Road Closure

On Newtown Festival Fair Day – Sunday March 4th 2018 – Newtown’s main street and several side streets are closed, buses are diverted, and a one-way system operates:


Newtown Festival Road Closure Map 2017


These changes will apply on Sunday 4th March 2018 from:

6am – 9pm

Wilson St: 6am – 11.30pm

Road Closures and No Parking

  • Rintoul Street: from Riddiford St to number 25 Rintoul (NB: No Buses on Rintoul St)
  • Riddiford Street: from Mein St to Rhodes St
  • Hall Street: from Riddiford St to number 10
  • Colombo Street: in front of the Community Centre
  • Emmett Street: All
  • Green Street: All
  • Wilson Street: mid point to Riddiford St including the off-street public carpark until 11.30pm
  • Constable Street: from Daniell St to Riddiford St
  • Newtown Avenue: mid point to Riddiford St
  • Normanby Street: mid point to Riddiford St
  • Donald McLean Street: from Fergusson St to Riddiford St
  • Arney Street: All
  • Gordon Street: All
  • Gordon Place: All
  • Florence Street: All

One Way streets

  • Daniell Street: ONE WAY NORTH from Constable St to Mein St
  • Owen Street: ONE WAY SOUTH from Mein St to Constable St

No Parking Zones

  • Rintoul Street: outside number 60 – west side only
  • Colombo Street: outside number 9 – south side only
  • Mein Street: Riddiford St to Daniell St – both sides and from Daniell St to Owen St – north side only
  • Daniell Street: at Constable St and also at Mein St – west side only
  • Owen Street: at Mein St and also at Constable St – east side only

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. For safety reasons, any vehicles parked in these CLOSED ROADS and NO PARKING ZONES will be ticketed & towed away with the costs charged to the owner.

Bus Diversions

  • City bound busses bypass the Fair road closure by running along Daniell Street, then Mein Street
  • From the city busses run up Mein Street and then along Owen Street to bypass the Fair
  • The ISLAND BAY BUS will run in Adelaide Rd = Bus Route 4
  • The Rintoul St and Luxford St Bus Route 1 is CLOSED

Thank you

The Lion Foundation

The 2016 Newtown Festival Road Closure was made possible with the assistance of the Lion Foundation