Fairday programme

Performer Time Where
* Living Wage Stage * 10:00am Constable St
* Main St Stage * 10:00am North Riddiford St
* Newtown New World Community Stage * 9:30am Mid Riddiford St
* Niceplace Curbside Cabaret * 10:00am Normanby St
* Renegade Bass Stage* 10:00am Donald McLean St
* Shambleland * 11:00am Colombo St
* Songs From The Old Country Stage * 10:00am Rintoul St
* Tangata Whenua Stage * 10:00am South Riddiford St
* The Hits FM Buskers Pitch * 10:00am McDonalds Carpark
* VUWSA and Victoria present Newtown Ave Stage * 11:00am Newtown Avenue
* Wilson St Stage * 10:20am Wilson St
*Baobab* 10:00am Baobab Cafe
*Bebemos* 12:00pm Bebemos
*Black Coffee* 10:00am Black Coffee
Amba Holly 12:40pm South Riddiford St
Anastasia Dolinina & Matias Ceballos 10:40am Rintoul St
AtiawaToa Fm & Te Upoko Radio MCs 10:10am South Riddiford St
Aw B 2:45pm Newtown Ave
Bazurka 10:00am North Riddiford St
Beat Girls 12:00pm North Riddiford St
Beatcomber 6:20pm Wilson St
Black Rainbow And Her Big Band 10:45am Constable St
Bric-a-brac Ravers Takes Over 5:00pm Colombo St
Bulgarian dance workshop with Lilia de Castro 12:00pm Rintoul St
Cave Circles 4:15pm Newtown Ave
Chocolate Box Deluxe 4:20pm South Riddiford St
Corin 5:45pm Newtown Ave
Cumbia Bros 10:00am North Riddiford St
DJ Dr Vinyl Burns & Guests 1:00pm Colombo St
DJ No L 10:30am South Riddiford St
DJ Panda 11:40am Constable St
Darren Watson 12:15pm Constable St
Dinna O'Meara 1:30pm Emmett St
Draghound 2:00pm Normanby St
Dub fi Dub 4:00pm Donald McLean St
Earth Tongue 7:00pm Wilson St
Ella Cabuatan 1:10pm Emmett St
Emilio Bertrand and Alexander Gunchenko 1:10pm Rintoul St
Emily Fairlight 5:15pm Normanby St
Emmett Sutherland 10:00am Black Coffee
Eva Prowse 2:50pm Normanby St
Eyes Down Sound 10:00am Donald McLean St
Feng 1:15pm Newtown Ave
Flo Wilson 12:30pm Newtown Ave
Fraser Hooper 11:30am McDonalds Carpark
Freak Magnet 5:00pm Wilson St
French For Rabbits 3:00pm North Riddiford St
Gemma Lipana 12:25pm Emmett St
Girlboss 3:45pm Normanby St
Greek dance workshop with Jo Mellas 11:10am Rintoul St
Guest Speaker 1:05pm Emmett St
Gypsy Hendrix 3:15pm Mid Riddiford St
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 10:20am Mid Riddiford St
Hex 7:20pm Wilson St
Huxx 1:10pm South Riddiford St
Ida Lune 4:30pm Normanby St
Introduction/Opening Remarks 12:30pm Emmett St
Joe Blossom 11:20am Wilson St
Karakia 10:00am South Riddiford St
Kathy Lopez 12:55pm Emmett St
Kemara Samuel 2:15pm South Riddiford St
Klezmer Rebs 1:10pm Constable St
Kubatana and the Moringa Dancers 11:50am Mid Riddiford St
Leah & Graham 2:10pm Emmett St
Leah & Graham Duo 1:20pm Emmett St
Leila Adu 1:10pm Normanby St
MC Hillsy 10:00am Wilson St
Madagascan dance workshop with Lala Simpson 1:50pm Rintoul St
Make Music Aotearoa 11:40am South Riddiford St
Mantle 11:00am Newtown Ave
Mehana 12:15pm Rintoul St
Mel Parsons 1:45pm North Riddiford St
Melting Faces 2:00pm Mid Riddiford St
Mighty Ukes 11:50am Mid Riddiford St
Mischancerie 3:30pm Newtown Ave
Momentum 11:00am Donald McLean St
Moses 12:20pm Wilson St
Move It Danceworks 10:00am Mid Riddiford St
Mr Fungus 1:00pm McDonalds Carpark
Mundi 4:15pm North Riddiford St
New Age Leper 1:20pm Wilson St
New Dawn 7:15pm Newtown Ave
Noa dela Cruz 12:45pm Emmett St
Not The Day Job 10:00am Constable St
Official Opening 9:30am Mid Riddiford St
Opening Ceremony/Shambleland Radio Show 11:00am Colombo St
Oy Azoy 11:00am North Riddiford St
Pacifiesta 1:40pm South Riddiford St
Palmerston North Filipino "Rondalla" 1:45pm Emmett St
Pascal Ackermann 12:15pm McDonalds Carpark
Patio EspaƱol 1:25pm Mid Riddiford St
Peach Milk 5:00pm Newtown Ave
Presentation Capoeira Angola 12:00pm Colombo St
Prizegiving 2:20pm Wilson St
Raw Collective 3:00pm South Riddiford St
Ready Sett 10:00am Normanby St
Salad Boys 4:20pm Wilson St
Sam Manzanza 12:15pm North Riddiford St
Second Shambleland Games Opens 2:00pm Colombo St
Sendam Rawkustra 12:25pm Mid Riddiford St
Sianne 3:40pm South Riddiford St
Slim F. Pickings 10:00am McDonalds Carpark
SoccerPractise 2:00pm Newtown Ave
Sophie Ani 11:10am South Riddiford St
Syrian community musicians 1:00pm Rintoul St
TUMA (Maori Martial Arts) 10:50am South Riddiford St
Taikoza Wellington 2:45pm South Riddiford St
Te Kahu Rolleston 12:20pm South Riddiford St
The All Seeing Hand 3:10pm Constable St
The Vinyl Burns Rock & Roll Circus 10:45am McDonalds Carpark
Tidal Rave 2:10pm Living Wage Stage
Tigers of the Sea 3:20pm Wilson St
Tonic & Co 11:25am Rintoul St
Transistor 10:20am Wilson St
Tui Mamaki 10:00am Rintoul St
Warrick and The Wankers 4:00pm Wilson St
Waterfalls 11:45am Newtown Ave
Wolf Witch 6:00pm Wilson St
Womb 5:20pm Wilson St
Zero Cool 12:15pm Normanby St
Zoe Moon 10:55am Normanby St
i.ryoko 6:00pm Newtown Ave