Festival Blocks  1 – 8  are in Riddiford St from north – south

Festival Blocks  10  –  80 are the matching side streets EAST

Festival Block  11 and 81 are the matching side street WEST

To locate a stall you can view the Festival Site Map here which shows each stall by number and each stage location


Use SEARCH THIS PAGE to look for stall goods, or a stall name

– On a laptop or PC, use Ctrl F then in the search box type what you want to search for and all matches will be highlighted [tip: in Firefox the search box displays at the bottom of the page]

– On an Iphone, ensure that the URL is visible by tapping on the screen. At the bottom of the screen on the options panel, click on the share button (box with an arrow coming out of it). Scroll down through the options until ‘Find on Page’ and select it. Type the search item you are looking for and the screen highlights its matches. Use the up and down arrows to go through all the highlighted options. By scrolling through the page with your finger, it does not highlight all the options available.

– On Android tap the three dots to the right of the URL, select ‘Find in Page’ then type what you want to search for and all matches will be highlighted

Stall Block 1

Riddiford St from Mein St to Emmett St

This Block hosts the Te Māngai Pāho Tangata Whenua Stage where the Festival Opening Ceremony will be held at 9:30am.  

Backstage is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#1 of 5 onsite].

In Hall Street you can also join The Bloco Party at Bebemos from 11am onwards.

Hall St

101  Bebemos (in Hall Street)  A licensed Street Cafe, this year bringing you the Bebemos Bloco Party and Afterparty – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

108  Tohu Creative  Māori themed gifts and homewares. Ceramic pots, cups, lamps, hats, diffusers, cards, plants, candle holders, earrings (with a Māori design).

109  Silver Science  Science themed jewellery – DNA earrings, caffeine rings, brain cell necklaces and so much more!

110  Tumbleweed Tees  Unique New Zealand screen printed artwork and clothing as well as stationary and gifts.

111  Rainbow Bridge Shop  We are selling lots of funky nik naks such as gifts, hats, sunglasses, party items and toys – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

112  Sissy So So  Womens Fashion Clothing designed to be worn and loved.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

122  Newtown Greengrocer  Selling fresh fruit and vegetables – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

123  Newtown Union Health  Information site for Newtown Union Health Services.

124 Kora Vintage is a curated collection of vintage and modern preloved clothing. The focus is on natural fibres and the aesthetic is mostly timeless and minimalist but reflects current trends, especially the 90s revival. Check out @koravintagenz on Instagram.

125  Alpaca Suri-Bol  We offer Winter clothing made mostly with naturals fibres like ALPACA, cotton and Wool. Ponchos, Jackets, kids gear. You will LOVE WINTER! See you then. 

126  Descendentz We are having a BBQ fundraising for Island Bay Women’s Sport selling sausages in bread and bacon and egg sammies.

127   Restore Passenger Rail We are demanding the government restore passenger rail services to at least year 2000 levels in alignment with Te Tiriti justice with affordable, accessible services.

128 Toast Electric Toast Electric is a not-for-profit power company, run by Sustainability Trust. Find out more at

129 Amnesty International  Amnesty International information and brochures, and petitions for people to sign.

130 Government House Visitor Centre   The Government House Visitor Centre offers free guided tours and education programmes at Government House Newtown. 

131  Mary Potter Hospice   Information stall for Mary Potter Hospice. Promoting the Hospice and Fundraising.

Stall Block 10

Emmett St

This street has lots of FOOD STALLS and hosts the Circus Stage and the Songwriters’ Stage.

Just through the gate to Saint Anne’s is the Filipino Village , and access to the new Pacifica Stage in Mercy Park.

You can walk through the St Anne’s grounds to Green St – if you can manage a few steps up to Green St.

10-30  Roti Bay  The best roti wraps in town e.g. butter chicken, satay chicken, prawn, lamb curry, vegetarian, and vegan. We will also be selling Gluten Free Samosa.

10-31  Langos  Langos (fried bread puffs) with toppings including Feta and tomato, watercress and walnut pesto, jalapeno and herb harissa plus sweet options.

10-32  Zaaffran a taste of Morocco  The most delicious toasted Moroccan wraps packed full of goodness!

10-33  The Greek Food Truck  Serving Up our Delicious Greek Street Food! Our Signature Dish is our Souvlaki!

10-3Mr.Circle  We sell unique Jianbing – Chinese crepes. Contact us at [email protected]

10-3Babickas Table  Waiheke handmade sausages, Sausage rolls, Meat Burgers and Gourmet Hotdogs.

10-37  NZ Hindu Association  Selling traditional Indian snacks: such as Dosa, Roti, Samosa, Vada and mango lassi.

10-39  Bean Here Limited Selling Coffee, Cold Drinks and Slushies. We are at the Newtown Market every Saturday

10-40 Little Bread Loaf Handmade artisan baked treats – our famous cinnamon buns, custard twists, nutella scrolls, pretzels, bagels, sourdough breads, baguettes and more….. As seen at Newtown Market every Saturday 

10-41 Yummy Potato Rosti Potato rosti laden with honey cured bacon, cheese, sour cream and a cheeky dash of sweet chilli sauce. Gluten free, dairy free & vegetarian options available.

10-42  Kapiti Roast  Filipino delicacies – pork buns, empanadas, twisted doughnut and pork crackling.

10-43  SDPS Trust NZ  Popular Indian Vegetarian (Vegan & Gluten Free ) Snack items like Dosa, Ragda Pattis, Samosas, Chaats like Bhel Puri & Pani Puri. Mango Lassi.

10-44  The Brothers Coldpress  Brothers from the same mother: Mother Nature that is, and as she always told us, “Coldpress is best”. We sell fresh Juice – local, organic and spray free fruit and veggies and nothing else.

10-45 FruitScoop Ice Cream and Vegan Gelato sold in cones or tubs.

10-46  Traditional Indian food  Chats, bhelpuri, pani puri, wraps 

10-47  Bratwurst Bros.  We offer all-natural German Sausages from our own butchery in a fresh-baked baguette with homemade sauces as well as retail packs of our goodies to take home

10-48  Smoked & Pickled American BBQ style food. Our name says it all! Just because smoked food and pickles are a match made in heaven!

At the end of Emmett St Street (in Saint Anne’s) is the Filipino Village, with the Pacifica Stage zone beyond.

Filipino Village Stalls

Filipino Village  Don Ramon’s Pinoy Barbeque  Filipino ethnic food.

Filipino Village  Yoyie’s Grill  Filipino-style, charcoal grilled BBQ.

Filipino Village  Diana’s Colombia craft   Indigenous Colombian crafts, and my own ones too – bracelets, necklaces , earrings.

Pacifica Stage Zone – In the St Anne’s grounds and beyond to Mercy Park.

389 Hub : The Hub is a homage to the rich migrant history of Newtown, documenting stories of families and individuals who have come to or from Newtown. Come to our free photo booth and jam to the live DJ playing a mix of Rnb, Hiphop, Reggae and Island beats.

Beyond the 389 Hub is the Pacifica Stage, at Mercy Park. From here you can access Green St (up a few Steps) where there are stalls with crafts and other quality goods.

Stall Block 11

Rintoul St

This street has lots of FOOD STALLS and hosts the Rintoul St Stage

Just around the corner in Colombo Street you’ll find Electric car and Electric bike displays and free test rides.

On the South side of Rintoul St:

11-00 Higher Taste Hare Krishna Restaurant  Hare Krishna Vegan and Vegetarian food

11-01  Vegan Society NZ  Free vegan food samples, merchandise, and discussion of food choices.

11-02 CHIPA NZ Tapioca & Cheese. Healthy, gourmet and naturally gluten-free cheese snacks 🧀

11-03  Paekakariki Pops Handmade, real fruit iceblocks. Our flavours change seasonally – delicious combinations such as Roasted Plum & Coconut Yoghurt, Ginger Lime & Lemongrass, Raspberry Lemonade and Avocado & Lime.

11-04 Bing’s Kitchen From traditional BBQ pork to sweet chocolate & custard filling, we offer delicious home-made Chinese sour-dough buns!

11-05  Uncle Dunkle’s Artisan hand-crafted wood-fired chilli sauces, handmade in NZ using a unique 3 day process with a wood-fired oven and NZ Manuka wood!

11-06 HONG KONG FOODIE  Hong Kong style DIM SUM and Street Food, such as Siu Mai, Potsticker, Spring Roll, Wonton, Bao Bun, skewer and Custard Bun etc. 

11-0 Tibiao NZ  Specialising in Filipino cuisine: breads& delicacies. Tibiao.NZ

11-08  The Candy Floss Lady   The Candy Floss Lady spins a spoonful of sugar into a great puff of Candy Floss right before your very eyes.

11-09  Castaway Body Art  Castaway Body Art & Gifts is a vibrant festival style body art stall offering popular Temporary Tattoos , Festival Glitter, Festival Facepainting & Face Jewels 

11-10  Shalom Church  Information stall

11-11  Israeli Street Food  Fresh homemade Falafel served in a pita pocket with home made humus and vegetables. We also make a crazy good fresh lemonade juice and will serve it very cold.

11-13 Churro Express/Kiwi Snow  Fresh Hot Churro cooked to order and cold shaved ice with 36 taps of flavour.

11-14 Chef Art Ltd Halal Asian Street Food: Popcorn Chicken/ Korean Fried Chicken Bao/ Butter Chicken Spaghetti 

On the North side of Rintoul St:

11-30  Auntie Social  A licensed Street Cafe expanding out onto the pavement serving up delicious cold locally brewed beer and a signature cocktail on tap. Our trusty chef will be on the Barbie serving up tasteful Aunties snacks. Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

11-31  CENSUS 2023  Census day is on Tuesday 7th March but you don’t have to wait, you can jump online now, request a code and complete your Census at Newtown Festival. If you have any questions on the day, come and see us at our stall. 

11-36  Chris’ Woodturning Handcrafted wood turned wares made in Newtown from locally sourced timber. Functional and beautiful bowls, rolling pins, foot rollers, vases, beer tap handles, etc.

11-38  Ecozonian  Get your eco electric festival ready outfits – recycled clothing n footwear.

11-39  Chunk’d Cookies  Home made, baked fresh, 100% vegan cookies baked right here in Wellington! 

Around the corner in Colombo St –

11-51 Kiwi eCycle Ebikes – Come for a chinwag and a test ride.

11-52 The Better NZ Trust – Leading the Charge An electric vehicle showcase with volunteers answering all your EV questions!

Stall Block 2

Riddiford St from Emmett St to Green St

This Block hosts Black Coffee’s licensed street cafe.

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

200  Newtown Kindergarten Information on Kindergartens and promoting Newtown Kindergarten.

201  Rodriguez Ceramics   Original handmade ceramics made in Wellington New Zealand using New Zealand Clays and ingredients – food, microwave and dishwasher safe. @rodriguezceramics .

204  Friendly Bakery  Local bakery offering homemade baked goods and savoury items. These delicious items are accompanied by coffee, milkshakes and a friendly smile Local Business, also open when it’s not the festival

206  Black Coffee  This year we bring it all – delicious snack menu, liquid gold coffee from our 2 coffee machines and cold beers from our portable bar. Black Coffee’s new and improved coffee caravan Black Beauty will be our flagship out the front along with rotating Wellington DJ’s playing from 1pm till 7pm. – Local Business, also open when it’s not the festival!

207  The Third Eye  has been gathering beautifully crafted handmade items from India, Nepal, Thailand for over 20 years. Each item is handpicked from incredible craftspeople and brought to our beautiful Aotearoa. From recycled silk clothing to Rajasthani inspired jewellery It’s a Bohemian dream. 

208  Circa Theatre Flyers and brochures – come and find out what’s on!

210  Emuology Canterbury  NZ Emu oil based Skin and Healthcare products.

211  Dandy Vintage  Vintage menswear and accessories. Mostly mid century but lots of stuff from all over! – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

212  Recidivist Vintage secondhand and locally made clothing, art and accessories – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

On the West side of Riddiford St:

224  Biddy Bodacious  Designer women’s clothing in colourful and natural fabrics.

225  Kd One Skincare & Cosmetics  Natural organic skincare, cosmetics & medicinal products -the science of beautiful skin. Made in Wellington, backed by science, gets desired results.

Behind the stalls here you will see Rubia Express Cafe Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

227  Pottery and Amazing Bones Colourful stoneware pottery. Great for every day use or to give as gifts. See our range of handcrafted bone jewellery, also articulated fish, bird and small animal skeletons. . 

228  Upcycled Us Handmade upcycled kiwiana cushions, clothing and bags.

229  Nice Stuff Antiques, Collectables, Curios and Up Cycled Goods.

230  Pranah Cafe  Vegan sweet stall. Donuts, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, custard squares, lamingtons. – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

231  Share International  Global sharing of world’s resources will create justice & peace. Trust & cooperation will guarantee our future. Meditation group in Newtown.

232  Ara Poutama Aotearoa – Department of Corrections  Come and learn about Ara Poutama Aotearoa and our mahi.

Office Bar  Access to the Office Bar is between the stalls here – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

Stall Block 20

Green St

At the end of this street, on through the fence and down a few steps, is the Pacifica Stage in Mercy Park, and the Filipino Village in St Anne’s grounds – with room in the St Anne’s Hall to rest and relax.

Green St, North (Newtown School) side

20-00  AromaSense  100% pure essential oils and all natural skincare.

20-01  Pepper Raccoon An Aotearoa artist specialising in magic and nature inspired witchy wares including accessories, art prints, apparel, and more! She’s bringing the good summer energy to this fab event and can’t wait to share her art with the Fest!

20-02  Eclo Art by Emy Oikawa Handwoven jewellery using raffia, clay art pieces, reusable greeting cards made here in Wellington by Emy & a few Colombian made Wayuu bags and jewellery by talented women. Visit her website

20-03  Vintage Stitch Up  Homewares & fashion accessories made from vintage European textiles .

20-04 Fanny Adams Underwear NZ’s best hand-made undies & leggings. Bold prints and classic colours. Full brief, hipster and men’s trunks.

20-05 The Belle Epoque Handmade jewellery

20-06 Duncan McLean  New Zealand made jeans, denim t shirts, custom fit and screen prints which are long lasting and top quality – Local Business, open when it’s not the Festival

20-07  Harmony Healing Hand Milked, Hand Grown, Hand Made goats milk, herbal soaps; healing creams and balms and healing teas. The goats are milked and the plants grown in the foot hills of the Tararua ranges.

20-08 Cosmo Bones – Art and Illustration  COSMO BONES is an artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa. They love making art celebrating queerness, witchiness, and mental health – prints, stickers, t-shirts, jewellery, and other surprise goodies.

20-10 Free Fares Coalition 80+ organisations calling for free public transport for groups that need it most, and for half-price for all.

20-11   Lyuba Zhilkina Pottery Hand made pottery.

20-12 Flying Foxes Ink Colourful watercolour illustrations, charms, cards, stickers, clay flying foxes and quick commissions! Instagram @

20-13  WAFU Art Jewellery  Handmade traditional Japanese paper craft earrings and hair accessories

20-14 Arlē Bell Ceramics Handmade tableware ceramics – 

20-15  Daphne Dashfield Ceramics Ceramics/pottery including Porcelain/Sterling Silver Jewellery. Inspired by New Zealand nature, designed and individually handcrafted by me in Wellington.

20-16  Gorse Clothing  Everyday bags and apparel for the contemporary city dweller, GORSE adds a splash of colour to your daily fit. Ethically sourced, responsibly made, and eco-friendly, our classic canvas tote bags are made from 100% Recycled Pre-Consumed Cotton. 

20-17  Kiwi Kids Books  Kiwiana and multicultural children’s books and games. Pasifika childrens books. 

20-19  Jack Driver Photography   Limited edition original photography fine art prints, postcards and zines, featuring landscapes and cityscapes captured around New Zealand and Europe. 

20-21  Niue Heritage Arts and Crafts Pacific Arts and Crafts – locally handmade of strong pacific influence; for your next Pacific themed party – come and see us.

20-22 Shoot Golden NZ We specialise in vintage reusable film cameras and photographic goods Instagram: Shootgoldenz Email: [email protected]

20-23  venom by Nina Venom by Nina, clothing made and screen printed in Wellington New Zealand, by a young designer, graduated from whitecliffe fashion.

20-24 FLUFF A bright and colourful jewellery and accessories label made in Ōtautahi (Christchurch). Stand out in a crowd, wear some FLUFF!

20-25  Welly wood works We sell customised wood key hangers, wood art, mountain wood art. See our Instagram page and Etsy Page.

20-26  Violet Studios  Craft items -upcycled work, crochet, jewellery, clay.

20-27  Jenni Reika Artist Face and body painting for koha. Art prints, postcards, magnets and badges.

20-29  Hesters Arts  I screen print fabric with native bird and plant themes, kowhaiwhai patterns and more on cushions and bags and teatowels and scarves pouffes etc. My work is well made, vibrant and bright with up cycled materials where possible. 

Green St, South side

20-40 Clinkers Trinkets Hand Forged Jewelry, Trinkets and Cosplay accessories made by the tallest goblin blacksmith in town.

20-41  Feathers Feathers was born out of a desire to showcase rich heritage of textiles, block prints and craftsmanship – natural fibre that is sustainable, reusable and beautiful.

20-43  Rachie Campbell EROTICA  International Erotica visual artist selling colourful cheeky figurative and portrait prints, stencil art and more.

20-44  Jewelia Howard Art Pōneke based creative making art with themes of magic and nostalgia. View my work at or

20-45  Christine Winbush Ceramics  Ceramic sculptures, garden decorations, mugs and hand painted dog bowls. Examples of my work can be seen on Facebook and Instagram 

20-46  Roadworn Upcyclers Upcycled creations made from used bicycle parts. Created by the marginalized people of Wellington

20-47  Tenants’ Action Wellington Come talk to Tenants’ Action Wellington about grassroots action to fight for renters’ rights!

20-51 Shazzam Inspirations Inspirational wallhangings, crystals, jewellery, incense and holders, and wooden handcrafts.

20-52  Pots by Aimee  Pottery/ceramics. Wheel thrown and hand built functional, decorative and sculptural pieces made and fired by me in Ngaio, Wellington.

20-53 Gifts for you Knitted matinee sets, booties, hats, and toddler knitwear. A selection of home sewn girl’s dresses and Jewellery. Lucky Dips

20-54  Palmah  Premium quality organic and recycled goods designed in Aotearoa 

20-55  Otherwayside  Authentic Japanese Vintage textiles and handcrafted art and homeware

20-57  AdrieNZ Cool Products Kiwi Coolers keep you cool. Just soak in water and lasts for years.  Wheatbags keep you warm and also sooth those sore muscles. View these at

20-58  Jacquelinehocquardart 100% New Zealand made created by myself original watercolours, prints and gift cards of mostly NZ flora and fauna.

20-59  Moki Jewellery Moki Jewellery creates a simple, yet affordable range of jewellery using quality components such as sterling silver hooks and stainless steel posts are used for those with sensitivities.

20-60  Justice for Palestine  – formerly Wellington Palestine – is a membership based organisation advocating for the human rights of the Palestinian people.

20-61  The Compassion Project The Compassion Project: To Increase The Amount Of Compassion On The Planet

20-62  Assa Handwoven Cashmere shawls and blankets woven in Kathmandu. Assa Nepal is a small fair-trade business focusing on handmade products from Nepal.

20-63  My Follies I glamorise wooden ducks to make you smile. I also create delicious bathroom treats for you to enjoy. 

20-64  Wood Art and Signs  We create business and personal signs, unique wooden garden art, wall art and jewellery. Check out our crushed glass inlay work at 

Stall Block 3

Riddiford St between Green St and Wilson St

You will find the Festival Information Headquarters in this block, at 150 Riddiford St -sharing space for the day with the Computer Shop

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

300  Robyn ReynoldsLtd  Women’s clothing using natural fibres and designed for a woman’s body shape. 

302  Three Little Kids  Quality hand-made children’s clothing and accessories.

303  In Fashion Hats 7 Sunhats – latest fashions for ladies, men and children.

304 Green Party – Julie Anne Genter, List MP based in Rongotai  All welcome! We have free stickers and seedlings to give away. Chat with Julie Anne, Deputy Mayor Laurie Foon, Councillor and Green candidate Tamatha Paul or other volunteers about the Green Party’s plans to combat the climate crisis, restore and protect nature and create a much fairer society. We will also have a chill zone if you just want a place to rest and recharge.

305  Jimmy’s Fruitmart  Barbecue selling Indian chops & corn on the cob, and mango lassies. – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

306 PatioPals  The perfect pet for everyone’s garden, unique canine sculptures for all seasons , no maintenance required.

307  Flying Eagles and Dragons Flying Eagles and Dragons

308 No. 8 Essentials Effective and affordable – our handmade natural skincare comes in eco-friendly packaging. The expanding range includes deodorants, lip balms, perfumes, moisturising oils, acne products, and more.

309 Wellington zoomies We sell a range of dog toys and accessories such as lickimats and pull toys. 

310  Dixie Original botanical art prints and decorative handmade pottery.

311  Moeawhi Crystals  Working with and selling Healing Crystals for over 30 yrs..a life time of knowledge and sharing the love and light healing.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

319  Mama Kaja Biltong – a traditional South African snack with a rich history, dried & seasoned beef slices without added sugars or preservatives. A must-try for anyone looking for a healthy & satisfying snack.

320  Tonic & Cloth  Tonic & Cloth and Holi Boli design life-changing fashion. Garments are made here in NZ, and with Holi Boli’s empowering sewing house in rural India. Beautiful linen dresses, organic denim jeans, clothes that make you feel powerful. 

321 Danni Rae Books Danni Rae is a zookeeper and children’s book author who aims to inspire and educate children about animals, conservation and the environment through her stories. 

322  Sativa Botanicals  We sell premium New Zealand grown hemp health, wellness and skincare products.

323  Aunty Dana’s Op Shop  Come fill a bag of clothes, shoes and accessories for $5! We fundraise for the charity Gender Minorities Aotearoa which is a nationwide transgender organisation.  – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

324  Book Hound  We’re an independent new & used bookshop in Newtown, with an emphasis on contemporary fiction, philosophy, poetry & New Zealand writing  – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

325  Sweet and Sour NZ  Get your sweet tooth fix with long length fruit flavoured liquorice and other confectionery.

326  Gypsy & Soul Tibetan Singing Bowls for meditation, beautiful hand printed Cotton Mandala Tapestries as well as Brass Earrings and accessories.

327  Born pretty Imitation jewelry and accessories  made in India

328  Eastview Grove Sisters Kylie and Bridgette make luxurious 100% Soy candles in gorgeous glass vessels and other beautiful home fragrance products. They also create other crafty creations that will delight!  

330  Paua Frita Clothing and Art Prints Designer Kiwiana clothing and art prints.

331  Earth and Sea Jewellery   Totally unique beach pebble jewellery. Formed by the earth, smoothed by the sea, handmade into jewellery. 

332 Carol Clelland Clay Art Ltd  Handbuilt, original NZ Ceramics, decorative and colourful, hearts, vases, plates, tiles, animals and sea creatures.

333 & 334  French Cancan & Le Marché Français  French patisseries: croissants and other danishes with cold brew and limonade – also Cheeses, Sausisson (dry sausages), French pates, terrines & French biscuits  – French Cancan is a Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

335  Wild Nature NZ  Pure Organic Aloe Vera Sincare, Haircare and Make Up. All our packaging is recyclable and our packing material is biodegradable. 

338  Cancer Society  Home grown plants produced for you.

338-a  Newtown Festival Headquarters Festival Information, point of contact with the Police, lost and found. Hosted by the Computer Shop Newtown. – The Computer Shop is a local business, also open when it’s not the Festival

Stall Block 30

Wilson St

This street hosts the legendary ParrotDog Wilson St Stage, and the Creeps Rock n Roll Street Party Stomp Stage.

While you watch the twin stages you can enjoy a drink in the licensed cafe precinct and food from the Middle Eastern BBQ and from local restaurants Margot and Next Door

In the carpark behind the stage and the BBQ is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#2 of 4 onsite].

North Side of Wilson St:

30-01 (in the carpark) Middle Eastern BBQ Charcoal BBQ with meat from the Newtown Halal Meat Shop at 155A Riddiford St – a local business, also open when it’s not the Festival 

South side of Wilson St:

30-16  CD and Vinyl Heaven  My stall sells quality pre-owned and new rare and hard to find records, CDs, DVDs and tee shirts from New Zealand and overseas artists

30-17  Renters United  A friendly place to meet renters advocates, find out about what we do, and sign up to our campaigns

From here on Wilson St becomes a licensed precinct.

30-20  Margot & Next Door Serving fun cocktails, organic & natural wines, ParrotDog beer & non-alcoholics alongside Mediterranean small plates & snacks. There will be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free & dairy free options too :)– Local Businesses, also open when it’s not the Festival

Stall Block 4

Riddiford St from Wilson St to Constable St

This Block hosts the Baobab Oasis in Baobab’s rear courtyard, the Moon and Serious Happiness After Parties and the New World Community Stage on the corner of Constable Street.

St Johns First Aid is near the Community Stage

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

401  New Zealand Labour Party Paul Eagle MP and information about the NZ Labour party.

402  Moon Outdoor Licence Cafe Lounge – DJs during the day and live music for the afterparty from 7pm– Local Business, open even when it’s not the Festival

403  Serious Happiness Outdoor Licence Cafe serving Heartbreaker Nashville Style Hot Chicken – Local Business, open even when it’s not the Festiva

405  HEMP HATS   Sababa Hemp hats to keep you cooler and comfortable with sustainability- just try it you’ll love it!

407  Soap Soap  New Zealand made plant oil based triple milled soap.

408  Newtown Budgeting and Advocacy Service  Free, Confidential Non judgemental service – building financial capability and resilience. 

409  WREMO – Get Prepared!  An information stall with our preparedness messaging for the community.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

410  Baobab   Outdoor Licensed Cafe Lounge  – Local Business, also open when its not Fairday!  

413  Creeps Record Parlour  Just a chilling space with some chairs and maybe a rack of tees and records!

414  5036 Boutique Brews  Delectable, handcrafted fruit liqueurs, Beautifully Bold and Balanced for the discerning pallet. Our signature range is plum liqueurs We also have Feijoa, Quince, Lemon and other smaller batches of Tangelo, Rhubarb & Ginger, and Crab Apple. Our fruit is sourced largely from the Kapiti Coast and Wellington Region. We sell online and through markets.

415  Ruahine Ports Ltd  Ruahine Ports selling award winning fruit Port wine.

417  Urbn AX  Self embroidered clothing.. anime/pacifika. Instagram page

418  New Generation Liquorice  New Zealand-made liquorice, nougat and fudge, with delicious flavours produced specifically for New Generation Liquorice, packaged in fully-recyclable containers.

419  Garuda Food Truck  Indonesian Authentic Street food style, Mie Goreng & Nasi Goreng with Beef, Chicken or vegetarian. (Halal, Vegan, GF, DF)

420  Book Haven  Secondhand books galore – fiction, non-fiction, including lots of local books.– Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

421  Copper Uncovered  Handmade Copper & Brass Art –, copperuncovered on Instagram, [email protected] 

422  The Bond Store Award-winning spirits, liqueurs and cocktails from the Kapiti Coast!

423  Opportunity for Animals Vegan cakes, queer badges and stickers.– Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

424  Juramai Honey Honey and beehive products!

425  MiniGardens Bonsai NZ  Bonsai trees and pots – NZ’s Premier online bonsai store .

Stall Block 40

Constable St

This street hosts the To The Front Stage up by Daniell Street, and the Newtown New World Community Stage at Riddiford Street. St John’s First Aid is near the Community Stage (in Riddiford Street).

The Twenty Six Gallery is at 26 Constable St, with an exhibition and events – see

There is another First Aid Station and some mobility parking in the Z Service Station on the Daniel St corner.

There will be an afterparty outside Big Barrel hosted by Fortune Favours in the evening.

North side of Constable St:

40-01 Predator Free Wellington Visit our stall to find out more about the Predator Free Wellington project! We will have information about our mahi and it’s an opportunity for people to sign up to be a part of our programme ( #predfreewelly

40-02  Kaibosh Food Rescue  Information about Kaibosh Food Rescue; our mahi and volunteering opportunities.

40-03  Red Cross New Zealand Find out what Red Cross does here and overseas and how you can help. Lucky dips for children.

40-04  Vincents Art Workshop – Te Whare Mahi  Small, unique artworks & ceramics made by Artists participating our free and inclusive studio and workshop, including works inspired by the Year of the Rabbit.

40-06  House of Dumplings  Serving handmade hot dumplings since 2012. Only 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Great selection of plant based + NZ free-range meat dumplings. 

40-07  Firebird  Handmade gourmet burgers and GF bowls as well as tostadas !! 

40-08  Tom’s Chimney Cake & Langosh   Freshly baked hungarian chimney cakes and fried bread, ice cream: mango, vanilla-boysenberry, chocolate.

40-09  Sweet Sta. Cruz  Braised pork belly in toasted ciabatta with housemade sauce, gluten free pork and prawn dumplings. Freshly brewed coffee also available. 

40-10  Aye! Empanadas and more  Argentinean food, empanadas and alfajores.

40-11  Mao and Co – Dumplings and Noodles  Chinese Street Food @maoandconz Facebook/Instagram

40-12  Imagination Distilling  New Zealand Craft Gin, made in our distillery in the Kapiti Coast.

40-12B  Nela’s Chai  Nela’s products are ethically sourced, roasted and freshly ground spices, giving rise to a superior aroma and flavour. Chai, curry spice blend, condiments and a home made tomato sauce. To top it off, all products are made right here in Island Bay, Wellington!

40-13A  Nureddin Abdurahman: Southern Ward Councillor Meet your local Councillor, get an update on local projects and discuss things that are dear to you. 

40-13  Newtown Library  The Library is open 10am- 4pm for its usual functions as well as a pop-up used book sale, children’s activities and games available for use on site such as Lego, storytelling, and a collaborative art mural- to be displayed at local ‘Newtown Art Spaces’ (26 Constable Street)Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

40-14  Heke Homemade Herbals  Heke Homemade Herbals creates over 70 original, organic, loose-leaf tea blends in compostable packets

40-15  Vickies Originals Nelson  My passion is turning old, unloved furniture into pieces of comfortable functional art. ; Instagram ; Facebook

40-17  FizzBang Candy Floss  Delicious Candy Floss in multiple flavours with take-home or eat-fresh options.

40-20  Newtown Early Learning Centre Child focused activities and promoting Early Learning Education. We are a community based mixed aged (1-5) early learning centre at 73 Daniel St.

40-21  Serenity & Soy  Candles, hand-made here in Wellington. Over 10 unique scents to choose from in a range of beautiful styled jars, bringing a sense of relaxation to any home. We also make bath soaks infused with dried botanicals & essential oils, guaranteed to help you unwind after a long day.

40-22  Spicecraft The world’s best seasonings, made in Christchurch, sold NZ-wide. Our products are complete seasonings that will enhance your cooking and give you control of your meals, flavours that really pop, no msg, no gluten, all vegan.

40-23  The Opportunities Party (TOP) Meet Raf Manji and learn more information about The Opportunities Party including our plan for higher incomes and affordable housing. 

40-24  Wellington Buddhist Centre The primary purpose of the stall is to share Buddhism with the people of Newtown and Wellington and promote the Wellington Buddhist Centre. We will also be selling new and second hand Buddhist books and meditation equipment.

40-26  Donut Express  Fresh Hot Donuts and cold shaved ice.

40-27 Shen Yun Performing Arts  Promotions for Shen Yun Performing Arts

40-28  Council of Trade Unions KOMITI PASEFIKA   Union information and campaigns, eg. Workers rights, Fair Pay Agreements, Social insurance, Pacific pay gap, living wage, climate change.

40-29  The Hungry Monkey Wellington  Traditional Malaysian street food and delicious meals spun into the modern age. All our meals are dairy free except ice-cream. We provide gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

40-30  Black and Orange BBQ Slow-cooked BBQ meals, wraps, fresh seasonal salad bowls, brioche, and steamed buns

40-31  Black and Orange Bratwurst Grill  German bratwurst and currywurst, roasted potatoes with homemade sauces.

40-32  La Linda Artisanal Pasta  Celebrating the love for pasta from our family to yours, with the warmth of a home cooked meal. Authentic Argentinian artisanal pasta made everyday!

40-33  Hot like a Mexican  Real Mexican food from a real Mexican. Food with traditional passion, so fresh, so delicious and so much love.

40-34  Willi’s Kitchen  Local made Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free friendly food.

40-35  Roti King  Delicious roti wraps.

40-36  The Crafted and Co  Gourmet Burgers & Epic Treats.

40-37  To The Front Merch Stand Support the work of Girls Rock Aotearoa and get some cool Merch!!

In the Big Barrel Carpark there is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#3 of 5 onsite]

In the Z Service Station there is a First Aid Station and some mobility parking.

South side of Constable St:

40-40  Wonderment  Stunning animal/human fusion hanging prints, ceramic pots, cushions ,die-cast vintage cars steam punk hats, pre-loved clothing.

40-41  Sweet Escape  Handmade bath and body products.

40-42  Retro Game and Lights  Retro game and lights is a traditional game with mood lighting.

40-43  Newtown Bakery  We are selling pork buns and chicken & chips.

40-44  TAN LEATHER & eMTAX Tan Leather selling imported, handmade leather items such as wallets, handbags, belts. And eMTAX providing information on virtual bookkeeping, accounting and tax. 

40-45  Four Hawk Day  We have an authentic family vineyard in Marlborough, producing award winning wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Find us on: or

40-46  Elysium – NZ’s Most Magical Store  A wide assortment of mythical and magical goods from NZ’s most magical store, all designed to surprise and delight! Come past and be whisked away into another world.

40-46A  Te Kainganui Early Education Centre  We are a community-based early education centre catering for ages 1-5 years, at 64 Tasman St Mt Cook. Play-dough Samples, and info about our Centre.

40-47  Macondo   Handcrafted filigree jewellery and bags made in Colombia. 

40-48  Household Idols Vintage  Unique, brocante, handmade and ethnic vintage items. Nothing new, nothing mass-produced, nothing plastic! Includes artworks, ceramics, textiles and clothing, bric-a-brac, all with a story, all one-of-a-kind. 

40-49 Cecilia Crochet   Handmade crochet cute products.

40-50   Mama Kaja Biltong – a traditional South African snack with a rich history, dried & seasoned beef slices without added sugars or preservatives. A must-try for anyone looking for a healthy & satisfying snack.

40-51  Peoples Coffee  Cold brewed coffees and cold drinks plus outdoor seating to rejuvenate and caffeinate. Our full range of espresso coffee, cabinet food, coffee beans and merch available! – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

40-52  Innocent flower  Handmade coaster, tray, earring and clock using resin and NZ native flower such as Pohutukawa,Manuka flower, Kowhai flowers.

40-53  Lilla Bean  Wet bags made from recycled pool toys and air beds, they are colourful, practical and saving them from the landfill.

40-54  Bippity Bison  Original bold geometric artwork inspired by nature and the world beyond. Eco-friendly tote bags, magnets, badges, necklaces, artwork and more!  Because eco doesn’t mean dull. 

40-55  Creative Pop cards  Pop up greeting cards

40-56  On A Whim  I create hand made jewellery from a slice of nature encased in resin. Resin and wood serving platters and coasters. Each piece is made with a passion to be present and love what I do. Facebook: @onawhimhandcrafts 

40-58  Creep/Zografizo  Locally made recycled skateboard wood burn art, recycled wood coasters, prints, and original water colour paintings. Creep: Zografizo:

40-59  Parry Soap Natural Moisturising soaps that make you skin smile !

40-60  Wellington (Host) Lions Club Considering volunteering? Come and see us and find out what the Lions Clubs in Wellington do. There is something for everyone!

40-61  Sea Shepherd  We are an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. We will be providing information stall and Merchandise.

40-62  Phiten Health and Performance  Natural health tapes, lotions, accessories, body supports and clothing.

40-63  Living Wage Wellington  Information and promotion of the concept of a Living Wage for all. 

40-65  Twentysix Gallery  Susurrations: An exhibition and event run by Women in Photography NZ + AU and Twentysix Gallery. Relax with a non-alcoholic drink in the shade outside, view the exhibition inside. See the program here –

40-67  Woman, Life, Freedom  We are a group of Kiwi-Iranians who hold fundraising events to spread awareness about the Iran protests. Selling Iranian/Persian food.

40-68  Whistling Sisters Lounge  Chill out in this licensed area supported by the Whistling Sisters Brewery.
Our beers range a spectrum of styles. Each brew is different, and through our craft, we want to help everyone find something to excite their unique taste and share the experience of delicious craft beer.

40-70  Fortune Favours Lounge  This licensed area is supported by Fortune Favours Beer .

40-71  Indian Snack Point  Indian Chats- Dhabeli, Vada Pav, Masala Poori and sweets- Dry Jamoon, Balusha – this stall is in the Big Barrel Carpark.

There will be an afterparty outside Big Barrel hosted by Fortune Favours and Whistling Sisters in the evening.

In the Big Barrel Carpark there is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#3 of 5 onsite]

Stall Block 5

Riddiford St from Constable St to Newtown Ave

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St

500  Blackwedding Blackwedding alternative upcycled garmentry and accesories and collectables.

502  AfrikaWithin and Dreads n’ locks AfrikaWithin: Handmade African products: woven handbags, jewels and cultural clothing. Dread n’ locks: natural hair products for people who do braiding and have dreadlocks; hair accessories: scarves, African head wraps and more.

503  Morteza Bakery and Kebab – selling authentic Persian Kebabs wrapped in bread baked on site – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

504  Kereru Natural Products Soaps, creams, balms, essential oils, massage oils, bathsalts, candles. 

505  House of Harem House of Harem is a festival of colour and a celebration of the female form. Holiday feels at home x

506  Snazzy Shop NZ We love women’s accessories with a difference. Nature inspired and exclusive to Snazzy Shop – fun, fabulous and functional!

506  Ear Vibes Unique earring collections that will surely give you amazing vibes to feel empowered! Signature collections are plant-theme and nature inspired handmade and hypoallergenic jewellery. Web link:

508  The Ramen Shop Homemade Authentic Japanese Ramen, Steamed Buns, Japanese Fried Chicken & other Japanese Snacks – As served everyday at the Ramen Shop  – Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

509  Katanuki Japanese squid game KATANUKI 

510  Little Trinkets by Aamena Beautiful handmade, affordable jewellery by 13-year-old entrepreneur. Unique fun earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and keychains. See Facebook ; [email protected]

511  Nells Candy Floss Find our amazing candy floss on our cute little rainbow trolleys 

On the West side of Riddiford St:

520  Indian Sweets and Snacks  Indian street food and Samosa. We are also offering curry and rice such as butter chicken and lamb curry –  Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

521  Choral Crafters   Tūī Dice, Handmade By Haze earrings and Hook.Yarn.Thinker bags and reusable dishcloths. 

522  FROLIC  NZ designed original clothing of excellent quality, using beautiful vibrant fabrics. Caps and hats with a difference and NZ made jewelllery.

523  Serious Straws  Great quality straw, raffia, paper and palm hats that are both durable and provide good sun protection.

524  Evolve Designs  NZ designed, fair trade fashion. Affordable designer fashion with a conscience.

525 The Jewellery Box We make handmade sterling silver jewellery, based in Masterton

526  Hipsta  Alternative fashion where Festival meets Street, meets Beach. Featuring a beautiful and eco-conscious range of unisex, sustainable clothing and bohemian handicrafts, ethically sourced from India & Thailand.

527  Fantail’s Nest NZ  From rural HB, we make our amazing 2 in 1 Universal Pram Nests, along with fabulous childrens clothing and accessories for naturally cozy kiwi kids –

528  Leslie Dinou  All Natural Products made by ourselves.. Soothing Wheat Packs ..Seagrass woven food store baskets..Door Stops ..Shopping Bags….

529  Summer Snow  Cool off the summer heat and grab a cold treat. Shaved ice with a variety of flavours and creamy soft serve ice cream.

Stall Block 50

Newtown Avenue

This street hosts the Newtown Ave Block Party hosted by Laundry Bar.

North side:

Tailevu FC  Chicken Palau, Chicken Biriyani, Samosa – served from 7 Newtown Ave.

South side:

50-01  Fundraising money for kids affected by war in Sudan  We will be selling Ethiopian foods.

50-02  Taco Addicts  Austin style, Tex-Mex tacos with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. Tortillas and salsas made in house, and everything in between that fills your tasty tacos. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and omnivorous options.

50-03  MD’S   Southern Fry Chicken Burgers; BBQ Beef Cheese and Bacon Burgers; Chicken & Waffles;
Cheesecake Springrolls (cookies & cream, strawberry, banoffee, smores).

50-04  Roti Variety  Delicious Roti Wraps and Sri Lankan snacks such as samosas, rolls, vadas and mango lassi! 

50-05  G&L Nanai Hot Foods  Deep Fried Foods: Hot Chips, Fried Chicken, Deep Fried Fish, BBQ Sausage Sizzle, and our famous Pork Buns!! 🙂Cold Beverages: Water Bottle, Fizzy Drinks. 

50-06 3 Little Birds Jamaica Food including Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Curry Goat, Rice & Peas, salads, burgers, sweets and drinks.

50-07  Indo PLUS Food Truck  Authentic Indonesian Food like Beef Rendang, Nasi Goreng Ribs, Mie Goreng, Spring rolls. 

50-08  Zayaz Kebab Food Truck  Traditional middle eastern Kebabs made with our own secret herbs and spices recipe. 

Between the stalls here is the NonStop Solutions Wash against Waste station.

50-10 Mr Circle Jianbing- Chinese style crepes: Jianbing is the most popular street food in Northern China, and we are the only Jianbing stall in Wellington. [email protected]

50-11  The Hot Wafel  Say hi to Hot Wafel! Sweet or savoury we have you covered.

50-12  K&K food caravan  Chicken satay, beef skewers, pork belly, beef brisket, noodles, stir fried rice, roti. [email protected]

50-13  Belén Vegan Bakery  Wellington’s vegan bakery – extravagant pastries, ice-cream donuts and more, that will make you say “I can’t believe this is vegan?!”

50-14  Kitchen Mantra Authentic Indian fusion foods at very affordable price. We’re a new startup entering the Wellington market for the very first time. 

50-50  Laundry’s Newtown Ave Block Party – a licensed street takeover, with a full sound system, DJ’s, and a couple of bars, also home to:

Viva México food truck Best Mexican in NZ

Hide and Seek  With a passion for slow fashion, Eva individually crafts Hide and Seek earrings from upcycled leather and recycled silver. 

Stall Block 6

Riddiford St from Newtown Ave to Normanby St

Thanks to McDonalds this Block hosts the Buskers Pitch – carpark street performance !

Beside McDonalds is a temporary SpikNspan Toilet Truck  [#4 of 5 onsite]

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

601  Blue Star Kiwi  Hand crafted miniatures and jewellery crafted from them.

603  HYDRADYE  Creating handcrafted merino ponchos, linen dresses, lace tie Jackets with a new range of Kawakawa balms and upcycled tie dye T’s [email protected]

604  Bee Fresh Farms  Quality mānuka and other local honeys under our Wellington mānuka honey brand, while our recently launched Bee Fresh Farms care range offers our own handmade mānuka soaps, beeswax wraps and lip balms.

605  Samoan Catholic Youth Group  Samoan Chop Suey, Rice and Sausage Sizzle. 

606  Total Health Chiropractic  Our goal is to see our clients get more from life through a balanced spine and nervous system.

607  BBI  Check out these wooden earrings which are super light, modern, funky, popular and super affordable. 

608  Suzy Style  Classic African Style Design – beautiful creations, clothing designed and made right here in Newtown by me, Suzy!

609  African Market  Handmade woven Bolga baskets, musical instruments, wooden sculptures, masks and wallhangings from Ghana, West Africa

610  Let Love Rule   A stall full of all things that you love – a combination of plants / books / bric a brac. The stall is in support of a fundraising drive for a school trip overseas for later in the year.

611  Vinnies Wellington  Society of St Vincent de Paul – Free bags of Mixed and Matched Fabrics/Materials– Local Business, also open when it’s not the Festival

On the West side of Riddiford St:

620  SAARAH’S Henna tattoos  A boutique henna service stall creating beautiful temporary tattoos for all ages. I use 100% natural and organic henna that are freshly made. Come and check us out.

621  Carrie’s Creations   High quality home baking – see Facebook/ Instagram

622  Rachel Dickison, Artist  Art prints – Rachel’s drawings and paintings. A range of quirky animal artworks, iconic pop culture collage pieces, and Abstract celebrity paintings.

623  Shaxu Art  Artworks and crafts, including watercolor paintings, prints, bookmarks, greeting cards, tea towels, tote bags etc .

624  Eaglestone  Crystals, minerals, fossils and gemstone pendants.

625  G&A Trading  Hand made leather bracelets, Hand made Orgonite pyramids , jewellery, lucky dips.

626  Taniwhayaje  Through our Alpaca products at Taniwhayaje we share authenticity as we blend Tangata Whenua and Inca cultures within our clothing & hairwraps.  Contact Email: [email protected]

627  Iridescence Design NZ handmade jewellery from silver, gold, shell, Pounamu and selected quality imported jewellery.

Stall Block 60

Normanby St

This street hosts the Normanby St Stage .

The Salvation Army entrance is at 4 Normanby St, offering a family friendly chill out zone, to rest and refresh!

North side:

60-01  Galit Maxwell Pottery  Wheel thrown pottery and hand-built ceramics

60-02  Little Potter Handmade in Newtown, leather hanging planters, bags, and plants. Winner of the ASB big little ideas as seen on the project.

60-03 Jules &The Wildflowers  Creating pretty things to empower you – Handmade jewellery and accessories @julesandthewildflowers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.

60-04  PGF Services Stall   PGF Services offer support for anyone experiencing gambling harm or been affected. Free counselling and chance to win food hamper.

60-05  Rosadora – Handmade Jewelry  Handmade jewelries with unique but elegant deigns from freshwater pearls and natural crystals.

60-06  Vintage Treasures  Vintage Jewellery, upcycled arty pictures, vintage china and collectables, vintage comics and fantasy books – usually at the Newtown Vintage Market in Newtown School Hall 2nd Saturdays of the month.

60-07  Covenant and Hex Products  Covenant – supports local underground dark art, culture and magick, handmade and local crafts, wares and art with a dark twist – main brand Hex Products who has with beard oil, candles, oils, tarot, jewllery and more –usually at the Newtown Vintage Market in Newtown School Hall 2nd Saturdays of the month.

60-08  Aotearoa apparel  High quality Maori themed clothing and accessories for adults and children usually at the Newtown Vintage Market in Newtown School Hall 2nd Saturdays of the month.

60-09  A Wild Bunch  Sustainable flower farmer from Wanganui. All botanical products are grown by us or sourced /foraged locally . Offering wreaths and garlands and indoor plants maybe some cut flowers. @a.wild.bunch

South side:

60-20  Funkyjunk  Welcome to my stall I have something for everyone at reasonable prices.  Antique China, baby knitting, women’s fashions, vintage fabric and linen, jewellery, girls party dresses, and up-market knick knacks.

60-21  Let’s Talk Climate   Learn how to talk about climate change with your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to work on solutions together. 

60-22  Lightworker Studios  Lightworker Studios – Selling Rongoā Māori Wellness Products to support nourishment, health and wellbeing.

60-23  Poi Creations  I make and sell Contemporary Māori Design Jewellery using recycled inner tube tyres and beads.

The Salvation Army entrance is between these stalls

60-24  Steer Illustrations  Whether you like nostalgic kiwiana art prints, or beautiful botanicals, Steer Illustrations has a wide range of fun prints to brighten up your home! 

60-25  Harper and I handmade, scruffy dog designs  Harper and I handmade is a range of handmade ‘grow with me’ kids clothing, cloth reusable products and small batch tallow skincare.

60-26  FurFrienz Hand-made water repellent fleece dog clothing to keep your dog warm, clean and dry. We also make dog scarves, cooling bandanas, enrichment rope toys and snuffle mats. In addition, we supply treats, grooming products.

60-28  Seasick Sunscreen Co  Seasick Sunscreen Co makes SPF 30 sunscreen made with just 7 naturally-derived ingredients. Safe for kids. Supports ocean conservation.

Stall Block 7

Riddiford St from Normanby St to Donald McLean St

In Gordon Street (off Riddiford St) there is the free Wishbone Bike Ride course for littlies

In Gordon Place (off Gordon St) there are Flamingo Scooters practice rides and the Garage Project Gordon Street Stage. You can get to this stage through the Newtown Garage.

On the East (Newtown School) side of Riddiford St:

701  Flickers Clothing   A unique range of Boho Women’s Clothing perfect for summer. 

702  Papaya Clothing & Nomad Hammocks  Our own line of women’s cotton clothing and our own brand of parachute hammocks.

703  Lavender Abbey Natural lavender products created in Carterton.

704  Brendan Grant Artwork Prints of Wellington City Art in various affordable formats.

705  Ross & Found Jewellery  Good quality jewellery, scarves and wallets.

706  Vivid Photography  Vivid Photography, Enter to win a $1800 portrait photography package. 

708  WINTER WOOLY  100% PURE NEW ZEALAND WOOLLEN JACKETS,HATS ,PONCHOS,BAGS GLOVES. Wool grown here in Hawke’s Bay, hand knitted by our family in NEPAL WWW.WINTERWOOLY.COM

709  Lush  Silver and Fashion jewellery from far and wide.

710  Louis Sergeant Macarons Home of the famous Louis Sergeant Macarons, about 15 flavours available.    

710A  The Road Forward  The Road Forward provides free peer support services to adult survivors of sexual harm.   

711  Made By Ash NZ   Thoughtfully designed and handmade earrings that can cater to all events and for all ages, from loud cuts and bold colours to elegant and subdued patterns. As each pair is individually crafted (mostly from polymer clay), no two pairs will ever look the same! There might also be polymer clay trinket trays and beaded goodies! 

712  Pōneke Potters  We are a collection of Pōneke based potters who hand make a diverse range of functional and decorative ceramic work. 

713  bebyhada  K-Beauty Store is now in Wellington! Discover the latest products that we imported directly from South Korea.

714  Mushroom House  Mushrooms are a versatile superfood and so much more. Mushroom House strives to unlock the potential of the humble mushroom through tasty mushroom innovations. We want to help New Zealand’s lead the way to a brighter food future, one bite at a time.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

720  Pica Pica Nz  Kia Ora, I design and create clay earrings and accessories. Instagram: @picapicanz

721  Qwerky Home Ecofelt and craft products and gifts.

723  Food for the Soul  Crystals, tarot, crystal candles, crystal jewellery and all things in relation to healing of the mind, body and soul.

724  Native Junkie – Hemp Skincare We provide organic high quality hemp skincare products, handmade in Nelson, NZ. 

725  Kingdom of Klah  Illustrated designer clothing and prints with stories from the Kingdom of Klah, a mysterious island in a parallel universe.

726  Pinehaven Creations  Hand crafted sterling silver & gemstone jewellery.

727  Retro Art  Vibrant Retro Art in upcycled/recycled vintage frames.

729  Mishas masterpieces  Prints of various r&b artists and rappers perfect for bedroom/flat decor. Also available on Instagram through @mishasmasterpieces 

730  Health Store  We will be giving away free leaflets on health and taking blood pressures.

731  4Paws Empire   4Paws Empire is NZ owned and operated online dog products and accessories store. We strive to provide affordable quality products.

Between these stalls is the Newtown Garage: walk though to the Gordon Place Stage and licensed precinct.

732   Bold bright jewelry, handmade and uniquely designed using polymer clay.

733  The Foliage Studio   Top quality indoor plants at affordable prices. The Foliage Studio is a Wellington based, locally owned and operated boutique indoor plant and accessories store.  

734  Eaglestone  Crystals, minerals and fossils gemstone pendants.

735 entrance to the Festival of Praise.  The Festival of Praise will have a live band, singing and dancing, prayer and counselling, free medical advice and Face-painting for children – 12 noon – 2 PM. We will sell Pacific Island food, donuts (keke ‘isite) and tropical smoothie (‘otai), lu.

736  Denisa’s Marketing  NZ made Socks, Imported Socks, and clothing, Sunglasses, Caps, Hats, Novelties. 

737  Handmade by Katrina  Slow fashion items with a handpicked collection of fabrics and unique colours, made in Katrina’s Newtown based home studio.  

738  Lil’ Orbits  Fresh hot mini cinnamon donuts and cold shaved ice with a variety of flavours.

739  Mr Whippy  Mr Whippy is an iconic soft serve ice Cream that has been in New Zealand for 58 years.

740  Back to Living Chiropractic  Free spinal screenings. Chiropractors offer drug-free natural healthcare to help optimise well-being, improve performance and live a pain-free life.

740  NZ Blood Service NZ Blood will be at the Newtown Fair to answer any questions about becoming a life-saving blood donor.

742  Kainga Ora  Information about Kainga Ora developments in the Wellington area with a focus on Newtown, come down and meet the Wellington Team.

Stall Block 70

Donald McLean St

This street hosts the Sounds Almighty Sound Systems Stageand

the FREE Street Sports Zone – for young and old – beyond the stalls. 

At 12pm the Capoeira Angola Street Roda will be demonstrating the Brazilian Cultural Art know as Capoeira.

There is also the Ferguson Stage off Donald McLean St down Ferguson St.

North side:

70-00  Roy’s Dumplings  Roy serves up the best pan fried dumplings in town, and you get these with a selection of dipping sauces to make them even better!

70-02  Laliesfood  Traditional Latin American delicious food. Gf. Df. Vegan, Chicken, beef, cheese dishes. Find Laliesfood on Instagram or Facebook.

70-03  Ngohe kai’nest  Serving locally sourced steak sammies with a gourmet mushroom sauce, Green lip nz mussel fritter sammies with a hint of spice and citrus, and freshly caught paua herb fritter sammies with sauces of your liking.

70-04  Poultry in motion   Fried chicken and chips 

70-70  Sounds Almighty Sound System   “Nice Up The Dance” party – enjoy the Jamaican Music vibes and the positive message – in the laneway between the stalls.

70-08  Mariana’s kitchen   Sharing Argentinian street food for many years in the Hutt area, bringing Latin-American flavours and vibe to Wellington. Choripan, Empanadas, Alfajores.

70-09  Roti Bay Sri Lankan Food   Best Sri Lankan Food and snacks. Prawns and chicken, lamb , satay , butter chicken , vege Roti wraps and Samosa, rolls , vadae , fish bun. 

70-10  Classic kiwi kai ltd   Coffee, hot chips, hotdogs, nuggets and chips, burgers, soft serve, cold drinks. @facebook classic kiwi kai   

The Capoeira Zone is between the stalls here. 

70-13 Pheonix City Pork Bun, Soy Milk, Sweet Tofu, Dumplings – Ready to serve hot and take home options.

South side:

70-20  Community Fruit Wellington  We will be selling fresh fruit and preserves as part of a fundraiser.

70-21  LAZY Mix Tasty ready-made baking mixes for 3 treats-Chillers Choc Chip Cookies, Breezy Muesli Bars, and Slackers Seeded Crackers. LAZY Mixes are gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free, and are quick and easy to make regardless of skill level or dietary restrictions – simply add the wet ingredients, bake, then enjoy.

70-22 DIY Health Kit NZ  Unique health earth conscious brand. DIY Kombucha Brew Kits, DIY Sprout Kits in hemp bag, DIY Plant-based Milk Kits.

70-23 TAYTA’S GOURMET LEBANESE We’ll be making sandwiches with Lebanese fillings wrapped in pita bread, also selling sweets and drinks. See: ,,

70-24  Zelati Ltd  Visit the Zelati Dessert Ambo for your dessert fix – selling our delicious gelato, BIG cookie ice cream sammies, and gourmet cookies – with lots of plant based options too!

70-25  Sunglass Shack Quality UV400 & Polarized Sunglasses

70-29  Shoot the Knight  Have a go at medieval themed archery – shooting longbows or crossbow at people in armour

70-30  Asian Food Market  Huge range of Asian groceries. In-store shopping next to ‘Shoot the Knight’.

Stall Block 8

Riddiford St from Donald McLean St to Arney St

This Block hosts the and Coffee Supreme South Stage.

On the East (Newtown School- Rhodes St) side of Riddiford St:

800  Tamerlane Handicrafts  Pacific Rim Handicrafts and polarised sunglasses.

801  Stroke Foundation  We offer free blood pressure checks and information on ways to lower blood pressure and risk of stroke.

802  Loneleafnz   Loneleafnz by Bunny Chang offers easy care plants at affordable prices. For all the plant fanatics there are plant themed jewellery and t-shirts too. Social media @loneleafnz and @missbunnychang 

803  kazzie e whiti ana taonga  We sell fashionable gold chunky mens rings and chains, Women’s gorgeous jewelry, Styles include Boho, Hand crafted Maori and PI pieces, Crafted dream catchers big and small, shinny sun catchers, feather mirrors, Preloved clothing.

804  YL Pearls  Pearl Jewelry –

805  Illicit Art Studio   I create individual hand-built ceramics using stoneware or porcelain. Sculptures, bowls and bonsai pots which are unique and designed to enhance the plants presentation. The bonsai pots are sold with a native seedling that can be grown in the pot for years. Examples of my work can be seen at illicit_art_studio or Z_Art_Studio on Instagram. 

807  Spore  Clothing, accessories and patches handmade from recycled and 2nd hand materials by an 18 yr old trans artist. Online at

808  Lambert’s Luscious Beard Oils   Lambert’s Luscious is a popular, Wellington local small business making natural handmade gentlemen’s grooming products.

809  Out The Gate   Vintage homewares, tools, and toys.

810  Chester and lucy  Hand made toys for dogs and sensory toys for everyone 

811  Avalon Artistry Accessories  Handmade, Lightweight, Hypoallergenic Polymer Clay / Epoxy Resin Accessories.

812  Fortune Lane Vintage , Everyday Vintage NZ, and Its Retro Man  Three Vintage sellers combine to bring you mens, women’s and children Vintage clothing and accessories, with an emphasis on NZ made vintage from the 50s, 60s70s, 80s and 90s.

813  Junk Art World  Robot type art and table lamps made from recycled and found materials. Quirky and unique., [email protected]

814  Coffee Supreme  We’ll be serving ice cold cans of our new iced coffee range. Iced oat flat whites, iced long black, and Cascara fizz. Coffee Supreme are sponsors of the South Stage.

In Rhodes St

Veronica Design Life shop  Just beyond the South Stage and around the corner, at 2 Rhodes St (opposite Dom Polski), is Veronica Design Life. An art and design shop selling the work of 15 local designer/makers/artists including printed home linens & tees (including up cycled), cushions, ceramics & lights, jewellery, cards & candles and art.

On the West side of Riddiford St:

820  Wellington Zoo – Snow Leopards  Come along to learn about our two ‘soon to be’ Zoo residents, Asha and Manju the Snow Leopards! 

821  Siziwe’s African Boutique  African fashionable clothing and accessories. 

822  HUHA  New Zealand’s Leading no kill animal shelter selling fundraising merchandise and providing information about how you can help the animals. 

823  GYM GAIN YOUR MANA G.Y.M.Tees, BossQueen Lioness bras, singlets, G.Y.M hoodies , Bucket hats, Bomber Jackets. 

824  Casa Kahlo  Inspired by the iconic Frida Kahlo artist brings this colourful celebration of colour in handcrafted handbags, fashion, accessories and home decor.

825  Just Let It Hang   Hand made polymer clay earrings that are locally made and sourced.

826 The Caravan of Love The Amazing Travelling Photobooth! Drop by to have your photo taken and capture a Newtown Festival memento to take home. Plus you can have your photo made into badge on the spot.

830  Radio Active.FM RadioActive.FM are sponsors of the South Stage

Stall Block 80

Arney St

This street is right beside the RadioActive.FM and Coffee Supreme South Stage.

Arney St hosts Polish Story Tellers to entertain the children.

There’s also a carnival operator with a Bouncy Castle, a small Merry-Go-Round and a small Ferris Wheel. All the rides are free!

80-02  Value Plants  A huge range of plants my brother, my mum and I have homegrown. No plant is over $12 super prices for the public. 

80-03  Brooklyn Creamery NZ Come and enjoy Wellington’s least travelled milk – ice cold chocolate, vanilla chai and caramel, chocolate mousse jars and milk caramels!

80-04  Neighbours Aotearoa & Seeds to Feeds  We are sharing information about Local Food Week, Seeds to Feeds, Neighbours Aotearoa. 

80-05  Herb’s Records Oasis Herb’s has a curated selection of Vinyl as well as CD’s, Tees/Hats and Retro Video game Consoles for sale. Come and lounge outside the store and get some crowd rest and recharge with some unique tunes playing from inside the truck at Herb’s Oasis.

80-10  Kafe Polska Where Wellington meets Warsaw – a mixture of great Havana coffee, sweet treats, and delicious Polish kielbasa.

80-12  By Bea Limited high quality ready-to-wear clothes – each handcrafted style is produced one by one in Wellington. High quality fabrics such as linen, silk and cotton voil are used. Made-to-order pieces are also available! [email protected]

80-13  Barlovska Craft Liqueurs Multi Awarded Handcrafted Liqueurs made in Kapiti.

80-15  Polish Storytelling Pavilion  with Tall Tales From Old Poland

80-30  Huffandpuffs Childrens Rides  Merry-go-round, ferris wheel and bouncy castle for small children.

Stall Block 81

Gordon Street and Gordon Place

In Gordon St there are the Wishbone Bikes Free balance bike rides for littlies.

In Gordon Place there is opportunity for free practice rides on Flamingo Scooters, and further along the street is the Gordon Place Stage, which also has an entrance through the Newtown Garage at 220 Riddiford St.

81-01 Sets Roving seller of reusable quality earplugs designed for live events. Sets provides 23 decibels of premium protection, you’ll be able to protect your hearing without compromising sound quality. 

81-02 – Personalised, 3D-printed bobblehead figurines Create your own, personalised full-colour 3D-printed bobblehead figurine. Affordable prices. Unique facial 3D-scan technology. Unique in New Zealand. (

81-03 Urban Masala South Indian Food, Kerala Cuisine, Dosa, Biryani, Appam Palappam, Kerala Parotta. [email protected], 04-3800892. Local Business in Riddiford St, also open when it’s not the Festival