Secret Knives

  • When: 8th Mar 11:50am
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
  • Show map

Secret Knives is the solo recording project of multi-instrumentalist Ash Smith. Having spent much of the last decade assisting other acts like Shocking Pinks, Grayson Gilmour, Over The Atlantic and Junica, Smith has finally delivered ‘Snuff’ – the overdue follow up-proper to his debut full-length ‘Affection’. 

Secret Knives songs are tightly wound constructions – effects-heavy guitar pop packed with strange sounds and curious sonic details. The record was mixed with pop wonder-producer Jon Lemmon, and features contributions from Cory Champion (Borrowed CS, Shocking Pinks) and Charlotte Forrester (Womb).

2020 will be the first time Secret Knives returns to the stage as a band since 2013, presenting remixed versions of the songs tailored to be played live.

"Snuff has so much going on it’s hard to sum up its appeal easily…. Smith offers an adventurous and hyper-active vision of futuristic sonic exploration and a lot more human soul."

Ian Henderson, Poplibnz

"…impressive for what elaborate studio constructions the songs are, with really unexpected sounds and gorgeous production details…"

Grant Smithies, RNZ