Performer Time Where
Caleb Stowers South Stage
Dj Gooda Tangata Whenua Stage
Eddie D’amore Community Stage
Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen CANCELLED
Judy Virago Wilson St Stage
RadioActive.FM DJs South Stage
Sean Barker Colombo St
Art Park & Group Show Opening at Newtown’s new gallery Twentysix 10:00am 26 Constable Street
Ben Woods 10:00am South Stage
Big Girls 10:00am Street Parade
Fool Steam Ahead - South End 10:00am Street Parade
Move It Danceworks 10:00am Community Stage
Polish Storytellers 10:00am Arney Street
Sounds Almighty Sound System 10:00am Sounds Almighty Sound System Laneway
Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura o Ngā Puna Waiora - Newtown School 10:00am Tangata Whenua Stage
The She Jays 10:00am Colombo St Stage
Tight Weave 10:00am Songs From The Old Country Stage
Vince Cabrera 10:00am Songwriters Stage
Wellington Youth Circus 10:00am The Circus Hub Stage
Heleyni 10:10am Girls Rock Stage
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 10:20am Community Stage
The Circus Hub 10:20am The Circus Hub Stage
MulletMan & MiM 10:30am Buskers Pitch
Puoro Jerome 10:30am Tangata Whenua Stage
The Bandits 10:30am Colombo St Stage
JDK Crew 10:40am Community Stage
Fool Steam Ahead 10:45am South Stage
Billy Lyrical 10:50am Songwriters Stage
Corrosive Moses 10:50am Wilson St Stage
Footnote New Zealand Dance 10:55am South Stage
Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers 10:55am Community Stage
Babybel 11:00am Girls Rock Stage
Coolkidsplayhard 11:00am Gordon Pl Stage
MixClub 11:00am Newtown Ave Block Party
NahBo 11:00am South Stage
Polish Storytellers 11:00am Arney Street
Raucous Productions 11:00am The Circus Hub Stage
Snowqueen 11:00am Ferguson St Stage
VU/ZU FREE-SHOP-FOTO-SHOOT 11:00am Street Parade
Banana Mundo 11:15am Songs From The Old Country Stage
Belladonna 11:15am Colombo St Stage
The Circus Hub 11:20am The Circus Hub Stage
Oriental Voice Choir 11:25am Community Stage
Mr Fungus 11:30am Buskers Pitch
Wellington Fire and Flow Club 11:35am Community Stage
Dave Murphy and Janet Muggeridge 11:40am Songwriters Stage
Marrowspawn 11:45am Ferguson St Stage
Orlęta 11:45am South Stage
Orzeł 11:45am South Stage
WAI 11:45am Tangata Whenua Stage
Birdfeeder 11:50am Wilson St Stage
Ingrid Saker 11:50am Girls Rock Stage
Capoeira Angola Street Roda 12:00pm Donald McLean Street
Current Bias 12:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Dj Oboe 12:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Mr Wizowski 12:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Pork Crackle 12:00pm Baobab Courtyard
The Megalodons 12:00pm Colombo St Stage
BTD B*tches 12:05pm Community Stage
Alpha Beta Gamma 12:15pm Ferguson St Stage
Bret McKenzie and Band 12:15pm South Stage
The Circus Hub 12:20pm The Circus Hub Stage
Amba Holly 12:30pm Tangata Whenua Stage
First Move 12:30pm Ferguson St Stage
The Steampunk Minstrels 12:30pm Songwriters Stage
Zane & Degge 12:30pm Buskers Pitch
Newtown Tuesday 12:35pm Community Stage
Huia 12:40pm Girls Rock Stage
OdESSA 12:50pm Wilson St Stage
ABRZY 1:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Alpha Beta Gamma 1:00pm Ferguson St Stage
Booth the Clown 1:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Cath Rogers 1:00pm 26 Constable Street
Fun and Funner 1:00pm Colombo St Stage
Vox Ethno 1:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre Dragon, Lion & Dance Groups 1:00pm South Stage
COFFIN CLUB 1:15pm Ferguson St Stage
Valley Kids 1:15pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Charlotte Kerrigan with Bluesette 1:20pm Songwriters Stage
Disconnect 1:20pm Community Stage
Crash Bandihoot 1:30pm Street Parade
Feng 1:30pm Girls Rock Stage
MulletMan & MiM 1:30pm Buskers Pitch
Footnote New Zealand Dance 1:45pm Gordon Pl Stage
The Phoenix Foundation 1:45pm South Stage
shannengeorgiapetersen 1:45pm Ferguson St Stage
Housewitches 1:50pm Wilson St Stage
Ssendam Rawkustra 1:50pm Community Stage
Cosmonauts 2:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
LAURA: MIGHTY CIRCUS GIRL 2:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Polish Storytellers 2:00pm Arney Street
SODA BOYZ 2:00pm Ferguson St Stage
Zoe Moon 2:00pm Colombo St Stage
Newtown Rocksteady 2:05pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Scattered Wreckage 2:10pm Songwriters Stage
Babyteeth 2:20pm Girls Rock Stage
The Circus Hub 2:20pm The Circus Hub Stage
Earl Le Duke 2:30pm Newtown Ave Stage
Mr Fungus 2:30pm Buskers Pitch
shannengeorgiapetersen 2:30pm Ferguson St Stage
Footnote New Zealand Dance 2:45pm South Stage
Stress Ghetto 2:45pm Ferguson St Stage
By A Damn Sight 2:50pm Wilson St Stage
Idhayam 2:50pm Community Stage
Dance Ensemble Horo 3:00pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Diggy Dupé 3:00pm South Stage
FABU 3:00pm Bebemos Bloco Party
Fool Steam Ahead 3:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Hans Blix and the Inspectors 3:00pm Songwriters Stage
Latinaotearoa 3:00pm Colombo St Stage
Polish Storytellers 3:00pm Arney Street
Ski Resort 3:10pm Girls Rock Stage
KÉDU CARLÖ 3:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
Rei 3:15pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Synthetic Children 3:15pm Ferguson St Stage
Booth the Clown 3:20pm The Circus Hub Stage
Qualms 3:30pm Ferguson St Stage
Siblings 3:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Wellington Batucada (warm up) 3:30pm Colombo St Stage
Wellington Batucada - Colombo St to Constable St 3:30pm Street Parade
Zane & Degge 3:30pm Buskers Pitch
Sam Manzanza & Afrobeat band 3:35pm Community Stage
Só Samba 3:45pm Songs From The Old Country Stage
Taikoza Wellington 3:45pm South Stage
Guardian Singles 3:50pm Wilson St Stage
Amy Jean 4:00pm Baobab
Arjuna Oakes 4:00pm Colombo St Stage
Deb5000 4:00pm Girls Rock Stage
Synthetic Children 4:00pm Ferguson St Stage
Under Construction 4:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Vernon x Bastian (Mi Casa Su Casa) 4:00pm Black Coffee presents Rock'a'Boogie 2021
Laughton Kora 4:05pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Estère 4:15pm South Stage
Hagseed 4:15pm Ferguson St Stage
LILSTIFFY 4:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
Helix 4:30pm Newtown Ave Stage
Kaneskies 4:30pm Brewhouse Beats
Lilith 4:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Marcos Alonso 4:30pm Newtown Ave Stage
SERAPH 4:30pm Newtown Ave Stage
The Circus Hub 4:30pm The Circus Hub Stage
Wellington Batucada 4:30pm Community Stage
Colette Rivers 4:40pm Songwriters Stage
Night Lunch 4:50pm Wilson St Stage
Mongo Skato 5:00pm Bebemos Bloco Party
Seaside Sloths 5:00pm Neptune Stage at Newtown Social Club
Tarrant Dancers Traffic Angels 5:15pm Street Parade
Vanessa Worm 5:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
Soda 5:30pm Songwriters Stage
Wiri Donna 5:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Soft Plastics 5:50pm Wilson St Stage
Christopher Tubbs 6:00pm Baobab Courtyard
Sky Canvas 6:00pm Neptune Stage at Newtown Social Club
Tū Crucial Sound System 6:00pm Moon
Buck Rogers 6:30pm Newtown Ave Block Party
DJ Ethixx 6:30pm Brewhouse Beats
Dateless 6:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Samara Alofa & Friends 6:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Earth Tongue 6:50pm Wilson St Stage
CARLÖ 7:00pm Bebemos Bloco Party
Mamazita 7:00pm Neptune Stage at Newtown Social Club
DARTZ 7:30pm Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp
Clear Path Ensemble 8:00pm Wilson St Stage
Sam Manzanza 8:00pm Baobab Red Room
Will McClean & The Zooks 8:00pm Neptune Stage at Newtown Social Club
Hummucide 8:30pm Moon
Class War On The Dance Floor 8:45pm Newtown Social Club
Aw B 9:00pm Bebemos Bloco Party
Revulva 9:45pm Moon
Seren 9:45pm Newtown Social Club
Young Gho$t 10:45pm Newtown Social Club