What you need to know about the Newtown Festival

Maps and Programmes

There will be maps and programmes available throughout the festival and attached to each recycling station. You can also find the programme and map on our website. Download these before attending the festival as there will be lots of website traffic on Sunday.

To find a stall you can look on the 2021 stalls list, find the site number and then locate this spot on the festival map

Wet Weather

The Newtown Festival is a rain or shine event. The current weather forecast is looking positive and we are sure that Newtown will be shining no matter the weather! 

Getting to the Festival on the Day

We recommend leaving your car at home! There is a limited amount of parking available and lots of traffic.

The normal bus routes will be running with diversions around the boundaries of the festivals (5am-11pm). It is best to get off the bus at the Hospital bus stop at the North end of the festival and walk from there. Plan your trip to and from the festival before you come so that you can make the most of the event. Remember to wear a mask! 

Metlink are also running a special event shuffle which is dedicated to transporting attendees to and from the festival. The shuttle will be leaving from 7026 Kilbirnie- stop C and 5500 Wellington Station- Stop A and will drop you outside of the Festival in Newtown. You can find the shuttle timetable here: https://www.metlink.org.nz/assets/Detour-Maps/Newtown-Festival-Shuttle-Timetable.pdf   

There is a Flamingo scooter parking area just within the barrier at the Hospital end of the festival and within the barrier on Constable Street. This ensures an easy drop off and pick up so that you can get in and leave easily. However, you won’t be able to ride the scooters within the area of the festival as this is a safety risk, and the scooters won’t work due to geo-blocking. Please ride safely and wear a helmet. 

Mobility Parking

Mobility parking  is available in the festival reserved parking at the Hospital car park and at the Z station on Constable St. Please bring your mobility parking pass. Call us on 027 NEWTOWN (0276398696) if you need assistance or have questions. 

COVID-19 Protocols

Remember to wash your hands, sign in on the COVID-19 tracer App and be kind to those around you. Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell. We have to look out for our community and whānau, and scanning in and washing our hands is the best way that we can keep everyone safe and healthy. We will have a lot of COVID-19 scanning signs and hand sanitiser stations around the festival so you shouldn’t miss it. 


This festival is about the community coming together and celebrating the wonderfulness of this diverse suburb and greater Wellington Region, so looking after everyone is our top priority. We have a zero tolerance for verbal, physical, sexual and environmental harm. We ask that everyone attending remains respectful and considerate to others, and that everyone can look out for our community and fellow festival attendees.

If you feel unsafe, witness bad behaviour or lose someone, call our office at 027 NEWTOWN (0276398696) or find one of our team members in a Newtown Festival yellow hi-vis to come help. We are working with and gaining advice from the Wellington Police to ensure that the festival runs smoothly. You can find out how to report an incident over on our Health and Safety Page.

We have also got a Chill Zone (located at 71 Daniell Street) where there are an amazing team of people to support you away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. 

Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap + Hydrate

Although it may be chilly and cloudy, the sun is still shining. Remember to apply sunblock regularly and wear a hat throughout the day to ensure that you don’t get burnt. Bring your own sunblock, but there will also be sunscreen available on Riddiford Street at the Cancer Society Stall. This will be located outside the Newtown Festival headquarters at Kia Ora on Constable Street and the Street Sports on Donald McLean Street. 

Along with this, please drink water regularly to remain hydrated throughout the long and hot day. We have put a lot of water stations throughout the festival (as located on our festival map) so that you can refill your drink bottle often. 

Drink Responsibly

Please drink responsibly at our licensed venues. No alcohol can be consumed in the streets outside of these venues due to the liquor ban and your drink will be taken from you. This is a family friendly event, and we have zero tolerance for bad behaviour. 

Watch your friends around you, drink water regularly and eat meals from our delicious food stalls to ensure that you can last the day and have a great experience.

Bring Reusable Cups + Cutlery

We are always working towards making the Newtown Festival as waste free as possible. By bringing reusable cups, containers and cutlery, you can both cut down on waste, and also take home some of the food for later!

We have set up a Wash Against Waste station where the team can clean your reusable cups and containers as well as loan you real cutlery and crockery for free! This way you can eat off a real plate, and then return them to the station once done so that they can wash and sterilise them, ready for the next punters to borrow. You can locate these in three of our food filled locations – Rintoul St, Newtown Ave and Emmett Street. 

Also remember to bring reusable bags so that you can collect and easily transport your new purchases throughout the day. 

Rubbish and Recycling

We have a wonderful team from Wellington Waste Managers joining us at the festival to divert the waste from the landfill. By putting the right waste in the right bin, we can ensure that we are recycling correctly and effectively. The team of volunteers at every recycling station can help you figure out the best bin to put your waste in. 

Bring Cash before you come

Some of the vendors may not have Eftpos/credit cards, so bring cash so that you can buy all of their amazing creations and goodies. There are ATM machines around the festival so you can get cash out on site – you can locate these on the festival map but they will likely be very busy!

Where can I sit down and take a breather?

We have a designated Chill Zone area located at 71 Daniell Street, close to the Constable/Daniell Street Intersection.  This is an area outside of the festival grounds which is a safe and neutral, low-sensory environment for people to rest and recharge away from crowded areas. There is also another chill area at 4 Normanby St run by the Salvation Army.

Questions and Queries

If you have any questions or need help, pop into the Newtown Festival office at Kia Ora, 6 Constable St so our crew can help you have a great experience at our Festival. You can also call 027 NEWTOWN (0276398696) or talk to members of the crew wandering around the site in their Newtown Festival yellow hi-vis vests. 

Children’s Activities

This year we have tons of fun activities and entertainment, as well as some youth acts performing on the stages. Even better, they are all FREE! All rides at the festival will be free thanks to our sponsors. The activities can be found on Donald McLean Street, Arney Street and the Filipino Village (end of Emmett Street). Find the programme here.


This event is to celebrate the vibrance of Newtown and its wonderful community and whānau. We hope that everyone can have fun, buy some new goodies from local vendors and listen to some wonderful Kiwi music. So have fun, relax and be kind to others. Let’s make this the best festival yet!