• When: 11th Apr 2:00pm
  • Where: Colombo St Stage
  • Show map

Colombo St Stage // 2:00 – 2:45pm

Z o E M o o N (Mahal) is an Artist with wealth of songs bursting from her soul. Hawaiian born, Aotearoa bred: this fledgling of a musical dynasty blends elements of old and new to create what she calls Folk RnB.

Truth seeking with a keen ear for harmony, a dynamic stage presence and an insightful sense of lyricism, her songs explore the interpersonal nuances of identity, life and self-love.

For Zoe, music is the very fabric that connects and transcends, music is family. Elements of Gospel Soul, Hip Hop, Blues and Jazz can be found as she weaves a world of influences into an undulating dance between strength and softness.

Incorporating these elements Zoe celebrates the recent release of her debut single ‘Bubbles’ followed by the heartbreaking song and video ‘Sister’ co-written and co-produced alongside big sister Deva Mahal.

After opening for, and singing on the Grammy award winning TajMo tour, and dazzling the world creating brilliant blood harmonies alongside big sister Deva Mahal on her Run Deep Tour, Zoe comes to us now crystallized by the world stage. Swirling with the experience of performing on stages like North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Jools Holland show, and even the Hollywood bowl, she is no stranger to putting on a show. You may have even seen her alongside longtime friend And collaborator, Estère.

No longer apologizing for who she is, where she’s from or what she has to say, Zoe is strengthened in her resolve as a Black woman on the rise and certainly one to watch.

"If ‘Bubbles’ is anything to go by, it ought to herald the launch of a musical powerhouse."

Waiheke Weekender