Stages 2020


Buskers Pitch

International street entertainers to shock and amaze!

Where:McDonalds Carpark
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Renegade Bass Stage

Earthquake inducing bass and breakbeat riddims through alternating rounds from each crew in a clash style, on the streets of Newtown!

Where:Donald McLean St
When:8th Mar 12:30pm

The Living Wage Stage

Wellington musicians and poets bring a message about poverty and inequality to this year’s Festival.

Where:Constable/Daniell St
When:8th Mar 10:00am

The Circus Hub Stage

Inspiring passion for circus arts

Where:Gordon Pl
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Tangata Whenua Stage

Māori artists, waiata & culture

Where:Riddiford St (hospital end)
When:8th Mar 9:30am

Sounds Almighty Sound System

Beautiful music for Good People

Where:Donald McLean St Laneway
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Songs From The Old Country Stage

Song, cheer and lament from distant lands and home countries

Where:Emmett St
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Roaming Hut

Crafted from salvaged caravan parts, reclaimed heart rimu and an old Scout tent, Roaming Hut brings you such encounters within an urban shelter like no other.

Where:Cararra Park
When:8th Mar 5:00pm and Coffee Supreme South Stage

Dance and sway all around the world and back to Newtown at one of the Festival's most popular stages.

Where:Riddiford St (zoo end)
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp

Panthers in semi automatic arse kicking mode

Where:Wilson St
When:8th Mar

Parrotdog Wilson St Stage

Showcasing different aspects of the rich alternative music landscape of New Zealand.

Where:Wilson St
When:8th Mar 11:50am

Newtown New World Community Stage

Slap bang in the middle of all the action, this stage is all about showcasing the people that enrich our local community

Where:Riddiford/Constable St
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Newtown Festival Keepcups

123 Daniell St, Newtown Newtown Festival 2020 Limited edition keepcups

Girls Rock Stage

Jam packed with talented musicians from up and down Aotearoa.

Where:Normanby St
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Garage Project Newtown Ave Stage

Alternative and experimental electronic music from Newtown and beyond

Where:Newtown Ave
When:8th Mar 11:00am

Fortune Favours Gordon Place Songwriters Showcase

Bringing you the songs of South Wellington!

Where:Gordon Pl
When:8th Mar

Ferguson St Stage

Featuring some of the best punk and alternative bands in Aotearoa

Where:Ferguson St Stage
When:8th Mar 10:00am

Tuatara Colombo St Stage

The Tuatara Colombo Street is bringing the family-friendly, all ages festival vibes. Great music for the old and the young

Where:Colombo St
When:8th Mar