Vanessa Worm

  • When: 11th Apr 5:15pm
  • Where: Gordon Pl Stage
  • Show map

Gordon Pl Stage // 5:15 – 6:15pm

Vanessa Worm musically free and anarchic, performs to nobody’s dogma. Vanessa carried by her releases on Optimo Music & Cin Cin, has seen global recognition over the last year. Noted for her captivating, scathing yet liberating live performances around Australasia, her genre defying LP, Vanessa 77 and her Z Time EP featuring some of 2019’s dance floor hits.

Vanessa’s ethos stands in that she will always strive for authenticity – making room for any energy to be present and worked with during a live performance, her aim musically is to bring liberation to our inner demons & to bring our hearts, bodies and minds back into remembrance of what we already are. Creative Beings of Love and Freedom. 

Expect to hear punk music and dance music combined together, performed in Vanessa’s entire Raw-ness. With her unfamiliar yet known voice, carrying us through from beginning to the end – be prepared to move, dance, or watch in question from a distance – for Vanessa welcomes all, and invites us to be there together as One.