Synthetic Children

  • When: 11th Apr 3:15pm & 4:00pm
  • Where: Ferguson St Stage
  • Show map

Ferguson St Stage // 3:15 – 3:30pm & 4:00 – 4:15pm

Synthetic Children is a Te Papaioea electronic hardware project. 2019’s self titled debut was described by White Light / White Heat Magazine as an unfurling of “glacial synth… obscured in clouds of gloom, and sparse, martial rhythms pervaded with sheer emotional depth and raw energy”.

2020’s isolation saw Synthetic Children delve into a wider exploration of genres and soundscaping, coming to fruition later in the year with a second full album, ‘Oneirism’. Currently, the Synthetic Children live set is shifting towards mutations of UK garage, colliding with coruscating FM synths and heavy bass.

This is a sound shaped by Te Papaioea’s ‘TinyClub’ venue, keeping it DIY, dark, and somewhat danceable. 

"Synthetic Children unfurls hypnotic and hissing blurs of eerie dark ambient sometimes heightened by evocative poetry, unsettling yet arcane drones, fragments of dissonant noise, wandering, glacial synth lines obscured in clouds of gloom and sparse, martial, repetitive rhythms pervaded of sheer emotional depth and raw energy combining seemingly disparate sonic elements into a distinctive, wholly organic, striking debut EP."

White Light / White Heat Magazine