Stall Bookings are open for 2021

We are planning to have the next Newtown Festival on Sunday March 7th 2021.

It has taken us quite a while to be confident that we can safely plan to have a Festival next year, and then for our IT guru to reset the booking system for  2021. Now everything is ready, and we are inviting you to make your stall bookings! 

The costs and key dates for the 2021 Festival have been kept the same as they were for 2020.  The Early Bird stall fees are available until November 1st, and we will close bookings on February 1st 2021.

Follow this link to the stall booking pages – book and pay now to get the early bird rate, and the best chance of getting the stall site you prefer!

If you are a returning stall holder and want to go back to the same site please let us know by making a comment in the ‘preferences’ box, and booking and paying now. We can’t guarantee that you will get your wish – local businesses have priority for sites outside their premises, and sometimes we make other changes to the lay out – but the sooner we know the more likely it is that we will be able to keep the site for you.

If you own a business inside the Festival site, and you want to book a stall so you can sell your goods on the street outside your premises, look for the ‘local retailer’ category and tick that – this rate is only available before November 1st!

If you want a fundraising stall for a community group or charity get in touch with us before you pay, as we will reduce the price for a good cause. And if your stall is for information only, nothing for sale, we have a special ‘community group information stall’ category to tick.

We can make arrangements for paying by instalments – just send us an email to discuss. If you make regular payments we will take the date that you started paying as the date for allocation. A warning though – this won’t work if you only pay a deposit now and then we are having to chase you for payment in January or February!