• When: 8th Mar 6:15pm
  • Where: Newtown Ave Stage
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Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Ptwiggs otherwise known as Phoebe Twigg is a producer and qualified audio engineer. Morphing audio into pulsing waves of emotion, Ptwiggs delivers a sound that is delicately detailed yet powerfully destructive, swinging between constant poles of tranquility and turmoil. Weaving an organically forming tapestry from the external and internal world, Ptwiggs smothers the senses leaving drippings of various genres, references and styles.

Ptwiggs released Darkening Of Light on November 22nd 2019 through UK indie heavyweight Label: Opal Tapes. This EP follows her debut EP Purge (2016) and 3-track RIP (2018). This 6 track EP has pushed the artist to new heights, obliterating boundaries and dissolving the line between ambient and club music. Darkening Of Light sees celestial vocals nested in a bed of droned out melodies and polyrhythmic drums.

Ptwiggs has shared bills with artists Nicholas Jarr, Yves Tumor, IC3PEAK & Sega Bodega and has performed at Unsound, Dark Mofo, Angelwave in Moscow and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.