Strange Stains

  • When: 8th Mar 3:20pm
  • Where: Girls Rock Stage
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Strange Stains is one of the many projects of Cooki Stains; producer, singer, visual artist, and designer. Cooki grew up in Rotorua and now resides in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Her singular approach, and excitable energy, brings a mesmerising and luscious performances of industrial-pop soundscapes that encourage footloose abandon. DIY ableton beats, her faithful synth, and a strapped on microphone are just some of the tools used in crafting fresh aural stains that amplify the poetry of this bogan Madonna.

Strange Stains has just returned from a month long tour in China supporting the darling band WOMB. This tour would not be possible with out Kiwese (Kristen Ng). Strange Stains has continued to develop their captivating live performances. Their China presence has been accurately described as “dropping audiences into a glossy smoky industrial pop dance party complete with reverb-heavy vocals and swirling foreboding synths – imagine if Stephen King’s Carrie took place at an underground reptilian 80s rave” -LiveBeijingMusic.


"Harsh tranquility meets a world of warped pop as STRANGE STAINS spill their audible energies via lo-fi electronic DIY, a synth-ridden journey that wavers and warbles over spooked beats. BOGAN ATMOSPHERE to the bone, don't miss this bright and refreshing explosion of vocoded wails and unnerving drones."

John Dimery, Mutation

"Strange stains is a solo Wellington-based musician whose sound is personified by dominant deep drone and synth sounds, 80's alien beats and layered vocals. This often lavishly adorned, bitty sized human is a power-witch force on stage, transcending scale through a vocal range encompassing the sweet to the down-right demonic of tones."

DIRT Gallery.