeral 10:00am Emmett St
Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs 1:20pm Wilson St
Daniel Boobyer 3:05pm Wilson St 2
Death and the Maiden 1:30pm Newtown Ave
Double Ya D 7:25pm Wilson St 2
Finn Johansson & Band 12:45pm Emmett St
Fis 6:30pm Newtown Ave
Fortunes 2:45pm Newtown Ave
Frank Burkett Band 10:45am Emmett St
GIG 77 1:20pm Constable St
Gamelan Padhang Moncar 10:00am Constable St
Glass Vaults 3:15pm Mainstreet
MC Hillsy Wilson St
Miles Calder & the Rumours 1:30pm Emmett St
Mono Sonic 4:10pm Wilson St 2
Newtown Rocksteady Donald McLean St
Orchestra of Spheres 3:00pm Constable St
Pales 2:15pm Emmett St
Red Sky Blues 5:35pm Wilson St
Sam Manzanza Afrobeat band 12:15pm Mainstreet
Seth Frightening 4:15pm Emmett St
Shocking Pinks 7:45pm Wilson St
Shoutin' Preachin' 4:30pm Wilson St
So Laid Back Country China 3:00pm Emmett St
T-Bone Trio 11:30am Emmett St
Tape Wolves 7:25pm Wilson St 2
The Eggs 11:15am Mainstreet
The Hag 6:20pm Wilson St 2
The Kugels 12:30pm Constable St
The Tyson Smith Band 3:25pm Wilson St
TrinityRoots 1:45pm Mainstreet
Twinset 10:00am Mainstreet
Wellington Batucada 3:00pm Parade
Wellington Community Choir 2:25pm Community Stage
mr sterile Assembly 11:40am Constable St