• When: 8th Mar 2:00pm
  • Where: Tangata Whenua Stage
  • Show map

Formed in April 2018 after 5 musicians collaborated one night in the backyard. Band Members Shannon Thompson (Lead singer), Rawhiti Turnbull (Guitar), Shane Tane (Drums), Roland Kapene (Bass) and Tanielu Pula (Keys), had the vision to create not just soulful music, but music generations would appreciate. 2019, we welcomed Alan Goodman (Keys/vocals) to the band, with over 20 years experience playing in various arenas Al brings a new dimension to Te Mana.By May, after experimenting with sound and rhythm and drawing inspiration from George Benson, UB40, Earth Wind & Fire, Toto Donald Fagan, Bob Marley, Jodeci, D Angelo, Jaheim, Blackstreet and Sisqo, Te Mana soon shaped songs that infused various genres and ignited people’s hearts to rediscover their roots and culture.

With each musician focused on writing, playing and vocals, Te Mana quickly composed 5 songs. Their lyrics resonated with listeners and often influenced their views, outlooks and emotions in a profound way.The foundation of Te Mana’s music has wholeheartedly answered their calling to represent diversity and to play an influential role in its movement into the future. And they have generated a presence on various social platforms, that have attracted artist from NZ and Australia to open their shows.Since supporting notable artists and spending time in studio recording, Te Mana finally released their first EP 25.04.2019

"You really don’t have to be an R&B, Rock, or Reggae fan to appreciate the fantastic songwriting and performances on this recording. Te Mana transcend musical boundaries on all levels."