2020 Stalls List

This is the stalls list for Newtown Festival 2020.

The 2021 list will be uploaded when the stall sites have been allocated in February 2021.

Festival Blocks  1 – 8  are in Riddiford St from north – south

Festival Blocks  10  –  80 are the matching side streets EAST

Festival Block  11 and 81 are the matching side street WEST


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Stall Block 1

in Riddiford St from Mein St to Emmett St

This Block hosts the Tangata Whenua Stage where the Festival Opening Ceremony will be held at 9.30am  

Backstage is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#1 of 5 onsite].

In Hall Street you can also join The Garden Party at Bebemos from 11am onwards,

101  Bebemos (in Hall Street)  A licensed Street Cafe, this year bringing you Bebemos Bloco Party and Afterparty – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

105  Carrello del Gelato  Fresh gelato and sorbet handmade right here in Newtown.

106  Hardieboys Beverages  Fresh fermented gingerbeer, lemonade, lime, and freshly squeezed oj, and lemon honey ginger syrup, served and sold from our little wooden hut.

107  Apostle Hot Sauce  Locally made hot sauces.

108  Tribal Roots  Maori iwi clothing that reflects and promotes Aotearoa’s arts and culture.

109  Tumbleweed Tees  NZ native birds, animals & landscapes printed onto T-shirts, baby clothes, notebooks, bags, tea towels

110  Ria’s Natural Health Soap  Selling natural handmade soaps, lotions, shampoos, body butters, reed diffuses, etc.

111  Rainbow Bridge Shop  Gifts, costumes, toys, flax mats, sunglasses etc. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

112  Exploit Fashion  Gorgeous designer fairy dresses and easy wear affordable clothing designed in NZ, manufactured overseas.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

121  Electric Pukeko Headwear  A great range of headwear and wooden arm polarised eyewear for Guys and Girls.

122  Newtown Greengrocer  Selling delicious real fruit ice cream, organic juices and bottled drinks – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

123  Kim Mckelvey  Women’s Clothes, jewelry, handbags, wallets, some sunhats and sunglasses.

124  Alpaca Suri-Bol  Alpaca wool clothing, ponchos, jackets, jumpers hats, scarves and 100% cotton shirts all made in south America.

125  Lush Clothing  Clothing and jewellery from Thailand, Egypt, and Morocco.

126  Newtown Union Health  Health advice and brochures from a medical service that services the Newtown Community

127   Shakti Wellington Information on support services for women
and children of Asian, Middle Eastern and African communities
experiencing domestic violence.

128  Government House  Information stands about the free tours programme at Government House, Newtown, Wellington. We will also have a free raffle of goodies from our kitchen.

129  Mary Potter Hospice  Information on the Hospice’s palliative care and the history of the hospice. We also have a Bucket List board.

130  Alliance Francaise Wellington  Alliance Française Wellington information, flyers, brochures and posters.

131  BeDazzling Ltd  Womens’ clothing, sarongs, scarves and jewellery, alongside some children’s superhero costumes

Stall Block 10

Emmett St

This street has lots of FOOD STALLS and hosts the Songs From the Old Country Stage.

Just through the gate in Saint Anne’s is the Filipino Village with Carnival Rides and Games and its Variety Show.

10-30  Roti Bay  Selling many types of roti wrap e.g. butter chicken, satay chicken, prawn, lamb curry, vegetarian, and vegan

10-31  Langos  Langos (fried bread puffs) with toppings including Feta and tomato, watercress and walnut pesto, jalapeno and herb harissa plus sweet options.

10-32  Zaaffran a taste of Morocco  Moroccan Wraps -contemporary moroccan street food with authentic Moroccan flavours.

10-33  The Greek Food Truck  Greek food, including souvlaki, salad, burgers, fries, sweets and drinks.

10-34  Manaaki Whanau  Hangi, fried bread and raw fish, fundraising for Starship.

10-35  Montfoort  On the day, we’ll be making our Poffertjes (bite sized Dutch pancakes) served with lashings of butter, powdered sugar and homemade toppings.

10-36  Thai Street Eats   We specialise in Thai street market style noodles and our aim is to bring authentic Thai market flavours to the Wellington region – spice and all!

10-37  NZ Hindu Association  Selling traditional Indian snacks: Dosa, Idli and Roti

10-38  Flavors of Europe  Yummy potato cakes laden with honey cured bacon, cheese, sour cream and a cheeky dash of sweet chilli sauce.

10-39  Boom Burger Selling burgers, fries, fully loaded fries and cokes from our trailer.

10-41 Milano Pasta Bar We are selling pasta and steak.

10-42  Fritz’s Wieners  The highest quality, mouth watering, smoked bratwurst in a freshly baked baguette bun, garnished with onions or sauerkraut and topped with your favourite mustard, it’s easy to see why millions of customers agree that Fritz’s Wieners are the best thing since someone thought of putting a bratwurst in a bun!!

10-43  SDPS Trust NZ  Indian Savouries and Snack Food Stall selling Masala Dosa, Ragda Pattis, Chaat items.

10-44  Juice on the Loose  Cold Pressed Juice, Dairy Free Smoothies, Organic Fairtrade Coffee.

10-45  Mr Circle  Chinese crepes from our food trailer.

10-46  Lashings  Lashings are Wellington’s purveyors of sweet treats and single-origin chocolate brownies. Expect to see our city famous brownies, SoNuts and maybe 1 or 2 sweet surprises!

10-47  Terem – Russian food and drink.  Russian national cuisine: pancakes and sweets, pies, drinks and snacks.

At the end of Emmett St Street through the gate (in Saint Anne’s) is the Filipino Village.

Filipino Village Stalls – inside St Anne’s Hall and grounds

Filipino Village  Ramon & EMS Pinoy BBQ Filipino foods: Diniguan, siomai, beef caldereta, green taro leaf laing, lechon paksiw, steamed rice, beef/tripe kare kare, dirnks, puto kutsinta, pork crackling chicharron, biko.

Filipino Village Pinkerbelle Seconds

Filipino Village Christine’s Shoes and Used Clothing

Filipino Village Pilar’s Dry Goods

Filipino Village Jena’s 2nd Love

There will be children’s rides in St Anne’s grounds, and a variety show all organised by the Filipino Village. From here you can access Green St (up a few Steps) where there are stalls with crafts and other quality goods.

Stall Block 11

Rintoul St

This street has lots of FOOD STALLS and hosts the Electric Car and Cycle Rides. It has the Wash against Waste Dishwasher Station serving all the foodcourt stalls.

Just around the corner in Colombo Street you’ll find the Latino Stage.

On the South side of Rintoul St:

11-00  Bratwurst Bros.  All natural German Sausages from our own butchery in a freshly baked baguette with homemade sauces

11-01  Paekakariki Pops  Selling gourmet real fruit handmade popsicles from a food caravan.

11-02  Hungry Giraffe  Vegan healthy food.There will be V chicken satay, Musaman curry and brown rice as well as vegan kebab.

11-03  Po’Boys  100% vegan Po’Boys filled with breaded oyster mushrooms with a special spice blend, choice of a refreshing herb sauce or vegan aioli, and fresh vegetables. Pairs perfectly with our refreshing homemade hibiscus and citrus peel iced tea.

11-04 Bing’s Kitchen We sell homemade Chinese style buns with a range of flavours to suite all. We offer flavours that range from savory, including classic BBQ pork and vegetarian, to sweet like chocolate and custard, and red bean.

11-05 Tuatara Brewing Company Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge

11-06  Shalom Church  Selling smoothies and Indian Snacks.

11-07  Herbal Potential We sell our handcrafted herbal medicinal teas and herb-inspired foods, which are also gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free and free from peanuts.

11-09  Tibiao NZ  Filipino Cuisine and breads and Pork Kebab, Pork Bun, Dim Sim, Vegie Spring Roll, Empanadas, Hot Chips, Filipino Sweets and cold drinks.

11-11  Kai Time  Selling hot food (Hangi) and drinks.

11-12  Fritz’s Wieners  NZ made bratwursts served in a freshly baked baguette bun, with onions or sauerkraut and topped with your favourite mustard.

11-13  Kickflip Smoothies  Healthy fruit based smoothies and smoothie bowls with homemade chocolate granola, similar to a smoothie bowl. Baked wedges topped with melted cheese, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. Warm Chocolate Brownie with ice cream, berries and caramel sauce.

11-14   Milano Pasta Bar  Fries, Mac cheese & drinks.

11-15 Donut Express Donut caravan selling fresh hot mini donuts

On the North side of Rintoul St:

11-30a Newtown Festival Stall Buy your Newtown Festival souvenir reuseable cup here!

11-30  Newtown Social Club    – Local Business, also open when its not Festival time!

11-31  Wellington Hospitals Foundation  Information from Wellington Hospital’s official charity and about the new Children’s Hospital.

11-35 The One Room Fan Museum Lord of the Rings fan costumes for trying on and posing for photos plus a few Museum display items

11-32  Amnesty International  Amnesty International information and brochures, and a couple of petitions on human rights for people to sign

11-33  SAFE for Animals  We are an animal charity and will be giving away free resources to do with our work – information about our campaigns and plant-based starter guides.

11-36  Buzzy Bee Wraps I make and sell beeswax wraps using NZ made ingredients and fabric, and imported jojoba oil.

11-37  Mushroom House We will be selling packaged crispy oyster mushroom chips, fresh oyster mushrooms mushroom grow kits. Samples of mushroom chips will be given out for free.

11-39  Smoke and Spice  Selling manuka smoked garlic and salt from Lake Grassmere (East Coast, South Island) that has manuka smoked garlic, coriander seeds, shallots, mustard, chili flakes and a dash of soy sauce in it – however it is very much salt!

11-40  Bee Fresh Farms Ltd  Honey and bee related products, including balms and soaps. A selection of Wellington’s finest artisan food products.

11-41  South Wellington Montessori School  Info stall for South Wellington Montessori pre-school.

11-42  Purist Surfboards Classical hand sculpted wooden surfboards and traditional water craft/ART.

11-43 Gemma Lee Suits  Wetsuits & swimwear.

11-44  WarthogNZ Knife Sharpeners  Warthog diamond stone knife sharpeners.

11-45  Collectables  Collectibles and vintage.

11-46  Adelaide Early Childhood Centre  Early Childhood Centre – selling raffle tickets and other fundraising items.

11-50 Wash Against Waste base for the reusable crockery service for Rintoul St and Emmett St.

11-51 Kiwi eCycle Ltd Electric bikes to try!

11-52  Dutchy’s Burger Joint  Gourmet burgers from the charcoal grill and hand cut chips

11-55 Better NZ Trust Electric vehicle showcase and advocacy – see, ride and drive vehicles!

Stall Block 2

in Riddiford St      from Emmett to Green

This Block hosts Black Coffee’s Festival lineup featuring plenty of local talent.

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

200  Newtown Kindergarten Information on Newtown Kindergarten.

201  Clay Art Ltd  Original brightly coloured handmade ceramics, animals, domestic ware and wall art. Succulents and cacti.

20Circa Theatre  Circa Theatre fliers and brochures – come and find out what’s on!

20Blackwedding  Fashion and accessories.

206  Black Coffee  -Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

208  Emuology Canterbury  Emu Oil based natural healthcare, including E-Balm anti-inflammatory, Skin Repair and Moisturisers.

209  Paua Frita Clothing and Art Prints  Designer Kiwiana Clothing and Art Prints.

211  Sweet Janes  Beautiful pre-loved clothing and accessories – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

212  Swell Creative   Gifts of paper, wax, paint, clay and more!  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

On the West side of Riddiford St:

224  Biddy Bodacious  Women’s natural fabric clothing.

225  Kd One  Natural/organic Skincare & Cosmetics made in Wellington from NZ plant extract.

Behind the stalls here you will see Rubia Express – Local Business

227  George Holley Pottery. Fossils. Articulated animal/Fish Skeletons and various bird & fish skulls.

228  ANTIQUES, COLLECTABLES, CURIOS & RECYCLED GOODS Collectables, kiwiana, curios, antiques and recycled goods!

229  Materia   Plant stands. side tables and coffee tables from our Wellington store

230  Pranah Cafe  Vegan food, cakes, donuts, sweets, and cold drinks. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

231  Share International  Free information – Save our planet, environment, share the world’s resources to ensure justice and peace

232  New Zealand Coin Works  NZ Coin Jewellery made with silver and paua.

232a  Access to The Office Bar Local Business, also open when its not Festival time!

Stall Block 20

Green St

At the end of this street, on through the fence (in Saint Anne’s), is the Filipino Village.

Green St, North side

20-00  AromaSense  Retail of 100% natural skin care and essential oils (oils and accessories for oils).

20-01  Estilo NZ & Missy Chu We sell baby and nursery products which include; bibs, change mats, play mats, clothes, booties, mittens, wooden hangers, nursing items and sensory toys.

20-03  Te Puaka Dried Flowers & No Hands No Excuses Photos Dried flowers, wreaths, swag and bouquets. Photographic framed prints by Humphrey Hanley (No Hands No Excuses).

20-04  Dragonfly Soap co  Handmade and natural soap and beauty products with ethical packaging.

20-05 Cushie Silk, velvet, linen cushions, textiles, pre-loved clothing, Bric a Brac and collectables

20-06 What The Fox What The Fox has an eclectic range of unique items, with something for everyone!

20-07  Rongotai branch of the Green Party  Info about Green Party of Aotearoa NZ, current issues, campaigns, and merchandise.

20-08 Fanny Adams Underwear NZ made underwear and merino socks.

20-09  Dolly B Dangled  Jewellery and accessories made from doll hands + Origami Upcycled fabric earrings ♡

20-10 Made by Mimi From hand painted plant pots to colourful prints and cards, Made by Mimi presents a collection of goods by local designer Mia Breitenmoser.

20-11  Kat and Zoe Illustrations Selling art and illustration print designs.

20-12  NZ Vegan Society Brochures, posters, recipes, giveaways all relating to a plant-based diet. Vegan Society supports a vegan diet to support animals, the environment, and our health.

20-13  CRE8 by Ruth  Polymer clay jewellery, handmade in NZ.

20-14  Shaxu art studio My artworks which include New Zealand theme, NZ birds, plants, wildlife, landscapes etc. I make my artworks to art products, including original watercolour paintings, print paintings, cards, bookmarks.

20-15  stepho.co  Locally designed fine art prints and stationary by designer and illustrator Stephanie O’Kane.

20-16  FLUFF  Selling jewellery, sun hats, art prints, tote bags and printed tees. Sharing the stall with label Kento Store.

20-17  Kiwi Kids Books  Self published Kiwiana kids books and board games made in NZ.

20-18  The Opportunities Party  Information and promotion of The Opportunities Party for the 2020 general election.

20-19  Paint For Purpose  Art prints, postcards, stickers and zines that focus on pop culture and equality themes.

20-20  Totes NZ Upcycled fabric goods, natural bath products and candles.

20-21 Kiwitica Ceramics Handmade ceramics, all original and made in Wellington using NZ clays and ingredients. I use recycled clay and materials in order to create sustainable items that are both practical and beautiful. You can check my Instagram for photos of my work @kiwitica

20-22  Jewelia Howard & Cosmo Bones Local artists making art prints, zines, jewellery, badges and patches. Their odds and ends feature fab femmes, witchy wickedness, and all things spooky and sassy.

20-23  The Textile Collective Artisan Turkish Towels, hand towels and blankets.

20-24  Indochinese Handicrafts Hand-made scarfs purses, and bags from Laos and Thailand. Made from cotton and silk.

20-25  Daphne Dashfield Ceramic Artist  Porcelain jewellery and other individually handcrafted ceramics and pottery. All designed and made by me, in Wellington.

20-26  Alice Snow Art  Dark and kitschy art by Alice Snow, in a variety of products from prints to stickers, pins, apparel and books!

20-27  EMA Designs Selling unique jewellery using pressed flowers in resin, hairclips and other accessories. Alongside with hand-poured soy wax candles, from the candle knight. All handmade in Wellington.

20-28  Integrity New Zealand  Information Stall for Integrity New Zealand with representative for the Rongotai Electorate. This includes the distribution of free promotional material.

20-29  Whaitua Te Whanganui-a-Tara Committee Raising awareness and seeking input on decisions about freshwater quality in the Wellington-Hutt Valley region.

20-30  NZ handcraft  Selling hand carved green stone, handmade crystal, silver and leather jewellery.

Green St, South side

20-40  Lambert’s Luscious  Men’s Grooming Products

20-41  Hound and About Handmade dog leads and collars as well as dog toys and treats and doggy themed clothing for humans!

20-42  Bricking It  Handmade LEGO jewellery.

20-43  Upspud Shopping Bags Upcycled Produce bags remade into shopping bags and aprons. They are colourful, very durable, eye catching and an excellent way of reusing a product that normally gets thrown in the landfill

20-44  Seasick Sunscreen Love the ocean, protect your skin with Seasick Sunscreen. Handmade in Wellington, Seasick Sunscreen is an ocean-friendly (reef-safe), all natural sunscreen made without any nasty chemicals.

20-45  Shosha Advocacy for Cannabis reform.

20-46  Mullet Baby Mullet Baby has arrived! Score some handprinted tees, try a free screen print & meet the legend.

20-47  Bhakti Lounge Books on yoga, meditation, and happiness!

20-48  NZ Red Cross  For the promotion of the Wellington Branch of the Red Cross. We will have branded booklets and items available for donators.

20-49 New Zealand First Party Information about party policies.

20-50  Ghost Fishing New Zealand  We are a not-for-profit community group promoting environmental awareness and marine conservation through sea floor and coastline clean-ups. We will have on display items that we have found during our dive clean-ups, information about how to get involved and some merchandise to support our cause.

20-51 Shazzam Inspirations Inspirational Wallhangings, Crystals, jewellery, incense and holders, and other giftware.

20-52  Gypsy and Soul  Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mandala Cotton throws, Brass earrings, Ceramic Door knobs.

20-53  Pots by Aimee  Wheel thrown functional and decorative ceramics, and hand built sculptural pieces.

20-54 Gift plus Knitted items, girls dresses & jewellery

20-55  Chelsea-Mae Art  Chelsea-Mae Art is a collection of high quality limited edition prints drawn by Chelsea-Mae in Auckland. The originals are drawn with black ink pens.

20-56  Otherwayside  Authentic Japanese vintage , traditional wood art pieces by local craftsman, Japanese pottery and other homewares.

20-57  Diane and Lynne Pre-loved Clothing and Children’s Knitting We will be selling children’s Knitted clothing and pre-loved secondhand clothing and miscellaneous items.

20-58  AdrieNZ Cool Products  Kiwi neck coolers and wheat bags.

20-50  Jacqueline Hocquard Art, prints, gift cards. The Weaving Artist on Facebook.

20-60  Wellington Palestine  Information about Palestinian human rights and selling Palestinian products.

20-61  Niue Local Handcrafts NLH Flower adorned accessories e.g headpiece Flax and other weaving – flowers, baskets etc Wooden ornaments Language resources

20-62  Toastmasters  Stall promoting Toastmasters clubs concentrating on Newtown, Island Bay, Kilbirnie, Brooklyn and Miramar.

20-63  My Follies Cotton crocheted bathroom, kitchen supplies, fizzy shower cakes and Wood and Glass Art – signs, pictures, coasters.

20-6Wood Art and Signs  Wood art and signs from recycled wood, also say candles, and jewellery (wooden and metal).  

Stall Block 3

in Riddiford St      from Green to Wilson

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

300  Robyn Reynolds  Women’s clothing focusing on fit, shape, style, and colour using natural fibers where at all possible. Designed and made in Nelson, NZ.

301  Three Little Kids  Locally handmade childrens clothes and accessories.

302  Wood you or wool you  Native wooden miniature hand painted houses, and NZ-made woollen blankets

303  In Fashion Hats Latest fashion hats and sunglasses – always something new different and exciting for you!

304  Savvy Touch  100% natural products designed, developed & manufactured in New Zealand, using the best ingredients from New Zealand and around the world. We have only one aim – to bring you and your family the ultimate products! From the stunning Skin Smoothie to the incredible 100% natural “take your sinuses to Arizona” Rocket Fuel this range has it all.

30Jimmy’s Fruitmart  Barbecue selling Indian chops & corn on the cob, and mango lassies. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

307  One Sushi  Fresh sushi and chicken katsu donburi. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

308a Kaz Designs Decoupage hearts with kiwiana and quotes, plus abstract acrylic art rounds.

308  Middle East Halal Meat Shop  Halal meat on a Syrian Style BBQ with salad – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

309 Moz-art Handmade clothing made out of new, vintage and recycled materials; decoration art pieces

310  Mr Bun Bakery  Scrumptious baked goods, fried chicken & chips, Cambodian street food, Vietnamese food, desserts & cold drinks.  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

311  Crystal Lady  Pottery, plaques and crystals.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

318  Pony Lane   A range of women’s accessories, homewares, glassware, and decorative items.

319  O NEW ZEALAND   New Zealand collectible Magic Mug, featured in our website o-Nz.co.nz.

320  Lyuba Pottery  I sell pottery tableware.

321 Planet Spice Selling Indian street food. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

322  Blue Bell Club – All Things Pacifica  Pacifica products including cushions, bed-throws, bags, tivaevae, floor mats and more.

323  Aunty Dana’s Op Shop  Selling boutique clothes at op shop prices! We are a charity fundraising for transgender advocacy organisation Gender Minorities Aotearoa. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

324  Book Hound  Selling books from our shop. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

325  Sweet and Sour NZ  Get your sweet tooth fix with long length fruit flavoured licorice and other confectionery.

326  Dakshina – Seasonings and Curry Mixes  We sell prepackaged seasonings and curry mixes.

328  Curry Heaven  Curry & sauces at Curry Heaven where you will get the real Indian Taste! – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

329  Silver Science Jewellery  Science themed jewellery – chemical molecule earrings, anatomically correct necklaces and much more.

331  Lynsey Champion Hats  Handmade NZ designer hats

332  Kruizey kidz  NZ handmade babies and children’s clothing and accessories.

333  French Cancan  French pastries.  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

334 Sweet Ltd 100% hand crafted confectionery

335  The Discount T – Newtown  Your one-stop giftware shop! Lucky Cat, Incense, Sunglasses, Clocks, T shirts & much more. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

337  Cancer Society  An information/health promotion stall where we will also sell some plants to fundraise and another stall to have more interactive games like mini put, puzzles, and make a sun hat competition.

Stall Block 30

Wilson St

This street hosts the legendary ParrotDog Wilson St Stage, and the Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage

While you watch the twin stages you can enjoy an ale in the Parrotdog Footpath Balcony Bar.

In the carpark is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#2 of 4 onsite].

North Side of Wilson St:

30-01  Viva Mexico  Licensed cafe selling Mexican food – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

30-02  Absolute Desire  Soft drinks, dumplings, wontons, spring rolls, and bbq skewers

30-03  The Old Quarter Vietnamese modern cuisine with bao bun, dumplings, baguettes, noodle soup water and soft drink.

30-04 Fruitscoop Gelato Gelato and Ice Cream.

South side of Wilson St:

30-16  CD and Vinyl Heaven  Quality, rare and collectable CDs and Vinyl albums in as-new condition from around the world.

30-17  Renters United  Find out about Renters United and join the campaign for a fair deal for renters.

30-18  Pin Co + Agne& Edie the one stop shop for enamel pins, patches & stickers by queer and feminist creators: gender affirming and queer-centric products made by and for the LGBTQAI+ community

30-20  The Little Goat  Serving Cypriot street food, bbq chicken, halloumi, goat meat souvlaki pitas, bacon & egg breakfast burgers and more.

30-21 Bar Mason a thoughtful selection of seasonal food. Mezze plates, crispbread tostadas, juicy salads Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

For the Festival, Bar Mason is linked with –

30-30  Moon/ ParrotDog cafe bar Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge

Stall Block 4

in Riddiford St      from Wilson to Constable

This Block hosts the Baobab Oasis in Baobab’s rear courtyard, the Moon  After Party and the New World Community Stage on the corner of Constable Street.

St Johns First Aid is near the Community Stage

The Festival Info Stall is just around the corner at Kia Ora, 6 Constable Street. The Police onsite can be found via our Info stall.

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

401  New Zealand Labour Party Paul Eagle and information about the NZ Labour party.

402  Moon 1 Ltd  Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge, and hosts for a Festival Afterparty– Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

404  Hemp Hats Enjoy Life   Hand-made Hemp Hats & bum bags, in original designs and styles

405  Capital Magazine  Promoting Capital Magazine.

407  Kapiti Real Fruit Ice Cream  Real fruit ice cream, shaved ice and slushies.

408  FizzBang Candy floss  Gourmet Candy floss products in a range of flavours and options.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

410  Baobab   Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!  

412  Craft Pate & Cranky Goat Cheese  We will be selling our artisanal produce made in sunny Nelson and Marlborough by us. French Pate and Terrines as well as Goats Cheese.

413 Haewai Meadery and Wind Garden Giving free sample tastings of Honey Mead. Selling honey mead in corked 375ml and 750ml bottles which will go into boxes, gift packs or sealed bags. The alcohol sold is not for consumption at the Festival

414  SilverCircus   Petone made children’s wear, screenprinted hoodies tees, dresses, harems

415  Ruahine Ports Ltd  Award winning New Zealand made Fruit Port and hand-blown glassware.

416  Hemp Hearts and Hempseed Oil Hemp Hearts, Hempseed Oil, Hempseed Oil skin care products

417  New Generation Liquorice  A quality New Zealand-made range of liquorice, nougat and fudge, with delicious flavours produced specifically for New Generation Liquorice.

418  Global Soap  All natural soap products and bathroom / laundry accessories.

419  GARUDA FOODTRUCK  Serving Indonesian food.

420  Book Haven  Secondhand books with a difference, including lots of NZ, Maori, Pacifika & foreign language books. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

421  Copper Uncovered  Handmade Copper & Brass Art
Flowers, Roses, Tea-lights, Wall Lotus, Hanging Copper Hearts, Coasters, Jewellery, Bracelets, leaves, seahorses and new products to come

422  Koakoa and the Bond Store Handmade spirits and liqueurs from the Kapiti Coast

423  Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Otaki   Vegan baking and merchandise, fundraising for Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary.

424  Juramai Honey Honey and wax wraps

425  MiniGardens Bonsai NZ  Bonsai trees and pots. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

426 St John First Aid Station; St John Information.

427 Chan’s Eatery Dumplings, spring rolls, satay & roast pork buns – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

Stall Block 40

Constable St

This street hosts the Living Wage Stage up by Daniell Street, and the Newtown New World Community Stage at Riddiford Street

The Festival Info Stall is at Kia Ora, 6 Constable Street. The Police onsite can be found via our Info stall.

St John’s First Aid is near the Community Stage (in Riddiford Street).

The Newtown Festival Chill Out Lounge is at Newtown Hall 71 Daniell St, just outside Constable St.

North side of Constable St:

40-00  Wellington Region Emergency Management Office – WREMO  Information stall for Festival participants.

40-01  Sea Shepherd Information about our charity, merchandise etc.

40-02 Newtown Community Centre & Wellington Timebank

40-03  Kaibosh Food Rescue  Information about Kaibosh Food Rescue; our work and volunteering.

40-04  Vincents Art Workshop  An information and sales table promoting Vincents Art Workshop. We will also be taking orders for the painted, plywood decorations installed on the railings of the play area on the corner of Riddiford and Constable Streets. The decorations celebrate Newtown Festival, Vincents and The Year of the Rat.

40-05  Blue Nile  We have a restaurant in town called Blue Nile and we have been selling Ethiopian food at the festival for few years.

40-06  House of Dumplings  Panfried handmade dumplings from ethically sourced ingredients. Vegan options and dairy free.

40-07  Firebird  Selling international street food with vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat options, such as chorizo sandwiches, falafel burgers, spinach yoghurt feta whip and red salad, GF and vegan cakes etc.

40-08  Tom’s Chimney Cake & Langosh   Hungarian Bakery products,Chimney Cakes and fried bread products

40-09  Elemental Eats Food Truck  Meat and salads, fries, churros. Kumara pies. All gluten and dairy free. Vegan and vegetarian options.

40-10  Mao and Co, Handmade Dumplings and Noodles  Specialising in handmade dumplings and noodles.

40-11  Travelling Crepes French Crepes, Buckwheat Galettes, and gluten-free Belgian Waffles. We have a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

40-13  Newtown Library: Open! Free books, competitions, kids activities, information on the Newtown Library -Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

40-14  Ora Toa Tamariki Ora Service Health promotion – Tamariki Ora – Wellchild. Ora Toa PHO services.

40-15 OuterSpaces We will have leaflets, a sign-up sheet for volunteers, stickers, fundraising buckets, and perhaps raffle tickets to sell.

40-16  Electoral Commission  Information stall educating people on the importance of voting and getting them enrolled to vote.

40-17  Wellington Lions Club  Providing information promoting the Lions club and Community projects.

40-18  Kapai Kettle Corn  Fresh popped kettle style popcorn.

40-19  Luna Petwear  We are selling cute, handmade clothing and accessories for pets.

40-20  Rock Art Project  Painted decorative rocks from small to large sizes.

40-21  Alter Ego Dollz & Bath Frenzy Connect to your Alter Ego with my Porcelain Dollz. Gothic, Steampunk, Medieval, Hippie, Witch and many more. Also homemade soap, bubble bath and bath bombs.

40-22  Floating Supers Clothing ‘Floating Supers Clothing’ is a new, Wellington-based clothing brand that sells screen-printed hoodies and t-shirts, as well as embroidered corduroy caps. The brand was started 22 year old Curtis Mills in 2019. Curtis runs the brand does all of the illustrations which are printed or embroidered on the garments we sell.

40-23  CAEAYARON’s Tickets To Freedom  Community group.

40-24  Wellington Buddhist Centre  Fliers and other info. Books, book bags. Meditation gear (mats, cushions, stools, shawls, malas) need both at a local and national level.

40-25  Donut Express  Donut caravan selling fresh hot mini donuts.

40-26  Phiten Health and Performance  Health and Fitness products.

40-27  I Love Dumplings  Vegan and vegetarian dumplings, both steamed and fried.

40-28  Miss Arepas Latin Food We are a Venezuelan couple offering the taste of Latin America (Venezuela & Colombia). Using fresh, local ingredients to make deliciously authentic Arepas for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

40-30  Medina “Moroccan Bazaar”  We sell traditional Moroccan Food-BBQ’D onsite with Moroccan flavours.

40-31  Roti King  Selling roti wraps.

40-32  Show TV  Homeware and outdoors/garden products.

40-33 The Iki Sushi Burrito Mexican burrito meets Japanese sushi. Sushi Burrito is great to eat on the go and with less packaging that traditional sushi is better for the environment as well!

40-34  Jim Bom Selling kebabs and soft drinks.

40-35  Europeeler A multifunction vegetable and fruit peeler. It is sold by demonstration and is very much like a food show.

40-36  The Crafted and Co. Gourmet burgers and doughnuts.

40-37  MUKU Vegan Ice Cream  We will be selling vegan ice cream, sundaes and waffles.

40-38  Aoteaora Artists for a Living Wage  Information stall staffed by volunteers from Living Wage Movement Aotearoa NZ.

Outside Z Service station is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#3 of 5 onsite]

South side of Constable St:

40-40  Wonderment  A combo of pre-loved Retro & Vintage items. Curios, clothes, kiwiana, religious pieces, diecast collectable cars animal skins and fabulous antlers, home decor, jewels and what not!

40-41  Dixie.t  Gorgeous handmade pottery.

40-42  Freddie and Febee Health based dog wear. NZ made on the Kapiti Coast. We use natural fibres wear possible.Products include: Merino Coats and Jerseys, Cool Coats, Safety vests, and incontinence products.

40-43  Newtown Bakery  Offering freshly baked goods and hot food. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

40-44  Sweet Escape  Hair accessories and handmade bath and body products.

40-45  The Soi Collection  Colourful women’s clothing, scarves and accessories. Wheatbags and therapy products.

40-45a Newtown Festival Headquarters information, lost and found. Buy your Newtown Festival Reusable Cup here.

40-46  Limoncello Sovrano  Limoncello lemon liquor from Keri Keri, free supervised sample tastings.

40-47  Fin Clothing  Clothing combining elements of form, structure and simplicity. My designs include the Famous Fin pants, skirts, tops, dresses and the very popular Caravan Cuties shorts. Clothing for men and women.

40-48  Literacy Aotearoa  Adult education promotion stand.

40-49  Unions Wellington  Unions Wellington is the Local Affiliates Council of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. Our stall will provide information about workplace rights and union membership to interested festival-goers.

40-51  Peoples Coffee  Famous Peoples Fair-Trade Organic Coffee, Cold-Brew Coffee, Cold drinks and delicious food! -Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

40-52  Newtown Early Learning centre  Giving away free water, sun lotion, selling tea towels – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

40-53  Total Health Chiropractic  Offering our community complimentary Spine and Nerve assessments.

40-54  Crafty Dragon  Hand-beaded jewellery, bookmarks and light-catchers. Pewter critters on schist. Wish stones. Fairy, pirate, angel, unicorn etc packs, unique to us.

40-55  Island Time Shoes and Leathermania  Colourful woven summer shoes and sandals for women & men, and handmade NZ leather bags, moccasins, etc.

40-56  Splendid  Analogue Photo products from local business on upper Constable St.

40-57  Kanuka Glen Art by John Jepson  Rustic native bird art. Prints, and original art.

40-58  Wildflower Trading  Wildflower sells funky clothing of our own designs manufactured in India, Nepal and Thailand. Our clothing is cotton, silk and linen, with bright groovy prints perfect for a festival.

40-59  Parry Soap Co  Handmade soaps and balms.

40-60  Mandalay Merchandise  Burmese handicrafts : parasols and garden umbrellas, baskets, puppets, handwoven rugs, hilltribe bags and jewellery, unusual collectables.

40-61  Lilys Collection  Giftware and accessories, hats and swing chairs.

40-62  Kiwi Donuts  Mobile food trailer selling hot mini donuts and shaved ice.

40-63  Dutchy’s Cones  We do proper hand cut chips with our own garlic mayo.

40-64  Ar.Chi – Empanadas & more We sell Argentinean and chilean food – Empanadas, sweets and Chilean Hot Dogs.

40-71 Sons of Pitches  Selling homemade dumplings as a fundraiser for our slow pitch team.   (numbers out of order because of some last minute changes)  

40-69 Hot like a Mexican Amazing real Mexican food by a real Mexican. (numbers out of order because of some last minute changes)  

40-66  Double Vision Brewing Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge

Stall Block 5

in Riddiford St      from Constable to Newtown Ave

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

500  Alpaca clothing, End of line sale clothing made in South America plus hand made crafts.

501  Good Boy Sandwiches  “Hole in the wall” establishment, selling sandwiches and coffee. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

501a Higham an Artist an interactive art installation that includes dressing up in outrageous clothing i have up cycled and doing photo shoots. Just bringing good vibes and documenting the day.

502  Pottery by Dianne Brady  New Zealand Pottery – hand painted stoneware by Dianne Brady.

503  Kereru Natural Products  Natural body care; handmade soap, essential oils, candles, balms and soaps.

504  BD Photography  NZ Iconic Landscape & Kiwiana Photography, range includes canvas prints, photoblocks, coasters, notepads and more, and NZ made fabrics and hats.

507  Inretrospect  Homeware and gifts with a superhero and vintage book theme. Includes wall hangings, coasters, magnets and framed pictures.

508  The Ramen Shop  Ramen noodle bowls, steamed buns – as served every day in the Ramen Shop.   Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

509  Amadeus Hair & Beauty  Green themed! Recycled Happy Bags and Bloombags made from recycled plastics. –  Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

510  Mamias  Ethiopian sauces.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

520  Indian Sweets and Snacks  Food, Snacks and soft drinks, including Curry, samosas, vegetarian pakoras, drinks, onion baji. –  Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

521  Carrello del Gelato  Deliciously refreshing ice blocks completely handmade from fresh ingredients right here in Newtown.

522  FROLIC  Quality womens’ clothing, hats and jewellery.

523  Serious Straws  Manufacturing and selling straw sunhats.

524  Evolve Designs  Womens’ summer clothing, our own unique designs in bold, one off prints.

525 The Jewellery Box NZ Handmade sterling silver jewellery.

526  Hipsta  Handicrafts, clothing & juggling!

527  Patisserie Delight Cafe  Summer rolls, rice noodle salad, chicken kebabs, pork steamed bun, cold drinks, coffee, and milkshakes.  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

528  Leslie Dinou  Seagrass baskets, wheat packs, door stops, draught stops, shopping bags – all handmade in Wellington by ourselves.

529  Kiwi Donuts  Cool down with some shaved ice.

Stall Block 50

Newtown Avenue

This street hosts the Tuatara Newtown Avenue Stage, and the VUWSA lounge

North side:

50-00  3 Little Birds  3 Little Birds is New Zealand’s most wanted Jamaican Jerk Centre. Serving the best flavours of Jamaica.

50-02  Taco Addicts  Tex-Mex/Austin style tacos with vegetarian, vegan, GF options. All handmade with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal local ingredients.

50-03  Happy Banana  Thai street food – e.g Pad Thai, Thai Fish Cake, Spring roll, Chicken Satay, Thai deep fried banana.

50-04  Roti Variety  Selected authentic Indian and Sri-Lankan dishes, such as roti wraps, samosas and delicious biriyani.

50-06 Roy’s Dumplings Pan fried dumplings (3 flavours), dipping sauce, soft drinks.

50-07  Indo Plus Food Truck  Selling Indonesian Food from our food truck.

50-08  Brahman – Food for the Soul! We sell vegetarian/ vegan/ gluten-free gourmet food from the ancient curry kitchens of South India.

50-09 Mr Circle We sell Chinese crepes from our food truck.

50-10  Mother of Coffee Ethiopian coffee and foods.

50-11  The Hot Wafel  Serving Belgian waffles – both savoury and sweet.

50-12  K&K food caravan  We sell chicken satay, beef kebabs, chicken and beef baguettes, chicken or vegan lot cha (stir fried noodles), chicken or beef bay cha (stir fried rice).

50-13 Super Donut Hero We sell tasty Mini Donuts, Donuts and Ice Cream and Donuts and Cream.

50-14  Babickas Babickas Table Gourmet Hotdogs, Sausage rolls, Gnocchi with Klobasa sauce.

50-15 California Sushi Dumplings and fried food.

50-16  Greek Souvlaki  Greek souvlaki, scotch fillet, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available.

50-17  “M” Southern – Artisanal sausages  
Artisanal sausages and bread cooked on a flat grill (gas BBQ). Spanish Churros, with/out filling. Soft drinks, sparkling and spring water.

50-18 Whickedfoods A range of street foods, loaded fries, burgers,some salad options, baps, waffles sticks and our specials which we change each event.

South side:

50-21  BODYFX – Festival Face Painting & Bio-Glitter! I will be doing face painting, and festival glitter designs and bio-glitter beards. As well as selling Bio-Degradable glitter

50-22  Hex  Beard and hair oil, beard balm, candles, runes, ritual items, tarot and rune readings, soaps, jewellery all handcrafted.

50-23  A&D Good for Body, Good for Nature is a small start up company based here in Wellington, New Zealand. We specialise in handmade natural & organic, skin care and home products such as body lotion, lip balm, candles and more.

50-24 Aotearoa apparel  Māori themed apparel e.g tees, singlets, beanies, hoodies etc.

50-25  Metro Retro  All things vintage, jewellery, china, collectibles, groovy fantasy, biblical, and rock retro art in upcycled frames.

50-26  Wrapt Wrap-around accessories with a custom buckle, made from high-quality genuine kangaroo leather. Handmade here in Newtown.

50-27  Sisterhood Local Gender Equality and Diversity Magazine. Enamel Badges. Homemade badges. 1960s pastel Imperial Typewriters.

50-28  Avocado Baby Clothing, Art and Crafts.

50-29 Zvanaka African Attire Will be selling African traditional fashion, clothes, jewellery and accessories.

50-30 Sp0okystealz Secondhand clothing.

50-31 Chilli Blanco Hand made Boho Crafts

50-32 RAW Artisan Market Eco, sustainable , ethical, natural products.

Stall Block 6

in Riddiford St      from Newtown Ave to Normanby

Thanks to McDonalds this Block hosts the Buskers Pitch – carpark street performance !

Beside McDonalds is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#4 of 5 onsite]

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

601  Blue Star Kiwi  Hand crafted miniatures and jewellery crafted from them.

603  HYDRADYE  Hydradye clothing designed and made in New Zealand. Wonderful warm merino ponchos. Cool linen and cotton dresses. A range of lace jackets, mesh tops and accessories

604  1969  We are raising funds to send group to Vietnam on a world challenge to Vietnam to work / support local schools through selling secondhand books and some bric a brac.

605  Samoan Catholic Sunday School  Samoan chop suey and sausage sizzle.

606  Health not Handcuffs  We will be engaging with the public about the upcoming cannabis referendum. We would be having face-to-face conversations encouraging people to enrol to vote, educating them about the referendum, and answering any questions people might have.

607  Oasis Health  Church stall selling plant based food, general health check.

608  Royal Commission Inquiry – Abuse in Care  We will have pamphlets and other information. We will also have a table and chairs in the gazebo should people wish to talk about the commission.

609  African Market  West African woven baskets, musical instruments, carvings and wall hangings.

610  Classic African Style Design  Classic African Style Design – beautiful creations, clothing designed and made right here in Newtown!

611  Vinnies Wellington  Secondhand goods.  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

On the West side of Riddiford St:

622  Saarah’s Henna  Saarah’s Henna is Wellingtons premier boutique henna tattoo service.

623  empire auctions  NZ made socks and cloths. Sunglasses and hats.

624  Eaglestone  Crystals, minerals, fossils and gemstone pendants.

625  G&A Trading  Selling Splat balls, squishes, leather bracelets, friendship necklaces, kids rings.

626  Taniwhayaje  South American Crafts, Ponchos, Blankets, Jackets. NZ made Hairwraps, Bracelets

627  Wellington Hearing Association Information promoting World Hearing Awareness.

628  Sport Wellington  Promotion of the Live Stronger for Longer movement and giving away information and some merchandise.

Stall Block 60

Normanby St

This street hosts the Girls Rock Stage

North side:

60-01  Galit Maxwell Pottery  Wheel thrown pottery and hand-built ceramics

60-02  Charming Jewellery Unique, Beautiful & Charming – Just like you! I have lovely collection of beautiful, colourful, trendy as well as traditional jewellery including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

60-03  Funkyjunk  Antique China, baby knitting, women’s fashions, vintage fabric and linen, jewellery, crafts, girls party dresses, and up market knick knacks.

60-04  Jean Chua Tattoos & Illustrations Artworks I have drawn, as prints and/or originals (postcards, A4/A3 prints, framed artworks, stickers, etc.)

60-05  Dripped With Honey  Polymer clay earrings and brass jewellery.

60-06  Wa Collective Menstrual Cups, cherry earrings and more!

60-07  NopeSisters Clothing  Locally made clothing – tshirts, hoodies etc that support Wellington and national charities.

60-08 Kingfisher Leather NZ Handmade leather bags and accessories including purses, card wallets, key rings and tassels. Full leather straps made into belts by Kingfisher Leather.

60-09 Feronia Jewellery, bath & body and homewares handmade in NZ from natural items like flowers, wool, stones, gems, shells, etc.

60-10 House of Harem Beautiful clothing from around the world, amazing vintage sari items, free size tie dye clothing, harem pants, palazzo pants, culottes, gorgeous multi wear skirts. Mens ponchos and shirts. African prints, Wall hangings and dream catchers.

South side:

60-20  la creperie  Selling French crepes.


60-22  RMC erda.co.nz   Sustainable, green and enviro-friendly products. Go Green. Go Natural. Go erda.co.nz

60-23  simplystonewestcoast  Hand carved south island stones into pendants and earrings, collected and carved by me and my mum

60-24  The HeArtivists Photography and Crafts – Done as a fundraiser for our charitable trust.

60-25  Smooch Natural Products Natural skin care, shampoo bars, goat’s milk soap.

60-26  Sage & Skye  Resin and alcohol ink art and homewares.

60-27 Girls Rock! Aotearoa Girls Rock Merch (shirts / totes ) and Information.

Stall Block 7

in Riddiford St      from Normanby to Donald McLean

At the south end of this Block [inside the old Petrol Station] are the Festival of Praise and an outdoor lounge.

In Gordon St (off Riddiford St) there are Balance Bike Rides for littlies, and in Gordon Place, Lime Scooter practice rides, Switched On Bikes, a Mini Bike Rodeo and the Fortune Favours Songwriters Showcase.

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

701  Flickers Clothing  Great range of women’s summer clothing.

702  Papaya Clothing  Women’s cotton clothing and parachute hammocks

703  Lavender Abbey  Award winning lavender essential oil and hand crafted natural products – Grown and created in Carterton, Wairarapa.

704  Brendan Grant Artwork Prints of my artwork, mostly wellington city paintings, in affordable formats. Fridge magnets, cards, coasters, matted prints

705  Loctician – Dreadlocks Jewellery  Dreadlocks, jewellery of all kinds, dread ties and crochet hooks, as seen at my website https://loctician.co.nz

706  BagEm Collection  Lifestyle goods and pet accessories handmade in NZ from canvas and quality fabrics.

707 Daughters and Co Crystals Crystals and cards.

708 Salvation Army Family Store Second hand goods – of all sorts!

709  Raymond Road and Lush  Eco-friendly wall decorations, garden art and jewellery.

710  2dye4 Taranaki  Hand dyed tie dyed goods and crystals.

712  Dragons and Eagles  Flying eagles and flying dragons, bags.

713  Outdoor Amusements Ltd  

On the West side of Riddiford St:

720  Wellington City Mission  Paella.

721  Regenerate Magazine  Regenerate Magazine is a magazine that provides work opportunities for people affected by homelessness and poverty

722  Manga the Food Store  Indian and Ethnic groceries, packed spices, snacks & more. – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

723  Eden Juice  Pure NZ Cherry Juice with Health Benefits.

724  Smile Clothing NZ  A timeless collection of natural linen styles for us ladies, designed for you in our home studio

725  Kingdom of Klah  Handprinted garments and prints accompanied by stories set in the Kingdom of Klah, a mysterious parallel universe.

726 Guiding Light Oils Diffusers , Jewellery, doTERRA Oils.

727  Retro Art  Mid-century art in recycled/upcycled frames to funky up your home.

729  Flair Studios Project Bloom  Photography Studio – see our photos, book photoshoots, have a chance to win a free photoshoot.

730  The Brothers Coldpress  We sell fresh, organic cold-pressed juice.

731  Coastal Cowhides  High quality cowhides and cowhide products.

732  Eaglestone  Crystals, minerals, fossils and gemstone pendants.

733  Lilys Collection  Giftware and accessories.

735  Denisa’s Marketing and Beth’s Baking  NZ made socks, imported socks, clothing, sunglasses, caps, and novelties, as well as a range of baked goods.

736  Rongoa Of The Forest  Kawakawa products, candles,crystals, handcrafted jewellery, dream catchers, kids toys, clothes, scarfs.

737 Chiropractic Balance Complimentary posture assessments from Chiropractors.

738  Mr Whippy  Van serving soft serve ice cream.

Stall Block 70

Donald McLean St

This street hosts the Sounds Almighty Stage, the Renegade Bass Stage, the FREE Street Sports Zone – for young and old,  and the Fire and Emegency Burning Kitchen will go boom every 60 minutes !

North side:

70-00  Deli Hawkes Bay  Artisan black pudding and beersticks produced under local council license in Hawkes bay. Featured at the Hawkes bay farmers market since 2002.

70-01  Barlovska Craft Liqueurs  Barlovska Craft Liqueurs – European-style fruit and honey liqueurs produced from NZ produce in Lower Hutt.

70-02  Hinakura Honey company Manuka Honey and bee products.

70-03 Bongusto Pasta Our business makes fresh pasta we are planning to sell fresh ravioli at the stall as well as some patisseries also made fresh.

70-04 Cafe Turkey Food caravan from which we sell kebab, chips, drink, iskenders meal, wedges, chicken nuggets etc.

70-70  Sounds Almighty

70-09  Roti Bay  Selling many types of roti wrap e.g. butter chicken, satay chicken, prawn, lamb curry, vegetarian, and vegan.

70-10 Fryday Donuts Gourmet donuts and frybread items (frybread burgers and fries), laffare coffee and ice coffees/chocolate and phoenix organic drink range.

70-11 Island Bay Descendentz Sausage Sizzle and Bacon and Egg Sammies- a BBQ fundraiser for our community sports group, the Island Bay Descendentz.

70-12 Wellington Air, Army & Navy Cadets We will be providing information on who we are, what we do and how to join. We will be bringing a Feva boat that belongs to the Sea Cadet Unit as part of our display.

70-13 Shaolin Kung Fu This is a sports information stall for a Martial Arts school that operates out of Newtown School.

70-14 F45 Training Basin Reserve Gym equipment and promotion.

South side:

70-20  Community Fruit Wellington  We will be selling fresh fruit and preserves as part of a fundraiser.

70-21  Happy Banana Thai street food – eg Pad Thai, Thai Fish Cake, Springroll, Chicken Sate, Thai Deepfried Banana.

70-22 Coffee Guy We sell coffees and other hot drinks which we make to order. We also pre packed Mrs. Higgins cookies and brownies.

70-23  Zelati Ltd  Gourmet gelato & sorbet, cookies, hot drinks Made locally in Wellington

70-24  La Boca Loca & Boquita Mexican food.

70-25  Wildfibres Nepalese garments and accessories made in fair trade condintions all uniquely designed by us.

70-26  Donut Express  Custom Built donut cart.

70-29  Shoot the Knight  Have a go at medieval themed archery!

70-40 Wellington Hutt Valley Gaelic Football & Hurling We will just have some Gaelic games equipment to showcase e.g. footballs, hurleys, helmets as well as some promotional materials such as leaflets and flags.

Stall Block 75

in Ferguson St      from Donald McLean to Rhodes

This Block hosts the Ferguson St Stage

75-01 Slap a Mug – Drag Makeup Fun and fast drag make up for everyone! You got a face? Get that mug beat!

75-02 Razored Raw Local DIY cassettes and records. Supporting the bands playing at Ferguson St stage.

75-03 Pogger Ink Art prints, t-shirts, illustration.

75-04 Mangel Prints Hand screen printed punk rock t shirts and patches.

Stall Block 8

in Riddiford St      from Donald McLean to Arney

This Block hosts the Radio Active FM Coffee Supreme South Stage

On the East (Newtown School- Rhodes St) side of Riddiford St:

800  Tamerlane Handicrafts  Pacific Rim Handicrafts. We have Mosaic pots and platters, ethnic musical instruments, NZ wooden signs, driftwood sculptures and shells.

801  Bath Treats Soaperie  Handmade novelty soaps and bath bombs.

802  Spike the Sock-broker  Novelty socks, long socks, legwarmers, hand warmers, hats, gloves.

803  Snaxpax  I make reusable sandwich bags, snack bags and food covers.

804  Lulu and Lala  Baby teethers, bibs, keyrings and play pouches!

805  Joel Alcorn Jewellery  Hand made jewellery that I manufacture in my workshop and shop located in Tawa, Wellington. I work mainly with sterling silver and incorporate New Zealand stone that I cut myself as well as semi precious and precious gemstones.

807  MANAWATU BAMBOO  Bamboo clothing, predominantly womens.

808  Ngati Fifi  Quality NZ made Reversible Skirts.

809  No. 8 Essentials  No. 8 Essentials produce a growing range of eco-friendly natural personal care items that are formulated to work well. We make products such as deodorants, lip balms, and insect repellents – all in mess-free compostable cardboard tubes; moisturisers to suit different skin types; acne treatments; perfumes; etc.

809  Tings NZ  Handmade cotton toys, wet bags (replacement for single use plastic bags).

810  Charity Crafters New Zealand  Hand made crafts: toys, home-wares, apparel, plants and Information about the charities we are supporting.

811  Recidivist  Vintage and second hand clothing.

812  Shoe School  Shoe School promotional material  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!

813 Palmah A range of New Zealand designed clothing including hemp t shirts, linen pants, hemp caps and more.

814  Coffee Supreme  Coffee Supreme South Stage stall.     .

On the West side of Riddiford St:

819  Carrello del Gelato  Gelato and sorbet.

820  Pixieknits  Modern baby knits.

821  The HippieStraw  Products that are free of plastic, reusables and eco friendly. Eco friendly house ware and essentials that dont cost the earth!

822  Underground Soapery  Handmade, plant based, all natural soaps, creams & butters, deodorant, lotion bars, bath bombs, facial masks & more. No artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Only essential oils e high quality oils.

823  Pass It On Cookbook  Spice up your bookshelf with ‘Pass It On’, an Indian Gujarati cookbook made in Wellington by mum and daughter.

824  Loyce Josphat International Ltd Selling smart watches and some clothing items.

826 New Conservative Party Information stall for a political party.

827  Karma Drinks  Selling Karma Drinks beverages!

828  Radio Active.FM  Official Radio Active merch.

Stall Block 80

Arney St

Now known as the ‘Blarney St’ Festival Family Zone – with lots of free stuff to do

This street is right beside the RadioActive.FM and Coffee Supreme South Stage.

Blarney St hosts FREE activities for kids, and child-themed stalls, a family lounge provided by the Embassy of Ireland and Irish Society, where you will find Seanachaí (Irish Storytellers) .

There’s also carnival operator witha Bouncy Castle, a small Merry-Go-Round and a Ferris Wheel stall (rides for kids)

80-10  Polish Association  A selection of Polish deliciousness: choose from crisp, melting potato pancakes, juicy artisanal Polish sausages, lovingly slow cooked hunters’ stew, or light apple pancakes topped with icing sugar and whipped cream.

80-11  Little Bread Loaf Polish Sourdough Bread (vegan) and pastries.

80-12  Kids in the Kitchen  We specialise at selling cool kitchen tools and reusable lunchbox solutions for kids.

80-13  Cutie Special Kids Store Kids clothing, fashion accessories, toys, party supplies etc.

80-15  Wellington Zoo  Wellington Zoo stall, we will have crafts and games for kids and might have some shop products for sale.

80-17  hot wheels! kids free downhill race track! Hot Wheels and die-cast toys! Kids, come and have a play with the downhill race track! Race for free!

80-30  Embassy of Ireland & Wellington Irish Society  Irish storytellers.

Stall Block 81

Gordon Place

81-03 Dos Fuegos Authentic Argentinean Chorizo Sandwich and Lomitos.

81-04 Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery We’re a Wellington-based ice cream manufacturer (we’re in Shelly Bay!) selling scooped ice cream in cups or cones.

81-05 Da Munch Box Cubanos Seafood Baskets; Whitebait

81-81 Fortune Favours Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge

81-84 The Shabby Salon FREE! an exciting hair styling experience like no other. Step right up, young and old, to add some absurdity to your festival day.

81-85 APRA AMCOS – Writer Services team APRA AMCOS look after our songwriter and composer members and our stall is an information booth for them. VisibilityPublishStick to the top of the blogPending ReviewAuthor5 RevisionsSearch CategoriesUncategorizedactivitiesCarouselConfigEventsNewsPerformersPromosRight side imagesStagesvenues