Seaside Sloths

  • When: 11th Apr 5:00pm
  • Where: Neptune Stage at Newtown Social Club
  • Show map

Neptune Stage at Newtown Social Club // 5:00 – 5:45pm

Seaside Sloths are a sloth-themed, cartoon hip-hop/dance band from the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. Comprised of two vocalists, two producers and two visual artists/animators, they have just released their debut album; Fear and Slothing in Sloth Vegas. The album covers a diverse range of moods, cohesively blended with coastal vibes and introspective lyricism.

The group is comprised of Simloco & Timbo-Drum Machine of The No Problemos, Jinz Moss (UK rapper and comedian), Legobreaks (NZ DnB producer), Theo Arraj (cartoonist and renowned graf/mural artist) and Phill Simmonds (award winning film-maker and cartoonist).

With decades of combined experience, Seaside Sloths deliver a fun message while touching on real world issues such as rainforest destruction and animal exploitation. 10% of all profits from streaming, live shows and merch sales we be donated to The Sloth Conservation Foundation to support their goal of tackling the problems that these animals are facing in the wild.