Performer Time Where
Alpha Beta Gamma Ferguson St Stage
Ben Woods South Stage
Big Girls Street Parade
COFFIN CLUB Ferguson St Stage
Capoeira Angola Street Roda Donald McLean Street
Common Unity Koha Cart Street Parade
Crash Bandihoot Street Parade
Dj Gooda Tangata Whenua Stage
Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen Donald McLean Street
First Move Ferguson St Stage
Footnote New Zealand Dance South Stage
Hagseed Ferguson St Stage
Hugo Grrrl Community Stage
Judy Virago Wilson St Stage
Marrowspawn Ferguson St Stage
NahBo South Stage
Orlęta South Stage
Orzeł South Stage
Qualms Ferguson St Stage
RadioActive.FM DJs South Stage
SODA BOYZ Ferguson St Stage
Snowqueen Ferguson St Stage
Stress Ghetto Ferguson St Stage
Synthetic Children Ferguson St Stage
Taikoza Wellington South Stage
Tarrant Dancers Traffic Angels Street Parade
The Phoenix Foundation South Stage
Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre Dragon, Lion & Dance Groups South Stage
shannengeorgiapetersen Ferguson St Stage
Move It Danceworks 10:00am Community Stage
Sounds Almighty Sound System 10:00am Sounds Almighty Sound System Laneway
Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura o Ngā Puna Waiora - Newtown School 10:00am Tangata Whenua Stage
The She Jays 10:00am Colombo St Stage
Tight Weave 10:00am Songs From The Old Country Stage
Vince Cabrera 10:00am Songwriters Stage
Wellington Youth Circus 10:00am The Circus Hub Stage
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 10:20am Community Stage
The Circus Hub 10:20am The Circus Hub Stage
MulletMan & MiM 10:30am Buskers Pitch
Riki Gooch and Al Fraser 10:30am Tangata Whenua Stage
The Bandits 10:30am Colombo St Stage
JDK Crew 10:40am Community Stage
Billy Lyrical 10:50am Songwriters Stage
Corrosive Moses 10:50am Wilson St Stage
Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers 10:55am Community Stage
Bambin 11:00am Girls Rock Stage
Banana Mundo 11:00am Songs From The Old Country Stage
Coolkidsplayhard 11:00am Gordon Pl Stage
Raucous Productions 11:00am The Circus Hub Stage
VU/ZU FREE-SHOP-FOTO-SHOOT 11:00am Street Parade
Bella Cook 11:15am Colombo St Stage
The Circus Hub 11:20am The Circus Hub Stage
Oriental Voice Choir 11:25am Community Stage
Mr Fungus 11:30am Buskers Pitch
Wellington Fire and Flow Club 11:35am Community Stage
The Godwits 11:40am Songwriters Stage
WAI 11:45am Tangata Whenua Stage
Feng 11:50am Girls Rock Stage
Housewitches 11:50am Wilson St Stage
Alpaca Social Club 12:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Current Bias 12:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Mr Wizowski 12:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
BTD B*tches 12:05pm Community Stage
The Circus Hub 12:20pm The Circus Hub Stage
Amba Holly 12:30pm Tangata Whenua Stage
The Steampunk Minstrels 12:30pm Songwriters Stage
Zane & Degge 12:30pm Buskers Pitch
Newtown Tuesday 12:35pm Community Stage
Huia 12:40pm Girls Rock Stage
Vera Ellen 12:50pm Wilson St Stage
ABRZY 1:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Fun and Funner 1:00pm Colombo St Stage
Geena and Julia 1:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Valley Kids 1:15pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Vox Ethno 1:15pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Charlotte Kerrigan with Bluesette 1:20pm Songwriters Stage
Disconnect 1:20pm Community Stage
Babyteeth 1:30pm Girls Rock Stage
KAZOO 1:30pm The Circus Hub Stage
MulletMan & MiM 1:30pm Buskers Pitch
Birdfeeder 1:50pm Wilson St Stage
Ssendam Rawkustra 1:50pm Community Stage
Booth the Clown 2:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Dj Oboe 2:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Newtown Rocksteady 2:05pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Annette Esquenet 2:10pm Songwriters Stage
Cosmonauts 2:15pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Deb5000 2:20pm Girls Rock Stage
Mr Fungus 2:30pm Buskers Pitch
Solid Gold Dance Crew 2:45pm Street Parade
Idhayam 2:50pm Community Stage
OdESSA 2:50pm Wilson St Stage
Diggy Dupé 3:00pm South Stage
Fool Steam Ahead 3:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Hans Blix and the Inspectors 3:00pm Songwriters Stage
Latinaotearoa 3:00pm Colombo St Stage
Ski Resort 3:10pm Girls Rock Stage
Dance Ensemble Horo 3:15pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
KÉDU CARLÖ 3:15pm Gordon Pl Stage & Bebemos
Rei 3:15pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Booth the Clown 3:20pm The Circus Hub Stage
Siblings 3:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Wellington Batucada 3:30pm Street Parade
Zane & Degge 3:30pm Buskers Pitch
Sam Manzanza & Afrobeat band 3:35pm Community Stage
Scattered Wreckage 3:50pm Songwriters Stage
Soft Plastics 3:50pm Wilson St Stage
Queens Cup 4:00pm Girls Rock Stage
TUi MAMAKi 4:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Laughton Kora 4:10pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Estère 4:15pm South Stage
Wiri Donna 4:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Colette Rivers 4:40pm Songwriters Stage
Night Lunch 4:50pm Wilson St Stage
Vanessa Worm 5:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
Dave Murphy and Janet Muggeridge 5:30pm Songwriters Stage
Lilith 5:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Guardian Singles 5:50pm Wilson St Stage
Soda 6:20pm Songwriters Stage
Dateless 6:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Samara Alofa & Friends 6:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Earth Tongue 6:50pm Wilson St Stage
FABU 7:00pm Bebemos Bloco Party
KÉDU CARLÖ 7:00pm Gordon Pl Stage & Bebemos
DARTZ 7:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Clear Path Ensemble 8:00pm Wilson St Stage
Aw B 9:00pm Bebemos Bloco Party