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Newtown Festival 2020

The 2020 Newtown Festival Street Fair will be on Sunday March 8th 2020. Stall bookings will probably open late March or early April, look out for a news post, or sign up for the Stallholders’ Newsletter to be informed when this happens.

Information for Stallholders

Terms & Conditions

When you complete the booking application you will be asked to confirm that you accept the Festival Terms and Conditions – please read them!

The Newtown Festival Street Fair happens rain or shine, there are no refunds for weather.

Stall Prices

The prices depend on the size of the stall, whether it is an information stall or you are selling goods, whether you are selling food, and other factors. See the details here.

Booking a stall for a Community or Sports group

You can book a small information stall space for $25, and an information space that will fit a 3m x 3m gazebo for $50, but if you are selling goods or need a different size because you have a big display, please book the size of stall you need then email us to discuss a discount on the stall fee. Newtown Festival is very interested in helping community and sports groups, and also in hosting special displays.

These are questions you will be asked on the booking form –

Stall Name

This is used for our searchable online stall directory which we publish on our website one or two weeks before Fairday (when all the final site allocations are complete).

Choosing a Preferred Zone

Stall Site Locations has detailed Festival information to help you choose the zone you would prefer.

Please note that selecting a preference is no guarantee of a site in that area – in particular Zones A and B, in Riddiford St, are very popular and quickly get oversubscribed.

The earlier you book and pay for your stall the more likely it is that you will be allocated a stall site near the zone you prefer. First in first served – prospective stallholders will be placed on a waiting list if the Festival is booked out early. Every year we end up with wait-list, so to be sure of a spot it is a very good idea to book and pay early, up till 10 November its cheaper too! (and food and drink stalls should fill out the WCC food form as soon as they book).

Does your Stall use Power?

Please tick this box if you have your own generator, as well as if you are booking power from us.  If you are running a lead from premises on the street we would like to know (so our electrician can check for safety) – we don’t have a button for this yet so please tick ‘own generator’ then explain in the comments panel at the end of the form.  Scroll down on this page for further information about power requirements.

Does your Stall sell Food or Drink?

If you sell anything to eat or drink then select  Yes –  selling food or drink.  This applies to stalls selling drinks only e.g. coffee or lemonade.  It also applies to sweets, jams, sauces, honey – anything edible. If all your food is pre-packaged and for taking home, not for eating at the Fair, make a note of this on the ‘comments’ box of the booking – we can reduce the food stall levy.

As soon as you have booked please complete our online Newtown Festival Food and Drink Stall Information form    When you submit this your online form stays live and you are emailed the link, so it can be updated at any time should you change what you are selling, or how you are serving it.

Please note that almost all the food stalls in Zone B, mid-Riddiford St, are run by local businesses outside their own premises. We recommend that other food stalls choose a different location as their first preference.

For more information about safe food handling, WCC requirements, Zero Waste and recycling,  or for details of where food stalls can be located at the Street Fair please use the stalls page tabs (above)

Description of Stall and Contents – used for the online Stalls Directory

This is where you say what your stall is selling, or outline the information you are giving out.  This will be on your listing in our stalls directory, published on this website when stall allocations are complete.  Make what you sell (or the info you give out) sound inviting! Up to 15 words is suggested – long descriptions will be edited.

If you have other descriptions of your stall set-up you want to tell us please put these in the ‘comments’ section below.

The keyword searchable directory is how people can find your stall at the Festival. The directory stays online for the rest of the year.

Find a Stall is currently showing the 2018 Stalls Directory, listed in Festival stall block clusters.

Preferred Locations, Site Requirements and Comments

Here you can tell us anything else you want us to know about your stall set up needs.  Elaborate on where you would like to be and why. This is a good place to tell us your second choice of Stall Zone (in case your first choice isn’t available).

Festival Stalls Trading Hours

8.30am/9.00am – 5.00pm

Many of the side streets stalls go until 6pm, Newtown Avenue until 8pm, and in Wilson Street until 8.30pm

Stall Site Info Packs

Site Info packs will be emailed out in mid-February to all stallholders who have paid for their bookings and completed their online food forms.  Site Packs show exactly where your stall site is and your nearest recycling station. They have instructions particular to your part of the Festival. Included is a copy of our Road Closure and One-way Fair Bypass map marked up to show you the ONLY vehicle ENTRY to the Festival at set-up.

Stall Set Up

Access to your stall site for set-up is from 6.30am. The ONLY vehicle ENTRY to the fair is by Constable Street, where the Festival site marshals direct you to your site.

Traffic flow on site is ONE-WAY    Once at your stall site please unpack as quickly as possible and move your vehicle as soon as you can, to minimise congestion. After set up please drive carefully to your nearest exit.  ALL vehicles must be off the site by 8.30am  –  there is no parking next to your stall. Near the Festival there are several community groups fundraising, offering stallholder al-lday carparking for $20.

If your STALL SITE is empty at 8.30am we might move another stallholder in.        

In the morning you need to turn up on-time, rain or shine.

Stall Pack Up

The stall market ends at 5pm in Riddiford, Constable and Rintoul Streets. To ease pack-out congestion the side street locations run later.

Come back in where your SITE PACK tells you, usually where you went out in the morning. Our Site Marshal crew escort WALK YOUR VEHICLE back to your stall. This begins at 5.30pm, but it’s a slow moving process back in through the crowds. Narrow streets full of stalls, people and other stall vehicles mean sometimes you will have to stop and wait. Expect at times to be stuck in a queue within the fair.

It is very important that stalls stop trading at 5pm so the crowds begin to disperse.

When you are packed and ready to leave the Marshal crew escort WALK YOU to the nearest exit.


All electrical equipment used onsite needs to have current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) tags.

All powered sites are supplied by temporary generators. Our amazing power provider works through the night to have the stall electrical network ready for the morning.  Expect the power supply to be on by 9am. If you are using power from us to keep your goods hot, or cold, you will need to arrange a way to do this till the power is on around 9am. Please bring at least a 6m extension cord (without joins) that has a current PAT tag to connect to the power supply point near your stall. If you use 32 amp power you will be asked what sort of plug you have when you book.

Please provide your own surge protection if you are plugging in sensitive electronic equipment [e.g. microwave, ipad, laptop, till, eftpos terminal,  etc].

The powered sites are primarily in the food precinct areas –  its very difficult for us to provide power to stalls in Riddiford Street.

If you are bringing a generator to the Festival it must not exceed 60dB. Noisy generators will not be allowed on site.