Severed Beliefs

  • When: 8th Mar 2:25pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

Severed Beliefs is a breath of fresh air in the New Zealand hardcore scene. Taking a no frills approach to the genre, Severed Beliefs play a breed of heavy music reminiscent of their critically acclaimed predecessors with a modern twist digestible by an audience of any age. Severed Beliefs are becoming a strong staple in the history of New Zealand hardcore and their drive and determination will push them to change the scene forever.

Formed in late 2018, Severed Beliefs started as a passion project of Fergus Stratford & Ian Moore who shared a mutual interest in the 90s metallic hardcore movement (7 Angels 7 Plagues, Poison the Well). While admiring these American acts, they both shared appreciation for the history and culture of New Zealand Hardcore, both being regulars at shows since their mid teens. Recruiting long time friends Jas Taylor & Josh Ho, Severed Beliefs recorded and released their self titled 4 track EP teaming up with fresh independent heavy label Elimination Records instantly gaining interest from old and new fans of hardcore music alike.