• When: 3rd Mar 10:10am
  • Where: (1) Tangata Whenua Stage
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Rob Thorne (taonga puoro) and George Johnston (live electronic treatments).

"Thorne has successfully re-imagined and reconstructed traditional Maori instrumental music for the 21st century. "

Aleisha Ward, NZ Musician

"Sometimes the whole thing feels like a lost instalment of Brian Eno’s ambient series. At other times it might be a field recording of the Earth sighing in its sleep. "

Nick Bollinger, NZ Listener

"On the most basic level this album is an attempt to bring the instruments of the past with the technology of the future. "

Petros, www.muzic.net.nz

"Sometimes, when you want to find the bleeding edge, as opposed to surging forwards, you have to look to the past... Rob Thorne casts a modern eye on stone, wood, shell and bone... Placing these ancient... sounds within a contemporary drone composition framework, he crafts meditative naturalistic soundworlds which reflect the beauty and splendour of the natural landscape of Aotearoa "

Martyn Pepperell, VanguardRed