Sports Dreams

  • When: 8th Mar 2:40pm
  • Where: Girls Rock Stage
  • Show map

sports dreams is Shannen Petersen and Fraser Williams, who are makers of synthy-guitary-emo music. They’re formerly of Palmerston North and are now vaguely of Wellington, and as a result of this they’re pretty big fans of the Capital Connection train that runs between the two. They released their first EP, also by the name of sports dreams, via Papaiti Records at the end of 2019 and finished off the year by playing shows around the North Island to celebrate.

When asked by Radio New Zealand what they have in common (other than music) they struggled to answer, and even today are still thinking it over. Both are members of other bands, Fruit Juice Parade and First Move respectively, and never really intended to start another ‘real’ band – but now more than a year on, they’re pretty stoked that they did.

"Despite the simplicity of arrangements, there is plenty of variation in the grooves and tempos to keep things interesting. Petersen’s naturally emotive voice immediately hits the listener in the chest, soaring above her jangling guitar work and Williams’ drum loops and synths."

Mike Tweed, NZ Musician.