• When: 11th Apr 2:00pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

Ferguson St Stage // 2:00 – 2:30pm

“SODA BOYZ were named after first meeting at the Coke bottling plant they all worked in as teenagers in Palmerston North. With money not a need but addictions to carbonated drinks overpowering they all banded together and requested to be paid in Soda instead of hard $. From here they were lovingly referred to as the Soda Boys. Their first attempts at music were based around home made instruments from old 1.5l coke bottles. Two cut in half with 6 and 4 string rubber bands around. And a percussive instrument of cans/bottles and boxes. After adding a Z to the word boys there was no stopping them.”

– Your Enabler Presents (2021)