Renegade Bass Stage

  • When: 4th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Donald McLean St
  • Show map

Jungle collective MOMENTUM and Welly DnB upstarts SUB BASS form like Voltron to bring you RENEGADE BASS!! Earthquake inducing bass and breakbeat riddims through alternating rounds from each crew in a clash style, on the streets of Newtown!


10:00 am: SUB:BASS round
12:30 pm: MOMENTUM (UKNW) round
1:10 pm: SUB:BASS round
2:00 pm: MOMENTUM (Taiko/Nutron) round
3:20 pm: SUB:BASS round
4:00 pm: MOMENTUM (Faction vs Faction) round
5:20 pm: Dub fi Dub (Sub:Bass vs Momentum)