Swallows Nest

  • When: 8th Mar 4:30pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

Founded in Ōtepoti in 2017, Swallows Nest play emotionally charged screamo. After playing various domestic shows, releasing two splits and a self titled ep, the band toured Europe in 2019. Swallows Nest live performances are intense.

"It's emotionally violent, melodic and catchy and, if you're in the right mood, it's just the medicine your body craves."

Otago Daily Times

"Sonically, there’s enough harshness/rawness here to draw blood. Psychologically, all the gut-punching howls are guaranteed to leave you feeling scarred yet wholly exorcised."

Six Noises

"The feedback that ends it underlines the savageness of it while the silence that follows reminds you that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel."

(this noise is ours)