• When: 11th Apr 5:30pm
  • Where: Songwriters Stage
  • Show map

Songwriters Stage // 5:30 – 6:10pm

Soda begun as a three piece power pop band in Melbourne Australia, 1997.
What started out as a bit of weekend fun turned into a “go see” band that played uni gigs and all the popular venues of the day.

Soda was described as short and sweet, fast and catchy, think bands like Spiderbait and Regurgitator and a bit of The Presidents of the United States.
This went on for two years and due to family commitments Soda was put in a safe place and re-animated in 2020.

With a new line up Soda is now based in Wellington NZ and recently re-issued their debut EP “Pan”.
Now a four piece, Soda is returning to the studio to record their second album “1997” which will be released late march 2021.