Shut Up & Dance

  • When: 8th Mar 11:50am
  • Where: Community Stage
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We’re like that awesome party you remember fondly from your youth, where music was amazing, moves were cheesy and inhibitions were lacking. We teach routines inspired by films and music videos, so when we perform, there’s an amalgamation of our favourites with some extra sass and silly thrown in for good measure. Yep. We are your dream dance squad and you’re welcome to join, no matter how good or bad you are at dancing. Oh yeah, and we don’t use mirrors or take photos of our classes, but we love the attention when we perform! Our focus is on how good it feels to dance, not how it looks, and believe strongly in body rolls over burpees any day of the week. If you like the idea of releasing the inner dork/diva inside, then, well… you’ll probably enjoy our performance.

"Performing at the Newtown Festival is our opportunity to believe that we were good enough to be accepted into a professional dance troupe, so come along for the ride."